June Divided

June Divided
Location:Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Genres:Rock / Pop
Record Label:Unsigned
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The Billboard

Hey guys itís Melissa. Itís late at night and Iíve decided to do something a little unorthodox with our bio here. Iím writing it, personally, just for you.

Since Iím writing this story, I could really tell you anything I wanted about June Divided. I could tell you that weíre a rock band from Philadelphia. And that we dig bands like Jimmy Eat World and Thrice. And that we started in late 2010. But this is boring me already so letís do something fun... like, 2 Truths and A Lie- I like that game. Guess which sentence is a lie about our band. Ok ready here we go:

a.) Chrisí distant relative is Chuck Norris.
b.) We found our drummer on Craigslist.
c.) Keith put a live frog in his mouth.

If you think that A is a lie, you win! (Which means B and C are true stories- think about that for a secondÖ.)

Unfortunately, Chris is in no way related to Chuck Norris. But I will tell you something (slightly less exciting), but true about Chris: I met him in college, and we wrote music together. We never had the ďrock band dreamĒ- in fact, we were nerdy music tech kids. After graduation we kept writing to stay happy and sane during the post-college job hunt. At some point a friend joked that we should try to find a drummer onÖ

Craigslist. Yes, like I said, we found Keith on Craigslist. On a whim, we put an ad out. And like a stray puppy or something, there he was. Needless to say, we all clicked. (Honestly, who wouldnít make friends with the guy putting frogs in his mouth?) And the great thing about Keith was that he wasnít dying to be a rock star either. He was looking to make music, just like us.

So we did. And our first EP, The Other Side of You, is what we came up with. Lucky for us, our pal Alec Henninger, (Soundmine Studios), produced and recorded it, and so by the beginning of 2011 we released it. Just like that.

To our surprise, people listened (thank you!!). Then, Lenny Sasso stepped in. He was the manager and friend we didnít know we needed. So we started playing everywhere and called in our college friend, Rich. He was the man with the plan and the bass. So we got a move on- we played SXSW, Warped Tour, NBC, mtvUÖ now we just canít stop.

So here we are. This music has become our career, and itís amazing that something so small could grow so fast. The ďrock band dreamĒ was never really our thing until we realized how much love and support we have from our fans, friends, and family. Now itís a reality, and we wouldnít change it for the world. So thank you for being here, and thank you for listening.

Letís play 2 Truths and A Lie again. Guess which 2 sentences are TRUE:
a.) Chrisí distant relative is John Travolta.
b.) We love you.
Last Updated: 10/27/11
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