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August 5, 2007 Warped Tour Adventure
August 5, 2007 Warped Tour Adventure
08/06/07 at 06:08 PM by Anton Djamoos
My sister, her friend Maria, and I attended the Englishtown Warped Tour date. This is how it went. Don't forget to check out our Buzznet site for pictures that I took during the day.

Upon arriving to Warped Tour, I was advised to call Kristy from Capitol Records who had my ticket and would let me in. We got really confused in regard to the layout of the place and looked for each other for a solid half hour by the time we met up. I was relieved that she was not a decrepit 40-year-old woman since I had no idea who she was beforehand so I took that as a sign that the day would go well.

We went in and got to cut the ridiculously long line so the day was already a success. I hadn't been to a Warped Tour since 2002, so to be able to bypass all of it was a thing of beauty. When we got in, the three of us went on poster duty, putting up The Starting Line and Envy on the Coast promotional posters in all the places that people hadn't gotten to yet. Outside the bathrooms, garbage cans, port-a-potties, railings, fences, poles...anywhere that would get looked at was fair territory to us. I think we did a nice job, but I guess it's ultimately up to Capitol. (If anyone at Capitol is reading this, how did we do?)

Then the doors opened. A flurry of people bombarded us and it was time to get to the real work. Danielle and Maria left since they're not associated with Absolutepunk.net and Jesse, Kristy, and I worked the tent. It was set up in a fashion where we were giving away a lot of really cool stuff, all we asked in return was to sign up for the mailing list. I think I did a good job convincing people to sign up. Here was a typical thing I said:

Me: Yo, sup.
Person: *looks blankly ahead* Hi.
Me: Hey, do you like the band Mae?
Person: Yeah, I guess.
Me: Then you're going to LOVE this sampler CD we have for you here. It contains their new track "Brink of Disaster" from the album Singularity which comes out August 14. It's not even in stores yet and YOU CAN HAVE IT NOW! Isn't that awesome? So you may be wondering, "Gee random person from Absolutepunk tent, how can I have that?" It's simple! All you have to do is come over to this here computer, fill out some simple information, and it's yours! Along with all this free stuff!

As you can see, I made a lot of friends just because of how obnoxiously over-excitedly I sold this stuff. Not only that, but I felt like a Y-list celebrity at points when people would ask me who I was. I had several people asking for pictures of me (no autographs, yet) and one person even wanted to give me money! Sweet! (I turned the money down, that's just not right.)

It was great meeting people from Absolutepunk, such as Jason, also known to you people in the forums as avengedtbs. He told me he was going to make a t-shirt for me and when he showed up at the tent with this shirt, I was beyond happy. Check out this picture.

It really doesn't get any better than that. Thanks so much, Jason.

Now, you may be wondering...where is Jaime Durante this whole time? Wasn't she supposed to be there? Well, duh, she was. But, Jaime was only five minutes away from the venue; she'd have no problem getting there. Oh, how wrong she was. And I warned her. She made it in about two hours after leaving. That means that a five minute drive took her two hours. The traffic was that bad. Eek. But she finally made it, which was good because she and Dennis were fun to hang out with, as always.

I then went to see the band Aspen It Is... This is a local band from Northern NJ and they are a good live band from what I saw. It's too bad the crowd sucked. One guy, definitely high, was just being overly abusive and deserved to get beaten. He was moshing by himself into people that were yelling at him and just being really disrespectful until, finally, he was beaten. Someone shoved the kid into the guard rail and he fell on the ground and I laughed on the inside. Then I took pictures, including this one...

I really liked how that one came out.

So, then it was back to the tent for me since I saw all the bands that I actually cared about seeing. We met more people and drank some official Warped Tour water until it was time for signings. First up was Envy on the Coast.

Envy on the Coast was hilarious. Larry, their friend, was even funnier. We tried selling CDs to kids to get them signed by being nice. It wasn't working. So, we had to up the ante with lines like "Your parents hate you. Buy this CD and they'll start loving you again." The signing went really well and then as soon as that was over, The Fold came over.

Unfortunately, The Fold got screwed over as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was signing at the tent directly next to us. The Fold was a great bunch of guys though and were very amiable, personable. Check this band out, as their live show was really good (so my sister says) and the drummer is a show in himself.

Then came Thieves and Villains. This is an unsigned act who is touring on their own dime and doing their best as a DIY band. And you know what? They are some of the humblest, most genuine guys I've ever met in a band. There's no double-crossing. They love what they're doing and are doing it because they love it. Check this band out because they're going to sign soon and you're going to want to get on before the bandwagon gets full.

Finally, was Rookie of the Year. They signed and the singer left his Sidekick at our table when they left. I didn't steal it but I did see his AOL screenname on there. OMG I can talk to celebritiez!!1 Jaime returned it because she's a good Samaritan.

Then we packed up shop. The weather was beautiful. There was not that much work to do and for all that it was, I had a pretty good time working the entire day. Cleaning up was surprisingly efficient but I guess you learn how to do that quickly when you've been working on Warped for so long.

Finally, I finished the day by seeing Valencia, Bayside, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Valencia was good, Bayside was great, TRJA was not my thing. That's all I'm going to say.

I thank Kristy and Jesse from Capitol Records who were a blast to hang out with all day, Jaime and Dennis for being great company as always, and my sister and her friend for just being their usual awesome selves. To everyone from AP who visited, it was great meeting you!
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