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My Top Albums Of 2007
My Top Albums Of 2007
12/27/07 at 12:42 PM by permanentdan
so its about that time again. yep. time to painstakingly go back over this past years music releases, and try to somehow list all of the ones that kept themselves spinning in my brain as favorites. its no easy feat. believe me. last year, this took me at least 3 hours. eff.

well here goes. im gonna do a top 15 this year, instead of 25, but im also doing an honorable mention list as well, so it pretty much works out. enjoy!

15. Farewell-Isnt This Supposed To Be Fun!?

yes it is.

standouts:eighty-eights, first on the blog, hey heather.

14. Far-Less-A Toast To Bad Taste

this album really grew on me. it just some really cool elements that i took in well. awesome segues, and great piano lines.

standouts: its not me, its you, gentlemen(go to sleep), a surprise funeral(for the charmed).

13. The Rocket Summer-Do You Feel?

this album has no "brat pack" type songs on it, but it is definitely filled with some great pop/piano/rock songs. bryce avery did an awesome job. give it a spin. its worth it.

standouts: break it out, taken aback, so, in this hour...

12. Bayside-The Walking Wounded

anthony raneri and co. put out one hell of an album. very catchy, and destined to help put Bayside on the larger scale finally. Bayside Is A Cult, and its got nothing to do with kool-aid.

standouts: carry on, i and i, head on a plate.

11. Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High

to say this album was highly anticipated by most is an understatement, tarnished only by the ass who leaked it online months before its original release date. this album was one of f.o.b.'s best collective works, hinting at bits of "TTTYG" era fob as well as some of the more poppy "FUCT" album. overall, it has more than a few quality singles and was one of the highest selling albums of the year.

standouts:hum hallelujah, thnks fr th mmrs, the carpal tunnel of love.

10. Funeral For A Friend-Tales Dont Tell Themselves

this band has changed a good bit over the years, but im not bitter. in fact, i welcome the change. they went from a more scream oriented rock band, to a more rock oriented vocal band. ive always loved the vocal work by FFAF, but this album was just sweet. im not usually a fan of concept albums like this was, but, they did not disappoint.

standouts: out of reach, the great wide open, all hands on deck, pt 1:raise the sail.

9. Blakq Audio-CexCells

Davey Havok and Jade Puget are freaking great. this is another genre of music i never really got into, the more industrial side, not to say that Blakq Audio should be considered industrial, they have some of those tendencies, but they still retain a very dancy, electronica beat. i love it. one of the albums i played the most this year.

standouts: stiff kittens, the fear on being found, semiotic love.

8. Yellowcard-Paperwalls

welcome back yellowcard. welcome back.

standouts: fighting, paper walls, cut me, mick.

7. Bedouin Soundclash-Street Gospels

i was first introduced to this band by a dude named nick hook of men women and children. they were opening up for mwc on tour, so i checked them out, and was blown away by the sweet subtleties of their music. this release just pushed them further into my love category. theyre pretty different compared to most bands on the scene right now, having elements of dub reggae and some island sounds. listen to it for yourself. i love it.

standouts: walls fall down, 12:59 lullaby, hush.

6. Anberlin-Cities

i followed all the news up to the release of this album, even pre-ordered myself(also getting a 7" vinyl free for my efforts), and felt it was totally worth it. the dvd that came with it was pretty sweet too. such a genuinely thankful band in all respects, i have nothing but love for them. they continue to write and make music that appeals to the ears.

standouts: godspeed, the unwinding cable car, adelaide.

5. Sherwood-A Different Light

i keep liking this album more and more with every listen, which is why its so far up on the list. it just has a warm feel to it, like its summer all year round when i listen to it. the melodies are great, and the songs are just fun to sing along to.

standouts: alley cat, im asking her to stay, song in my head.

4. National Product-Luna

danny casslers got some pipes dude. he showed up for business(thats why they call them business socks) on this record. it quickly and easily became one of my faves of the year after just the first listen. everything about it i loved to the max. the harmonies, the guitar work, the drum work, it al just screamed, "love me!" so i gave in without much fight.

standouts: by all means, quay, where do you go?

3. The Dear Hunter-Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

casey crescenzo is genius. pure and simple. i never thought i would be into something of this genre, but the music and the story just appeal to me. i love everything TDH have put up to date, and am waiting in anticipation for the forthcoming books, and future records that close out the story of The Dear Hunters main character. it you want to hear some beautiful music, get this record.

standouts: the smiling swine, the oracles on the delphi express, red hands.

2. The Graduate-Anhedonia

if it werent for one band releasing an album this year that ive been waiting for for 3+ years, this would have been my top album of the year. this whole record is good, no filler, and just great songwriting overall. its rare to find an album where you dont feel inclined to start skipping songs when you put in after the first time. this one, i never skip songs because i love them all.

standouts: anhedonia, sit & sink, doppleganger.

1. Jimmy Eat World-Chase This Light

the top spot was a done deal this year without even having to hear the record. as soon as the release date was set, i knew this was gonna be my favorite album of the year, and i must say, they did not disappoint me. i had waited 3+years for some new material from jew(minus the stay on my side tonight ep), and i also still had not seen them live yet. so this year, i got both wishes. seeing them just after the new record was released pretty much put the cap on best month of my year, and made for one of the funnest nights ever. my only complaint with the record is it seemed a little short. there were a couple other songs that have been used as b-sides and will probably be on future single releases, but i felt they would have been better suited on the actual record. one of my favorite songs wasnt even on the full length: Be Sensible. but minor complaint aside, this album was everything i was hoping it would be. different enough to be refreshing, but still Jimmy Eat World enough to be, well..Jimmy Eat World. all time favorite band, and for good reason.

standouts: big casino, always be, carry you, gotta be somebodys blues.

best EPs:

The Secret Handshake-Summer of 98 EP

just all around fun.

The Spill Canvas-Denial Feels So Good

good buffer before their new record was released this year, along with a remixed version of staplegunned(one of my favorite songs of theirs).

Forever The Sickest Kids-Television Off, Party On

atrocious name aside, this group can write some damn catchy and very pop driven songs. expect to hear from them in 2008, friends.

Now for some honorable mentions(in no particular order):

Envy On The Coast-Lucy Gray.
The Panic Division-Songs From The Glasshouse.
Chiodos-Bone Pallace Ballet.
All Time Low-So Wrong, Its Right.
The Spill Canvas-No Really, Im Fine.
Thrice-The Alchemy Index:Volumes 1 & 2.
Asteria-Slip Into Something More Comfortable.
Lovedrug-Everything Starts Where It Ends.
The Academy is...-Santi.
The Almost-Southern Weather.
Tyler Read-Only Rock And Roll Can Save Us Now.
Atreyu-Lead Sails, Paper Anchor.
The Junior Varsity-Cinematographic.
Unwritten Law-Hit List.

now there are a bunch of other albums, that i possibly would have liked more, but i did not listen to them yet, or just had never heard of them, so how could i possibly list them? this list is of the music that I listened to over the past year. the albums that I loved, so if you dont quite agree, oh well. haha. there you have it. my list for 2007.

i should also note, that there are a lot of albums i didnt hear from 2006 until this past year, and the have also become some of my favorites, so you never know, i may just like something you like after all, but ill always be a sucker for a great voice, and catchy tunes.

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