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The Weakend
Location:Sterling..., MI (USA)
Record Label:Silent Movie
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An Introduction.
Hello, I'm the official biographer for the band "The Weakend". At this point in time, I'm very unaware of how long I've been unconscious. Maybe minutes, maybe days. What I do know is that I managed to get an arm free from the wreckage that was my house (which for whatever reason has collapsed on me), and I'm using it to write my final thoughts. These thoughts don't consist of regret, promises, or goodbyes. They consist only of writing the biography for the band "The Weakend". I am what you could call a fictional character that is fully aware of his one dimension, his one cause, his one reason for being here. The feeling is that I probably would always be able to get an arm free, to readily hold a pen. That there would always be a piece of scrap, just long enough to write on, in any situation presented to me. So let me introduce to you: Andrew Michael, James Walmsley, Brian Connelly, Jeff Supina, and Mark Smak. This is their story.

The Weakend's First Theory of Sound-Chaotic.
The sound that comes from The Weakend bears no dependency on precedent and formula. The goal is so You, the listener, will never be able to predict what happens next (while keeping some sort of pop-integrity). If you do predict what happens next, you could possibly be a member of the band, The Weakend for whatever reason found it unecessary to hold true to their 1st theory, or you've heard the song before. In this case, the latter seems the most respectable of scenarios.

Life Contemplative vs. Life Strenuous.
The band formed on the eve of 2003, and became official with their 2004 release "How Everyone Ruins Everything and Vice Versa." The cdep grabbed the attention of great press from indie rock magazines/websites such as Alternative Press and Absolutepunk.net.

"The only thing we ever want to have to worry about is what chord/note/beat/melody/rhythm to play next." That singular sense of purpose helped The Weakend craft one of the past year's most engaging debut EPs with How Everyone Ruins Everything and Vice Versa, and it's let them sharpen that disc's soaring, progressive emo to a knifepoint." -Aaron Burgess (Alternative Press)

"The Weakend make me excited to listen to music again." -Jason Tate (Absolutepunk.net)

The people in return responded fanatically...flooding messageboards, promoting in a form of pestilence upon the crop of man, turning wooden staves into snakes...for the very reason of completing a daunting triad of promotional excursions.

Tours ensued. As the road-ready Weakend circled the United States playing with such bands as Motion City Soundtrack, Hit the Lights, Down To Earth Approach, This Providence, Forgive Durden, Royden, Sullivan, Madison, Small Towns Burn A Little Slower. When not on the road, opening shows in Detroit for bands such as Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Cartel, Chiodos, Fall of Troy, and Boys Night Out. You can squirt a little Warped Tour on that hotdog, and drink it down with many local events. Needless to say, they've played a lot of shows.

In 2006, The Weakend wrote and scripted a full length album titled "A Terror In The Dark of Night, A Blinding Fire, A Guiding Light." They scrapped it, and set it ablaze in an unknown countryside barn. They were abducted soon after by the Werewolves of Detroit, left with an ultimatum.

Alright, Plan B: If All Else Fails We're Screwed.
They didn't necessarily understand the growls and grunts that came from the werewolves, as much as they could make out the key and time signatures that they were in. Adding various beats with the chains and hollow ground that surrounded them, they dissuaded the shape-shifter's salivation over their soon-to-be-corpses. The Lycanthropes actually liked it, and growled along with Weakend vocalist Andrew Michael's quick-witted vocals. One particular wolfman, who was a recording engineer in his former life, decided to document the whole ordeal. You can't just make this stuff up.

After being raised by the wolves into their newly found sound, the band was herded back to the city. Left with healing wounds and the singular message: "If all else fails you're screwed." The Weakend went to work.

So, What have You Done for Me Lately, The Weakend?
Recently, the band was voted by the people to win a share of the Ernie Ball Warped Tour competition. Their song "This Sudden Loss of Innocence" was released on a compilation accompanying the contest via Warcon Records. They have also started to write for their new release. You will hear these songs in the first part of 2007, or the werewolves will know about it.

In Conclusion.
They don't "hail" from somewhere. They aren't the "next" anyone. They're definitely NOT a "lethal stew" of any kind of rock. You won't "compare" them to anyone. What I'm saying is they're calling the shots now. Yes, they're in charge. Refining themselves. For they are The Weakend. From the land of Detroit. This is Plan B.

I will now cease to exist.
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