The Alcoholic Freshman

The Alcoholic Freshman
Location:Saint Joseph, MO (USA)
Genres:Ska / Punk
Record Label:Golf Sucks Records
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Album ReviewAlcoholic Freshman, The - Sick of Depending...
Posted by Brandon Allin on 11/28/06
The Billboard
Hey! My name is Miles and I am The Alcoholic Freshman. I play ska music via an ipod and run around on stage yelling into a microphone. If you don't know what "ska" is, then the next closest genre that could describe my music is one of my own origin which I refer to as "Happy Hatexcore". I play very very happy music and then set aggressive lyrics to it about all the things that piss me off.

The Alcoholic Freshman was started in September of 2005 and I origionally played acoustic shows. After the completion of my debut CD, "Sick of Depending on People" (which featured every instrument that a "real" band would contain and many that a "real" band wouldn't contain) I put all my songs onto my ipod, which I lovingly refer to as the "AFpod", and began a more intense approach to my live shows. Why do I do this? Because it's a helluva a lot more fun to run around like an idiot than it is to sit down in a chair. I still do acoustic shows on occasion...but it's very rare.

The Alcoholic Freshman was started thanks to the demise of the old band that I was in. I wanted to continue to play shows, put out CD's, tour, and all the other fun things that I like so much about playing music, so I decided to do it all by myself.

Pretty much any way that you can think of to get the word out about The Alcoholic Freshman would be appreciated. Remember, I don't have a label promoting me at all, so it's up to you guys and girls to spread the word.

And lastly, I do my absolute best to reply to every single comment and message that I'm sent. I'm not a typical selfish musician, and yes, I actually do care about the people that take the time to support me. I want to get to know each and every person that supports me. Thanks so much for checking me out!
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Last Updated: 11/27/06
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