The Greenery

The Greenery
Location:Long Beach, CA (USA)
Genres:Hardcore / Punk
Record Label:Unsigned
2 Fans
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Why is your Band called The Greenery?

The Greenery
-Our original drummer/best friend Kevin Jordan actually came up with the name and it just kinda stuck. He never really told us what the meaning of it was, but I doubt that there even is a meaning.

Who are the memebers name age and role?

The Greenery
-Matt Lanners (19) - singer
-Robert Albert (20) - drums
-Mike Stone (19) - guitar
-Jon Rowe (19) - guitar
-Brandon Richardson (20) - bass

When and How did the band form?

The Greenery
-We all got together very early in 2006 and haven't stopped since.

Why did the band form?

The Greenery
-Brandon, Matt and Mike were in a band called I Sever Stars, Jon was in a band named Heart In Hand, and Rob was in a band named Ashworth. Then all three of those bands broke up, but we all decided that we were not done playing music, so we all got together and just kept it alive.

What genre do you classify yourselves as?

The Greenery
-When people ask us what type of music we play, we just tell them that we play dirty rock 'n' roll.

Where is the band located?

The Greenery
-We are located in Long Beach, CA; where Snoop Dogg's from.

What is it like being located there?

The Greenery
-We love the LBC. We got everything neaby: beaches, mountains, skinbars, good venues, everything.

what is the Music scene like?

The Greenery
-No matter what genre of music you play around here, there are kids that will love you, even if you suck. There are tons of bands in our area which translates into a huge music scene.

What does the Content of your music revolve around?

The Greenery
-Musically we love the riffyriffs. Lyrically, our front man was going though some crazy shit with his girl and it definitely shows in the songs.

What is te best song written by this band?

The Greenery
-We would all disagree on this I'm sure, but as we keep writting our songs just get better and better so I would have to say our newest song, Thunder Bitch.

Any new songs/recording in the futures for you all?
The Greenery

-We are planning on writting at least six more songs. And we are in the process of working out a deal to record of full length album.

What is your favorite song you have performed/sang of your own? of another bands?

The Greenery
-Again we would all disagree...that is just too hard to say. NEXT QUESTION!

What would you say your fan base is?

The Greenery
-Badass. The best fans you'll find under the sun.

If you all were not a musicain what would you be?

The Greenery
-Matt and Myself are working to be teachers. Matt and Jon are servers. And Rob is a locksmith.

What is the one song that you have always liked/always sing to?

The Greenery
-I'm not sure if you are talking about our music or other music...
I like to sing along to some Copeland. We all like us some ETID and some Write This Down.

If you would play a show anywhere in the world,where would it be?

The Greenery
-In hell for the devil himself. Of course God would also be in the audience (he really wants to see our live show).

Does having family and friend support really help in being a musician?

The Greenery
-It really does. Without familiy and friends supporting us, we would not be anywhere near where we are right now. They come out to every show they can and our friends go as crazy as they can and we love them.

What would you say is your weridist fan story?

The Greenery
-Well it involves one of our guitarists, a girl, and our van (thunder bitch). But we aren't really supposed to talk about that. Use your imagination.

How many shows have you all played?

The Greenery
-I believe that the running total is about 39 now.

What are some of the bands ypu have performed with before?

The Greenery
-Between the Buried and Me, The Messenger, Don The Reader, Greeley Estates, Twelve Gauge Valentine, Vanna, HORSE the Band, It Dies Today, Write This Down, A Heartwell Ending

Anything else to add?

The Greenery
-We love what we do, and we are going to keep doing it.

thank you so much for thinking of us. if there is anything else that you need just shoot us another message.


the greenery.
Last Updated: 12/31/69

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