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Band Name - Album Name (Reviewer)
Gosling - Here Is...Gosling - Here Is...
Reviewed by: Saves The Night
The Disco Ensemble - The Island of Disco EnsembleThe Disco Ensemble - The Island of Disco Ensemble
Reviewed by: OnaedInSpace
Caroline - Verdugo HillsCaroline - Verdugo Hills
Reviewed by: DJWildefire
Mick Harvey - Sketches From the Book of the DeadMick Harvey - Sketches From the Book of the Dead
Reviewed by: iancat87
Feist - MetalsFeist - Metals
Reviewed by: alert=danger
Black Breath - Sentenced To LifeBlack Breath - Sentenced To Life
Reviewed by: CellarGhosts
The Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel...The Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel...
Reviewed by: bmt !!!
The Jason Isbell & 400 Unit - Here we restThe Jason Isbell & 400 Unit - Here we rest
Reviewed by: German Markus
Killer Mike - R.A.P. MusicKiller Mike - R.A.P. Music
Reviewed by: ohgodohnoiam
Legacy of Disorder - Last Man StandingLegacy of Disorder - Last Man Standing
Reviewed by: Jason Gardner
Quicksand SwimClub - What We Go ThroughQuicksand SwimClub - What We Go Through
Reviewed by: dmcaloon
Nomads - NomadsNomads - Nomads
Reviewed by: cascadecrash
Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That ThieveStreetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thieve
Reviewed by: justbradley
SilverBySkyline - CaptivesSilverBySkyline - Captives
Reviewed by: randys950
The Weakness - Lovers and LiarsThe Weakness - Lovers and Liars
Reviewed by: alienantidote
The Ghost Is Dancing - Battles OnThe Ghost Is Dancing - Battles On
Reviewed by: nick19
Maxïmo Park – Our Earthly PleasuresMaxïmo Park – Our Earthly Pleasures
Reviewed by: Keatsey
Jesu - ConquererJesu - Conquerer
Reviewed by: 12:46AM
Parx-e - A Compilation of Independent MusicParx-e - A Compilation of Independent Music
Reviewed by: Scott Irvine
Beyond the Citadel of Coup de Grâce - Bang! the Whiskey MaskBeyond the Citadel of Coup de Grâce - Bang! the Whiskey Mask
Reviewed by: BrokenMirror
Great Northern - Trading Twilight for DaylightGreat Northern - Trading Twilight for Daylight
Reviewed by: NoseOverTail
A Midday Atlantic - The DifferenceA Midday Atlantic - The Difference
Reviewed by: Susan Frances
Some Call Me the Poet - Come SummerSome Call Me the Poet - Come Summer
Reviewed by: The Personist
Second Hand Rumours - So Many Steps EPSecond Hand Rumours - So Many Steps EP
Reviewed by: Blake Solomon
Virgin Black - Requiem - FortissimoVirgin Black - Requiem - Fortissimo
Reviewed by: Matthew Tsai
Honor Bright - Build Hearts From StarsHonor Bright - Build Hearts From Stars
Reviewed by: The Personist
Street Dogs - State of GraceStreet Dogs - State of Grace
Reviewed by: CellarGhosts
Detournement - Screaming ResponseDetournement - Screaming Response
Reviewed by: Schmidty Says
The Title - The Supersecret EPThe Title - The Supersecret EP
Reviewed by: jnjumppman23
Into It. Over It. - IntersectionsInto It. Over It. - Intersections
Reviewed by: Lews Therin
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