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Location:Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Genres:Rock / Alternative
Record Label:Unsigned
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Immune is the marching band to either the apocalypse or redemption- take your pick. To them it might be the same thing. But whether heaven or hell is their destination of choice, theyíll make the trip with churning choruses, anger and wit, a split screen of empathy and defiance. And did I say we could all merrily sing along?

"Iím gonna light up the sky like the Fourth of July
Until Iím wiping the smile from your face." (In Your Place)

Immune was crystallized in Providence, Rhode Island by songwriter Rob Shulze, escaping to that non-descript wannabe metropolis from a childhood so soaked with trauma that any description would sound like an overwrought Lifetime TV mini-series. A musical scream in forlorn Rhode Island would be lost in the din of a passing Amtrak train, so Los Angeles seemed a better setting where broken dreams trump no dreams at all.

"The way Iím living is dangerous
I need a reason to care so I feel alive." (3 Feet Deep)

A changing of the guard was in order and new conscripts from Seattle (Johnny Skaare, Drums), Virginia (Drew Worsley, Bass), and Brazil ( Joao Estrella Brandi, Lead Guitar) found Southern California refuge under the flag of Immune. Their collective lifeís resumes included bullet points and rest stops in B-movies, porn films, Hollywood blockbusters, real estate, and Burger King.

"If I canít be someone of consequence
Iíd rather die than have to crawl." (I'd Rather Die)

Immuneís infectious musical mixture of larceny and lace ultimately reached receptive ears through multiple placements on a spectrum of TV shows from the tacky to the tasteful, while playing as many live shows as Los Angeles could accommodate, supporting the next-big-things and the almost-made-its. An overflowing file cabinet of rave reviews followed suit. 20,000 EPs wound up in the possession of a devout fan base.

Now, legendary platinum-encased producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System Of A Down) has put her masterís touch on a new 3-song EP, which in a just world (which Rob might deem not to exist) should bring their sound and passion to exponentially more listening devices including those which havenít yet been invented. Bet against it, if you dare.

"I come alive when I notice the difference it makes
Because Iím putting you back in your place." (In Your Place)
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