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Inside AP.net: Post Bits
Inside AP.net: Post Bits
05/15/11 at 12:36 PM by Jason Tate
This blog post is going to focus on the new postbits on the website. The postbits are what you see when you comment around the website. I kept it similar to what you currently see, but (hopefully) improved on a bunch of things. For me the "conversation" on a website is very important. I think a lot of sites get that wrong. I've always been pretty proud of our community and how we can keep the conversation on topics flowing pretty well.

The goal is for the look to be extremely simple. No real bells and whistles (especially on first look). Here's a basic post:

1) The avatar will dim if the user is not online. So you can quickly tell who in a thread is active on the website, and who isn't.

2) The time and date on the post is the permalink to the post. So you can send someone directly to a post via right click "copy link location" -- simple.

3) The little icon on the far right shows what kind of user posted. Instead of changing the color of user names, the badge will change. Clicking it will open up a small legend of all the different ranks.

4) The avatar and username are both clickable to open up the 'mini-profile.' The mini-profile contains all kinds of information on the user, and opens in-screen. Basically all the info that comes from the pull down menus on the current posts.

You can quickly message a user, follow them, block them, view their profile picture, view their larger avatar (click it), see who they're following, see all of their posts, and all that goodness.

5) Hovering the mouse over a post will bring up a few different options at the bottom. "Reply" is always visible. Clicking it sends you down to the quick reply box (just like now). Right clicking it opens a new reply page (just like now). The other options are the same as on the website at the moment. A quick edit, and the multi-quote:

Multi-quote comes with a new option as well. Clicking the MQ button (the one in the middle) will open a little notification on the left side of the page letting you know that you can reply to all of the selected posts by clicking it. People seem to have trouble with the MQ, and hopefully this will fix the confusion on what to do after you MQ a post.

6) The +/- feature lets you vote up or down a post. Based on some behind the scenes math your vote will determine if the post stays "open" or gets collapsed. It's a self-moderating system to help weed out the shitty trolls. If the post has enough people vote it down, it'll simply collapse on the page. In a way that's not visually distracting:

And you can still view the post by clicking it. And subsequently people can still vote on it, and if it was closed unfairly, be brought back. Democracy with math. Fun stuff. I think this will help keep the forums and comments "cleaner" in a sense - but not completely censor anything from being seen, or make it too annoying to have to see what's been closed.

Posts will have auto embedding of media:

Show bigger in-line attachments:

As well as a new "quoted" look:

So, that's basically the posts themselves (can't think of anything else to mention at the moment) ... more on threads and the inside of threads/content/etc. - coming in subsequent updates. That's where some bigger changes start to happen.

Now if only it wasn't rainy outside today. Ugh. This weather sucks. Well, guess I'll keep working.
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