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Jr. Juggernaut
Location:Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Genres:Indie / Rock
Record Label:Paper + Plastick...
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Album ReviewJr. Juggernaut - Wake
Posted by Matthew Tsai on 08/20/12
Album ReviewJr. Juggernaut - Ghost Poison
Posted by Susan Frances on 07/21/08
The Billboard
Jr. Juggernaut will release its second full-length album, Wake, via Paper + Plastick Records on August 28. This is the mystery band that Paper + Plastick has teased on its website twice this year, streaming a new song from the album on each occassion. One of those new songs, “Tonight, Come Home,” is now available for free download in the Paper + Plastick webstore, and everyone who downloads the song will be entered into a contest to win a test press and normal version of the vinyl.

If you don’t recognize the name Jr. Juggernaut - we think you should get familiar fast. Mike Williamson, Wal Rashidi and Mario Framingheddu make up the trio, playing a rocking style of ’90s alt-rock that is comparable to iconic bands like Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers and Superchunk, but also has a pop sensibility that will draw comparisons to peers like Cheap Girls. Wake doesn’t have the insecurities and small steps that many young bands encounter - it’s a large, looming, rocking record throughout its 11 tracks and 47 minutes and is sure to creep up unexpectedly on listeners as one of the biggest surprises of 2011.

“My favorite eras of rock songwriting are the late 60s and early 90s. That’s when it seemed music was truly connecting with youth culture, rather than just selling to youth culture,” says WIlliamson, who is a filmmaker and has directed a few episodes of SPIKE TV’s 1000 Ways To Die. ”I still enjoy melodic open chord strumming through a loud, distorted Marshall to create a full wall of sound. If it sounds like the 90s, that’s just because almost anyone creates as an adult the kind of art that affected them as a kid. It’s not a conscious effort to hearken back; it’s just who I am.”

“Tonight, Come Home” shows precisely what Wake is all about - thick vocals and dynamic guitars drive right toward the listener, with the rhythm section providing a pounding backbone. The album is full of nostalgic lyrics, but guitar solos and a working man’s theme - something that the alt-rock genre has been devoid of lately - carry the album. Download the song for free here and check out the album artwork and tracklisting below.

Wake will become available in both digital and vinyl formats. The cover of the 12” record will have the album art pictured below, but the art will be screen-printed onto a thin, 12” mirror…which will let the record-holder see themselves in the face on the cover. Sound awesome? Just another Paper + Plastick original.
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Last Updated: 08/14/12

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