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Genres:Electronica / Pop
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ABSOLUTExclusive: Studio Journal
Studio Journal Entry #4Hey guys Anthony here. I just wanted to start off by saying I hope you all enjoyed the most recent video update that has me banging the drums and pictures of us partying with celebs. Haha Lets just say it was super late and we decided to have some fun in photoshop. Alright onto something meaningful…. we have been going crazy out here trying to get these 7 songs finished. Things have been really hectic now that we added those 2 songs Jean Paul mentioned in the last journal. There's a lot we still have to do, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done…..We were supposed to be coming home on Wednesday, but now were staying the rest of the week to finish up. We’re pretty much in the final lap, Jean Paul and Sam have some vocals to track and we still have to work out a lot of the programming, which I'm sure won’t be too hard with the help of Matt and Jeff. Also like Jean Paul said as soon as we get some working mixes done we’ll be sure to throw up a few clips on the myspace for your listening enjoyment!

Anyways on a different note I got a cool story. A couple nights ago we were out to dinner at an Italian restaurant and we saw this guy and his friends in the VIP section. He looked very familiar and then it clicked for Sam. He was like guys I think that’s Zakk Wylde!! For those of you who don't know him google him!! The dudes a serious shredder Haha So Jean Paul went to say hello. He totally convinced us to buy his signature guitar and throw mad solos in every song. Hahah just playin but he was a really nice dude and wished us good luck on the record!! So the power and force of Zakk Wylde is now within us!! Hahah Alright I’ll stop drifting off subject…basically there’s not much else to be said in this update. I can’t lie, our stress levels are definitely through the roof because we’re working 24 hour days to make sure everything’s perfect. Along with that Alex was in hospital with a 105 fever yesterday..Yeh I think 107ish equates in death …but he’s alright now!! It was some crazy food poisoning….That made things even crazier over here but we’re glad he’s ok and healthy!! We’ll be spending the next few days combing through a lot of tracks, editing, putting transitions together and making sure all our ideas and thoughts are out before the deadline hits us! Alright enough talking about it, I’m gonna go get to work. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock….

Studio Journal Entry #3Hey everyone its Jean Paul. This week has been super crazy…We took some time off our LA schedule to work on the finishing touches on a new song called Party In Your Bedroom. Some of you might have heard the song at AK in the city, in someone’s car, or maybe in a random internet video with Gabe Saporta dancing around.... For everyone that hasn’t heard it. It’s as crazy as it sounds. It’s not your every day ordinary song and we can’t wait to let you all hear it. We spent the last few days tracking drums for it and cleaned up the files with Matt Mahaffey. Big thanks to Matt and Jeff for taking the time to make that happen! Were in the process of getting it done and up on the internet for your listening pleasure!!

Anyways, after that we decided to try and track another song out while were out here and started recording an old song called “Break Out.” Some of you might remember it from our old band “The Consequence” We’ll I can tell you the song has gone through some serious plastic surgery since. Haha We gutted it like a fish and cooked it up with a tasty new sauce…Yes it was pretty intense…We thought we could take the key elements of the old song and write something fresh on top of it. Basically, it’s got the same engine inside it, but has a brand new shiny paint job. We started off with the same method we’ve been using and imported all our home studio tracks into Matt & Jeff’s system. Then Anthony tracked drums for it because the drum room was already set up from the last batch of songs. Then I threw some guitars in the mix and I start vocals on Monday or Tuesdayish.

Not to get all mushy on you, but I can’t stress enough how excited we all are with how everything’s coming along. Not only are we excited but we’re so grateful to finally cut a real album, have the right support behind it, and have the ability to do this band fulltime. The whole experience of flying to LA to record an album in a professional studio for month is something I’ll remember forever. We’ve been learning so much being out here and having a great time in the process. Alright I’ll cut the gushy shit. Moving along…Hopefully once we get some rough mixes done we’ll throw a few clips up to give you guys a taste of the new material. Oh Yeah…we’ll have another video update this week that will have some clips of Anthony beating the drums as well as some other good stuff so keep checking back for that. Sammy boy works reallllly hard and putting the video updates together and it would break his little heart if you didn’t check em out… haha So if you have seen any yet hit up youtube.com/cashcashmusic to see all the videos!

~ Jean Paul

Studio Journal Entry #2Hey guys, its Anthony here coming back at ya to give you some more info on our recording progress. Jean Paul has been in the main studio with Mahaffey a lot lately tracking more guitars and laying down lots of vocals. Meanwhile, Turzo’s been working on the drum edits making them sound bangin in his home studio! When he isn't busy doing that, Sam is in there laying down his bass lines. He’s mostly using a Fender Jazz Bass & Music Man for the core tracks. We’ve been getting into a lot of synth bass on the new stuff and it’s sounding pretty growling. This awesome producer Kevin Augunas let us borrow some of his equipment which was super nice of him. Big Thanks to Kevin for helping out. He’s currently working on the Butch Walker cd which is going to be absolutely amazing as always! I’m jealous of Sam because he caught a sneak peak of the opening track when they stopped by to pick up the bass and said it sounded unbelievable. Definitely look forward to that. Anyways, we’ve all been kind of spread apart the past week splitting up the work load to keep everything on schedule. I know Alex has been busting out some vocoder and talk box tracks.

Aright speaking of that I’m gonna let Alex get up on this thing to give you some insight on the talk box and vocoder stuff cause I don’t know how any of that shit works...haha Yo it’s Alex on the mic...So we set up our talk box & vocoder rig at the hotel where we can track it on our own time vs. waste any studio time routing midi cables and shit. We had a little problem isolating the sound at first because the apartment is a little noisy and the computer we brought has a super loud fan. We ended up doing some in a closet and some with the mic positioned where it wouldn’t pick up the reflections in the room. Other than that everything’s been going smooth. The vocoder tracks sound awesome!! We always had a taste of talk box and vocoder here and there but we never really made it a key feature until now. It’s totally bringing a new life to the sound and definitely came across at our last couple shows with BLG. The vocoder is definitely fun to use. The method we use to record it is pretty interesting too…I start by actually writing out the notes of the vocal via midi and then route them to the vocoder. Then I sing the vocal into the mic enabling the vocoder to combine my voice with an actual synth. For the Talk Box tracks (that crazy tube you’ve been seeing stuck in my mouth lately) haha… I run the midi out my computer > into keyboard > into talk box > into my mouth (in a non sexual way)..Haha > and then it’s recorded by a studio mic. The biggest difference between the vocoder and talk box is that the talk box doesn’t actually use my voice. It just uses the pronunciation of my lips with regards to words. The actual sound is produced by the synth. The vocoder acts differently actually combining the sound of my voice with a synth carrier. One isn’t really better than the other, they are just different effects with their own unique sound. Alright enough science class here, time to hit the beach!! Check out our new video update to see the whole process in person it’ll make more sense…. I promise! 

~ Alex

Studio Journal Entry #1Hey guys, Anthony here it’s been an awesome week out here in LA. We've been in the studio all week with Matt Mahaffey and Jeff Turzo. You guys remember that song Torn by Natalie Imbruglia? Well the owner of the studio Scott Cutler wrote that song and showed us a bunch of different versions of the original recordings… crazy stuff! We’re all big 90’s alternative fanatics over here so it was awesome to scope that out.

Anyways we started the week off by loading all our self-recorded tracks into their system, and we began tracking guitars right after. Things are going really smoothly since we already tracked a good portion of instruments back at our home studio throughout the last year and we are saving a lot of time being able to just pick up where we left off. The beauty behind that is that we have a rough idea of how each song is going to turn out and can spend more time making each song better than trying to create it for the first time. Jean Paul got to use some crazy guitars like so many old vintage 60’s guitars that sound absolutely amazing. The guitars sound rockin' so far on the first two songs.

On Wednesday, Sam headed out to Jeff's home studio to work on some bass and now has around 2-3 songs done. Yesterday to my own excitement I got to beat on some drums. I banged out the first song pretty quickly so we decided to do another and I ended up finishing 3 songs in a couple of hours. I got to play on a sick 24" kick drum and some amazing vintage toms...As far as the snare and cymbals we picked what sounded best for each song. We’ve set up our home studio in the hotel as well which really keeps the work flow moving at all times. We can work on the days that Matt and Jeff take off. We do most the main tracking at Mad Dog Studios, but Matt and Jeff each have their own personal studios that we’re also working out of so the workflow is smooth and we get to keep the magic going at all times

So far everything’s been amazing. Mahaffey and Turzo are really diving into the vision we have for this record and taking it to some far out places. We’re definitely stoked about the progress so far and we’ll keep ya updated as we move along!

~ Anthony

Last Updated: 07/27/09

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