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05/19/08 at 02:38 PM by PurpleSneaker
[This is constant writing until my brother goes to sleep, so expect nothing amazing, just rambling that won't be proof-read.]

Well, today I feel a lot more mellow than yesterday. So this is going to be a more coherent I'm-watching-a-film-whilst-typing-this-kind-of-entry. What film you say? A Tale Of Two Sisters, Korean horror movie from -03.

I saw that Jena Malone had just been in a horror film. So I'm getting it. The Ruins, it is called.
Honestly, critics seem not to really love it. But then, this one guy said it was great cause it was built around tension instead of gore. And honestly. How scary is gore. I have gore for breakfast. I ate noodles watching Ichi the Killer. So I'm kinda. Stoked, is that how you put it. Hah. But I am I suppose.

I ran home most of the way today. Walked/ran through the forest. I don't fancy running on paths and stuff, feels so. Unnecessary. It's not like I'm in a rush. But the forest, it's nice. Hearing your feet hit the soft ground. It basically demands boots though.

Oh, why I'm not watching my film? Brother still up. And watching a film alone... well it should be done with no one around or at least awake, no? In my opinion any way. To enjoy it fully.
I love enjoying things fully. Why have a sandwich when you can lie down in bed turn on good music eat a sandwich have some tea and some saft and read something at the same time. Making sure one won't have to visit the loo in a while, and that no one will disturb you, that there are no disturbing blinking lights, that everything is just right.
It makes for problems however. If every moment is stowed with maximum enjoyment, you get a lot of empty free time. So you have to find more enjoying things to do. And they wont really be that enjoying any more, since you've had better. I have a really good memory for feelings and smells, the latter a catalyst for the first as well.
In the same way, things like doing homework become more boring. Or, not necessarily boring, as I tend to enjoy it when I get started. But it's a lot harder to start doing something which your bastard of a mind connects with boredom.

Going to write until my brother puts his light out. He just lay down in bed so won't be thaat long.
He's just reading old comics. Like, ages old. Lil kids' comics. He likes them though, so yeah. I like comics. Not that kind though. I mean I actually read my brothers comics for enjoyment, Donald Duck. But really I tend to skip a lot cause they tend to suck.
I read a... 8 issues a year comic and a 4 issues a year comic. That I actually pay for. Other than that I couldn't care more for comics.
Web-comics is another thing. I read... Two regularly. And occasionally update myself on three more. And then, I read Jessica Monster's comics. Though she's an artiste see so they don't exactly come three times a week before midnight. Then, they're awesome as well.
Suppose though, that caring about comics at all is kinda geeky. Then, I am geeky, so hah on you. I have read all the D&D-rule books and I don't even play it. I know the basic rules for a bunch more games. I occasionally play WC3 and even less frequently I play shoot-em-ups. I'll probably play WAR when it's released, though I'll have to get wind ows for the mac first.

So, I remember when I used to listen to some songs by The Killers and just feel them surge through my body like still some songs manage to do. And now I hear them and it's just. Oh this stuff again. Now that goes for a lot of bands. I used to listen to loads of music that I no longer pay any heed to except for rare sentimental reasons.
My chem.
FOB. (no.. I actually listen to some of their songs.. rarely..)
AFI. (well. a couple of songs then. to be heard during snowfall.)
Garbage. (yeah see below)
Kill Hannah (I suppose, haven't listened to them for. Months.)
Green day.
Those are the ones that come to me of my mind (yeah I looked through iTunes briefly).
Then. I saw Sex Pistols. And I was hit by the realisation that shit, I used to listen to that. And Rancid and NoFX and... Well a lot more. I used to be such a..part time punk.-
That passed. Goth passed. Hippie passed. Man I've been a lot of stuff. Such a poseur, aye? well suppose I am. I'm okay with that. As long as I do what I feel like. Right now I walk around in brand clothes and leather shoes and soomewhat fixed hair.
That just doesn't do for summer. Summer = t-shirts, if cold hoodies, rivet-like pants.. or goth-like at least. Or. Hippie like. Any kind of non-ordinary pants. That don't look like total shit in my eyes. Idk. Summer pants, to put it simply.

I'm doing my hair white/bone/orange again. With more white and less orange hopefully. I want to shave off a part. I've wanted to for a good while really. And since that's the only part really, I'll go left. A bit of the stuff above my ear only. It might happen. It might happen.

Well. My brother just put his light out. So I'm going to watch Koreans die now.
Okay I got stuck reading about geometry. You'd be surprised to see how often this happens. Or maybe you wouldn't. My last wisdom teeth or whatever you call them in the angelic anglican language are growing and they are a blast to play with. Film to start after this song. Lunchbox and Memories by Jena Malone. And it's rolling.

All right. All right. I'll just go to bed. Watch the rest tomorrow. I've slept far too badly lately. Sorry for posting such a stupid piece of writing. I think it's going to be deleted as I don't like unnecessary entries. Might edit it down to something though. We'll see. As for the film? Quality was horrible. But it was watchable, in fact everyone looked scary with that pixelation. It was scary as well, or, the last five minutes I saw before turning it off were. Might be that it's dark and quite though. Ima just sleep now. No last line. With incredible humnour or

oh fuck ill just post it.
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