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"Love" Life: Still confusing, still kinda shitty
"Love" Life: Still confusing, still kinda shitty
01/04/09 at 02:08 AM by hockeyguitar99
So, anyone who reads my blog knows that I had a tangled trainwreck of a Crush in late '08, ending in me getting rejected. It took me a while to get back on my feet, but I did it. A friend told me 2 people that like (that term feels really immature, but I don't know what else to say) me, and I've been thinking a lot. Option 1 has friends that literally hate my guts, it's pretty unbelievable. Problem is that she was the really cute one, the one I'd talked to, and the one I liked over the summer. Option 2 I don't know as well, she's not as cute, but she's a lot funnier. I've been weighing options and thinking over scenarios in my head. All of them seem tarnished by my terrible history with "dating" (it was middle school, can I even call it that?).

Here's a...[read more]
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05:01 AM on 01/04/09
Sinatra blue
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blinkme's Avatar
i think you need to chill out man. you're only 15. trust me, you're in for a load of heartbreak/fun in the years to come. you don't want to get into something heavy and then suddenly realise that 5 years have gone by. now is the time for you to be irresponsible and have a blast! good luck dude.
09:28 AM on 01/04/09
Tonight I'm Burning Star IV
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zubinmoosa's Avatar
^ this

but that last one is messed up. Good luck choosing though.
11:27 AM on 01/04/09
Sic Transit Zeb
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Sic Transit Zeb's Avatar
Yeah, Blink is right.

I had a gf for like a year and half in HS and it was retarded. I'd much rather of just been single the whole time.
12:23 PM on 01/04/09
You are my blanked out pages.
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ASkylitDrive88x's Avatar
You're still young. It sounds like you just want to have a gf. Don't feel like you have to choose someone to go out with just for the sake of it. I wouldn't think you'd like it very much if some girl asked you out when she didn't really like you when you thought she did. And then you're all hurt when she breaks up with you. Most girls don't appreciate being used like that...especially when you give them the impression that you really like them, when you're just unsure. I'm not trying to sound rude, but a lot of 15 year old guys want to have a gf because it makes them look more mature and masculine and whatnot. Why don't you just wait until someone comes along who you really like and then ask them out. You're going to look back on this and think that all those relationships you rushed into were pointless. You may think that a girl wouldn't want to go out with you because you haven't had a gf in awhile, but honestly most girls don't care about that. In fact, if you've had 5 gf's in the past 6 months, the next girl you ask out may realize that you probably don't even care that much about her and that you just want her for the sake of not being single. Sorry if I sound bitchy, but just wait and someone will come. Don't waste your time hurting people.
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