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Who Is Brand New? No...Seriously.
Who Is Brand New? No...Seriously.
03/13/09 at 02:10 PM by ExplodingStereo
Fairly recently, I started logging back into AbsolutePunk after forgetting I had an account for a good year and a half. I honestly don't know why, I just did. As I began digesting all the news and forums again, all the familiar, almost signature people and things that come with being on this site came back to me: people posting catty, sickeningly sarcastic comments towards each other and hopeless bands (paging Metro Station...) who just seem to be unanimously hated and trashed, that guy who has the "Max Bemis smoking" avatar who apparently is some kind of legend, and of course...Brand New. In this giant sea of music snobs, sarcastic know-it-all's, and plain old music lovers, Brand New seems to stand as this Messiah of a band, the perfect mix of "pop-punk" roots with more mature lyrics and creativity than most pop-punk bands out there now and in past decades. Sure, I've seen crazy fanbases, but never have I seen so many influenced by one band.

If you were to ask me if I had heard of Brand New about a year and a half ago, about the same time I started coming on here, I wouldn't have the slightest clue about who they are and what their music sounds like. Truth be told, I couldn't say I really knew them up until very recently. (I promise my long-winded-ness will go somewhere, but for now, bear with me)...

To be specific, I worded my knowledge of Brand New as "heard of them, never heard them", which is a delicate way to say "their name sounds kind of familiar, but I have no clue who these guys are and most likely will never listen to them". I was immediately turned off by how the same people on here who overhyped them were the people trashing other artists and just being plain old dicks because...well...it's the internet and they can say what they want to. Plus, after hearing some songs off The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me on MySpace, I was even more unimpressed: they sounded very unpolished, rough, and just kind of bland (edit: I'll give them some credit, the only song I really like was "Sowing Season"; I download and have listened to it many times and it freaked/freaks me out for some reason, and I love it for that reason) In my own way of being a snob, I labeled them as kind of a scenester band, a band that got hyped by a couple people and snowballed because it was/is cool to like them.

I know, I've basically spent a couple paragraphs poking fun at the mini-society in which I'm posting this blog to, plus I haven't really reached a point. I almost hate saying this because of all the build up of annoyance against them, their music, and/or their fanbase, but I completed my album and got all of Deja Entendu (I had "Quiet Things..." only) and, well...it's pretty good, I guess. Actually, it's really good. It is truly a great album and worthy of the hype. There. Listening to songs like "Sic Transit Gloria", "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot" and "Guernica" for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it definitely hit me that, yes, this band deserves some recognition for actually messing with the pop-punk formula and writing some good stuff.

But still, I don't get it. They're pretty good, sure, but I really don't understand the ultra-hype around Brand New. They have hit such a nerve on this site that it's almost a requirement as a member on here to worship them. If their name is mentioned in a review or even in a comment, it cause a flood of adulation from not a couple, but most members on the site. The million dollar question here is, they're good, but what caused them to become THIS hyped? Who is Brand New to you?, "you" being a reader basing your judgement solely on your feeling of the band and not what the entire community feels. I feel like I'm missing something here and maybe someone with more knowledge of the band or of AbsolutePunk could fill me in...
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