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03/28/07 at 10:37 PM by nsgob22
Noah Seidel
English per5
Hamlet essay
Psychoanalytical School

In analyzing the character Hamlet though the psychoanalytical lens it is clearly evident that Hamlet struggles between his id ego and super ego this is apparent when he is dealing with his father's death. When Hamlet learns that his father was murdered at the hands of his uncle. He contemplates how he could kill his uncle for the revenge of his father Hamlet. Throughout the play Hamlet is torn on what to do now that his father is dead.
Hamlet's id tells him he needs to listen to the ghost of his father and kill Claudius so his father he can go to haven and get out of purgatory. The id is a person sub consciousness and it irrational and emotional part of a person's mind when Hamlet first find Claudius praying. He immediately wants to kill him and Hamlet says. “Now might I do it (pat)? Now he is a-praying, and now I'll do't (Shakespeare) this example of Hamlet's raw emotion. He wants to kill Claudius, and he has a chance even though he knows that if he kills him while he is praying. Claudius will go straight to heaven his id is telling him to kill Claudius to get the act of murder over with. According to Freud that id wants whatever feels good at the time with no consideration for the reality of the situation (Heffner Media Group, Inc), and for Hamlet all he cares about is getting were revenge for his beloved father. Hamlet is not rational in his rage he threatens his mother who he loves dearly. "Come come and sit you down, you shall not budge. You go not till I set you up a glass where you may see the inmost t part of you, what will you they do now was not murder me" (Shakespeare) Hamlet loves his mother. He would never hurt her, but is id is telling him that he needs to know the truth about his father's death, and the ghost request not to hurt his mother.
Hamlet's ego is telling him that he should kill Claudius, but he should wait for a time when Claudius would go to hell. "Tis heavy with him hand, and I am then When he's drunk asleep or at his rage or in th' incestuous pleasure of his bed at game a swearing or about some act that is no relish salvation in’t then trip him that his heels may kick at heaven and that his soul may be as damned and black as hell." (Shakespeare) Hamlet's thinking here is rational since he would kill the king and then go to hell. A person ego is a part of the mind that is in between the subconscious and the conscious. It wants the pleasure of the id, and also realizes the long-term consequences from the superego. (Burger, J. M.)
The superego is the part of the mind that has the highest morals this are allows a person to fill guilty, and he is what keeps a person from making decisions that they will regret. Hamlet knows that if he killed his mother he will someday regret it since he loves his mother and did not want hurt her. Hamlet decides he is not going kill Claudius then, but will wait for a time when he has a plan.
When Hamlet gets stabbed by larties and is about to die. The last thing he does before his death is to force Claudius to drink poison wine Hamlet is no longer thinking about his self, but to get revenge for his father. The struggle between his consciousness and subconscious over his father's death resulted in killing Claudius.
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