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Oh Shit, this kid listens to Attack Attack! and likes them?
Oh Shit, this kid listens to Attack Attack! and likes them?
08/26/10 at 11:13 PM by dj92jr
This is meant to serve as a placeholder blog, because in all honesty, I don't blog, and find my random ramblings and writings emo as tits. It's a bit of an analysis of the somewhat crude and horrific nature of the current music scene. This "scene" is just as it seems, bullshit. I listen to music that for some reason appeals to me, be it Cage the Elephant or the latest (shitty) attempt at dub-step (also shitty) Attack Attack! pulled out. I admit that it's an embarrassing thing to be a fan, and it shouldn't be, so, who do I blame? The internet. Why? It's an easy scapegoat for my own bad taste that's only bad because it's judged in the eyes of others. I use the word shitty a lot, and it's because so many things I have some semblance of appreciation for are called shitty, be it the latest lyrical masterpiece of Brand New, or the screamy not-so-auto-tuned (seriously, listen to a song by Attack Attack! that released on the new album and tell me where the auto-tune is) work of Attack Attack! Now, I should reiterate, if it isn't already evident, I'm not a huge fan of this band, but I like some of their songs, and it's apparently enough to discredit my opinion in the Crucible that is message boards (I've been told this in arguments). And as I read back, I realize I'm insulting dub-step and other work that I really shouldn't be, but it's human nature to hate shit (a sentiment only intensified by the total anonymity we so enjoy online). So yeah, I'm sure around 3 people will read this, because my profile and my comments aren't really much to amaze, but I figured I'd get that off my chest.
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