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The Blackout Argument
Location:Munich, Other (Germany)
Record Label:Lifeforce Records
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Album ReviewBlackout Argument, The - Remedies
Posted by SwiftSilentDead on 03/29/09
The Billboard
THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT has become widely known as one the hardest working and fastest growing artists of the European hardcore-scene. Short and sweet: In their three years of existence, this 5-piece from Munich has created an awe-inspiring legacy of phenomenal releases, constant touring, loyal fans all over the world and perpetual press attention!

February 9, 2009 dates the appearance of Remedies, The Blackout Argument’s determining 2nd full length album. Their tightened new line up, fronted by vocalist Raphael Schmid, was put to the final test in the studio and passed it with flying colors! Remedie” is easily one of the most intelligent, instigating and hard-hitting releases to conquer the streets in 2009. The Blackout Argument comfortably join together heavy new school/mosh-type moments, modern rock-style bounce and melody-infused flavor. The result is an assault of impulsive melodic hardcore anthems about the emotional facets of life.

The thoughtful concept that underlies Remedies is based on the curative effect of Bach Flowers. Just like these homeopathic remedies offer an answer to various emotional prisons, the tracks on the album reflect the whole spectrum of human emotion. These songs and lyrics are to heal the receiver’s injured hearts and souls and offer new strength and motive force to carry forward this struggle called life. This logic framework has been perfectly played to the gallery by Sons of Nero, beyond doubt one of the music world’s leading design agencies.

Since day one the band paved their own pathway but in 2008 they came up with the most crucial thrust: The Blackout Argument decided to release an exclusive online EP, titled Smile Like A Wolf, free downloadable for everyone. An army of supportive media partners and a massive promo campaign assured that thousands of kids, who have never heard of The Blackout Argument before, got the chance to discover the band’s compelling music and message.

With fervent commitment The Blackout Argument bring their most amazing attribute to the table: their live performance. If attending a Blackout Argument show, be prepared to be floored by intense stage action and undiluted passion that leaves you speechless. Qualities demonstrated on tour with Comeback Kid, Parkway Drive, Architects, Boy Sets Fire and other coequal bands.

Still it is their new album Remedies that will contribute the biggest part to re-establish hope in today’s underground-music scene. There is an about-turn coming and the ringleaders are The Blackout Argument. This band has created a new remedy that will fill your life with hope, passion and fervor.
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