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Band Name - Album Name (Reviewer)
Hella - Homeboy EP / Concentration Face DVDHella - Homeboy EP / Concentration Face DVD
Reviewed by: Rohan Kohli
This Town, A Forest - EmergeThis Town, A Forest - Emerge
Reviewed by: Sean Rizzo
The Dear & Departed - Every Waking MomentThe Dear & Departed - Every Waking Moment
Reviewed by: Zookeeper156
Alexander and the Grapes - HemispheresAlexander and the Grapes - Hemispheres
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
Young Gun - BonesYoung Gun - Bones
Reviewed by: hiddentrack
Musical Charis - Fool$ GoldMusical Charis - Fool$ Gold
Reviewed by: blue_light_888
Patrick Stump - Soul PunkPatrick Stump - Soul Punk
Reviewed by: justbradley
Bad Religion - True NorthBad Religion - True North
Reviewed by: justbradley
Crash The Party - Come Alive EPCrash The Party - Come Alive EP
Reviewed by: Ryan Gardner
Wild Belle - IslesWild Belle - Isles
Reviewed by: justbradley
My Woshin Mashin - Evil Must DieMy Woshin Mashin - Evil Must Die
Reviewed by: Craig Manning
Sixx:AM - The Heroin DiariesSixx:AM - The Heroin Diaries
Reviewed by: justbradley
Chance the Rapper - Acid RapChance the Rapper - Acid Rap
Reviewed by: justbradley
The Neighbourhood - I Love You.The Neighbourhood - I Love You.
Reviewed by: justbradley
Young Mountain - A Billion Times AroundYoung Mountain - A Billion Times Around
Reviewed by: luvsickcatalyst
Goodbye Good Sense - Teaser EPGoodbye Good Sense - Teaser EP
Reviewed by: TestwoodRapier
Green Division - Getting By On My LooksGreen Division - Getting By On My Looks
Reviewed by: Brandon Allin
Darker My Love- Darker My LoveDarker My Love- Darker My Love
Reviewed by: gnp8472
Keepin' 6 - UncensoredKeepin' 6 - Uncensored
Reviewed by: llmp
The Red Alert - Extended PlayThe Red Alert - Extended Play
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Jeremy Fisher - Goodbye Blue MondayJeremy Fisher - Goodbye Blue Monday
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
Sponge - Galore GaloreSponge - Galore Galore
Reviewed by: makeoutmags
RadioRadio - Alarm 1 Alarm 2RadioRadio - Alarm 1 Alarm 2
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Don the Reader - HumanesqueDon the Reader - Humanesque
Reviewed by: xsinkshipsx
A Lifelike Story - Flowers for WednesdayA Lifelike Story - Flowers for Wednesday
Reviewed by: Alana Rome
Casting Curses - Heartificial EPCasting Curses - Heartificial EP
Reviewed by: OKComputer1016
You Say Party! We Say Die! - DanskwadYou Say Party! We Say Die! - Danskwad
Reviewed by: Undue Noise
Random Conflict - EscapismRandom Conflict - Escapism
Reviewed by: ridthedisease
Celeste Moyers - Celeste MoyersCeleste Moyers - Celeste Moyers
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
Gameface - Now Is What Matters NowGameface - Now Is What Matters Now
Reviewed by: Zac Djamoos
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