This is My Suitcase

This is My Suitcase
Location:Columbus, OH (USA)
Genres:Indie / Pop
Record Label:Paper + Plastick
60 Fans
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This is My Suitcase is the definition of a nontraditional band. Born in 2005 as the brainchild of Joseph Anthony Camerlengo, the band recorded their first full-length album “Missent to Thailand” in 2006. This album was recorded within the walls of Camerlengo's bedroom using a computer microphone and a whole lot of ingenuity. Camerlengo soon enlisted the help of friends to round out the musicalroster and bring life to the songs and sounds that once only existed in the confines of his bedroom walls. With Nicholas Manos on guitar, Jeremy Skeen on drums, Joseph Fitzgerald on bass and Mary Lynn Gloeckle behind the keys This is My Suitcase forged ahead in their unruly ways by self-released an insurmountable amount of freakish pop music over the internet, free of any charge to it's lucky listener, including: The C EP (2006), The C.R.E. ep (2007), and countless other original songs, cover songs (from The Beach Boys to Michael Jackson), and limited-release tour theme songs to coincide with each of their tours. By January 1st of 2008, a fat-ruled notebook had been filled red cover-to-red cover with production, recording, mixing, and vocal notes for the next This Is My Suitcase full-length album. Six months later, the raucous band overtook Mike Green's (The Matches, Paramore) Los Angeles studio during the graveyard shift (usually eleven pm to dawn), working themselves in and out of a comatose state for two weeks of recording drums and shattering glass. As quickly as they came, the band soon found themselves back in Columbus, Ohio, chauffeuring a laptop and broken microphone from random location to random location, recording woodwinds, strings, horns, saws, and tinkerings on their record, literally every single day. This was still only the beginning, as the self-recording of their new album “The Keys To Cat Heaven” would stretch on for eight more long months. However, their meticulous work has paid off, as the band’s new album is their greatest collection of music to date. It is at once poppy, playful, witty, ironic and rocking. Any fan of music looking for something unique will not be disappointed in the way This is My Suitcase rattles the cage of traditional pop music and song-writing on “The Keys to Cat Heaven.”
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Last Updated: 10/27/09

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