F.A.Q: Commonly Asked Questions
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How do I get a blue "band member" account?
Blue "band member" or "VIP" accounts are given to band members of signed bands that wish to post on the website. You need to contact a staff member about having your account made into a blue account; however, you need to be in a band of some significance. Obviously we can't give these out to just every band in the world. Some examples are here.

Why was I banned?
If you are banned from the website - you will see the reason left by the moderator when you try and post. Usually this is due to breaking a rule on the website or part of our Terms of Service. However, a moderator can ban anyone from the website at anytime under their discretion. Trying to create new accounts or harass the staff to explain why will only further alienate you from the staff.

Common Complaints, Rumors, and Lies

How do I delete my account?
For legal reasons we currently do not have an option to completely delete your account from the website. While we explore alternatives, we have provided you a few ways to effectively disable your account from viewing.
  • Set your privacy options to hide your profile.
    • Mark yourself invisible.
    • Mark your profile to one of the "private." options
    • Uncheck both "recieve email" boxes.
    • Uncheck all "private message" boxes.
    • Move your subscriptions to "no email notifications."

How do I import my blog into Facebook?
First copy the RSS feed location for your blog. You can do this by viewing your blog and right clicking "RSS Feed" on the right hand side of the page under "Blog Tools" - select "Copy Link Location" to copy the location of your blog's RSS feed to your clipboard.

Now on Facebook go to the "import blog" page and paste the URL into the import field. Easy. Now your blog updates will be automatically updated on your facebook page.

How do I post an image in my post or blog?
You can post images in your replies or blog posts on AP.net - the video below will show you exactly how.

I lost my password, what can I do?
Fill out this form with your email address and your password will be emailed to you.

How do I use multi-quote?
Multi-quote allows you to respond to a variety of posts in a thread all at once. The video below shows you how - it's easier to watch than describe with text.

Why aren't you reviewing my CD?
We receive hundreds of submissions for reviews on a daily basis. You should check out this page for more information.

How do I set up a photoblog?
To set up a photoblog you need to have an account on buzznet.com. Set up an account and then enter your buzznet username into the proper field in your profile (at the bottom of the page).

Now any picture you upload to your buzznet account will appear (automatically) into your photoblog on AP.net. One of the easiest ways to post pictures to your photoblog is using the email option. This also allows you to snap pictures with an email enabled phone and quickly post those pictures to your photoblog. To find out the email address to send pictures to, login to your Buzznet page and on the right side you will see a control panel bar. Find "New Photo" and click "edit" next to it. Then click "Adv. Photo Post" and under the "tags" field it says "advanced options" - click that. There is the email address you can send photos to - add it to your address book in your phone for quick access.

What are the different ways to post on the website?
There are a variety of ways to post on AP.net. The video below will detail all of them.

Where can I find the RSS feed?
The AbsolutePunk.net RSS feed can be found at: www.absolutepunk.net/rss

How do I import my blog onto Twitter?
If you have a twitter account you can have it automatically updated with your blog entries. All you need to do is sign up for a TwitterFeed account. Once you have created and logged into this account - feed it the RSS URL to your blog. You can find this by viewing your blog and looking under "Blog Tools" on the right-hand side. If you right click the text "RSS Feed" you can copy the "link location" and paste that into the twitterfeed field. Now when you update your blog - it will automatically update your twitter as well!

Don't forget to put your twitter ID into your profile (at the bottom of the page) so that those viewing your AP.net profile can find it.

How do I post videos in my posts or blog?
You can post videos in your replies or blog posts on AP.net - the video below will show you exactly how.

How do I get a picture under my username?
The picture under your username is called an "avatar" and you can upload your own using this form.

How do I get a "last played" image in my signature?
Sign up for an account at last.fm.

Install the plugin for your MP3 player of choice.

Go to this page to set up your charts.

Copy the code inside the "Forum BBCode" box and paste it into your signature here.


How do I apply for a staff position?
We are currently not looking for any new staff.

Can't find an answer? Ask in our forums.

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