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Band Name - Album Name (Reviewer)
Less Than Jake - Losing StreakLess Than Jake - Losing Streak
Reviewed by: Brandon Allin
Strung Out - Agents of the UndergroundStrung Out - Agents of the Underground
Reviewed by: Matthew Tsai
Ellington - More Like a Movie, Less Like Real LifeEllington - More Like a Movie, Less Like Real Life
Reviewed by: Broden Terry
Park After Dark - SharkbearPark After Dark - Sharkbear
Reviewed by: flks511
William Control-NoirWilliam Control-Noir
Reviewed by: OnaedInSpace
Two O'Clock Courage - Here's to Hoping...Two O'Clock Courage - Here's to Hoping...
Reviewed by: WeWereGiants
cssc - After Tidescssc - After Tides
Reviewed by: blue_light_888
Careers In Science - ForeverwolfCareers In Science - Foreverwolf
Reviewed by: Kelly Doherty
Grassfight - Icon, EP 2Grassfight - Icon, EP 2
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians - Annalog and Her Hopeful DiariesCrooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians - Annalog and Her Hopeful Diaries
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
We, the Drowned - The Young Man & the SeaWe, the Drowned - The Young Man & the Sea
Reviewed by: tortags
Jesse and Noah - Driven BackJesse and Noah - Driven Back
Reviewed by: Gregory Robson
Billy Talent - Dead SilenceBilly Talent - Dead Silence
Reviewed by: JasonK
Dustin Kensrue - The Water and the BloodDustin Kensrue - The Water and the Blood
Reviewed by: Of Dust and Nations
Parasites - SolitaryParasites - Solitary
Reviewed by: Thomas Nassiff
Throwing Color - The Static SeasThrowing Color - The Static Seas
Reviewed by: Bostancic25
Skratch3 - Crash and BurnSkratch3 - Crash and Burn
Reviewed by: Brandon Allin
Hands Down Eugene - MadisonHands Down Eugene - Madison
Reviewed by: Rich Duncan
Eta Carinae - Eta CarinaeEta Carinae - Eta Carinae
Reviewed by: Tom Good
Foreign Islands - Restart Now!Foreign Islands - Restart Now!
Reviewed by: Russ Hockenbury
Pictures In Pieces - The Wake EPPictures In Pieces - The Wake EP
Reviewed by: average_jane
The Anthem Sound - 4 SongsThe Anthem Sound - 4 Songs
Reviewed by: Nathan Lint
Verona Grove - The Story Thought OverVerona Grove - The Story Thought Over
Reviewed by: speakhandsforme
Play Oliver - PacificallyPlay Oliver - Pacifically
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Split Fifty - Swing from Her FingernailsSplit Fifty - Swing from Her Fingernails
Reviewed by: Jeremy Aaron
The Chemical Brothers - BrotherhoodThe Chemical Brothers - Brotherhood
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Marc Broussard - Keep Coming BackMarc Broussard - Keep Coming Back
Reviewed by: MusicTalks
Reign Supreme - Testing the Limits of InfiniteReign Supreme - Testing the Limits of Infinite
Reviewed by: Matthew Tsai
Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard -  One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big SurJay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard - One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur
Reviewed by: the andyspecial
Cover of Afternoon - Among the TidesCover of Afternoon - Among the Tides
Reviewed by: focusmusic
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