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Shit Worth Reading: April 23rd, 2012
Shit Worth Reading: April 23rd, 2012
04/23/12 at 03:58 PM by Jason Tate
Well, besides the absolutely ridiculous thread this morning ... I had some time to catch up on a few other things going on around the interwebs. Here's what I found interesting.

Offline first, mobile enabled
It seems natural that the first wave of mobile apps would be about improving core smartphone apps (e.g. photo apps) or porting apps from other devices (e.g. games). And there is probably a lot of interesting innovation remaining there. But the really massive opportunity is dreaming up new ways that the little computers loaded with sensors that we carry around with us everywhere can improve our real-world experiences.
Outsource things you don’t care about
A fundamental principle of business is that you do things in house that you think can give you a competitive advantage and outsource things that you don’t.
Amazon’s Knock-Off Problem
Also selling on Amazon is I am the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Twilight New Moon. Neither is the book you are likely looking for.
Jay Yarow: ‘Android Is Suddenly in a Lot of Trouble’
Pebble E-Paper Watch Kickstarter Project
You’ve probably seen this already, but if you haven’t, check it out. The watch itself is a very cool idea; I’m in as a backer, and looking forward to playing with one. But more interesting is the success they’re having raising money through Kickstarter. They sought only $100,000; as of my typing this they’ve raised over $6 million and still have 25 days to go in their campaign.

Kickstarter is one of the most amazing, inspiring, empowering things I’ve ever seen.
‘We Can’t Treat Newspapers or Magazines Any Differently Than We Treat FarmVille.’
This is one of my biggest questions about the DOJ’s suit against Apple. Why are books any different than music or apps or periodicals? (And, if Apple loses this suit, does it mean their App Store and Music Store 70/30 pricing models are at risk too?)
Marketing in a post-marketing world: make better products
This is certainly a solution to the problem, but I think there’s a better one: Make an excellent product, and then support the crap out of it. I guess I’m suggesting that we’re entering a post-marketing world where people don’t care about how companies tell them they should feel. In response, we need to shift our focus away from traditional channels to focus on what’s really important: the thing we’re making.
Adobe Unveils CS6 Headache Pricing
These charts, and really this entire idea, confuses me.

Just sell Photoshop through the Mac App Store at a reasonable price — read: a one-time price, not some made-up subscription fee for nothing — and I’ll buy it.


The Consumer
Time Travel: Why are people from the future not time traveling to our period?

Zynga Made Up 15% of Facebook’s Revenue In Q1, Down From 19% A Year Ago
Facebook continues to emphasize that any bad blood between the two companies could hurt financial results. Zynga recently overhauled its site as a web destination for gaming that it hopes will attract users away from the Facebook canvas. The social network is still powering payments for the site, however, meaning that Zynga is still paying Facebook its 30 percent share.
Third Dark Knight Rises Trailer With The Avengers
According to the WB Exhibitor site, the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to Marvel’s The Avengers on May 4th.
What You Need to Know About Intel’s Ivy Bridge
Intel debuted its next generation of processors today, dubbed Ivy Bridge, that promises to bring a number of innovations into the computing world. The Verge has put together a post on everything that should be known about Ivy Bridge, which is to say, a long post. However, as Ivy Bridge will play a large role in the the next generation of technology released this year, it is worth taking the time to understand.
The Amnesia Candidate
But the question was raised with particular force last week, when Mr. Romney tried to make a closed drywall factory in Ohio a symbol of the Obama administration’s economic failure. It was a symbol, all right — but not in the way he intended.

First of all, many reporters quickly noted a point that Mr. Romney somehow failed to mention: George W. Bush, not Barack Obama, was president when the factory in question was closed. Does the Romney campaign expect Americans to blame President Obama for his predecessor’s policy failure?
Could we lower gas prices by limiting fuel exports?
The short answer is: No, probably not.
Why should we care about inequality?
Because it creates alienation...For a long time economists said: Wait until productivity rebounds. Then working families will get their share. But when productivity rebounded like crazy in the aughts, working families saw no reward. What this means is that if you’re at the median you have no positive reason to care how the economy does. Your only motivation is fear—if the economy does really badly you may lose your job. But there’s no upside.
Did the White House use ‘fuzzy math’ on the bailout? Not really.

Time to get rid of the 3 p.m school day?
A longer school day, especially if combined with other steps such as frequent feedback to teachers from administrators and intensive tutoring, could improve academic achievement. For example, Roland Fryer and Will Dobbie of Harvard University have found that a longer day is a key aspect of high-performing charter schools in New York.
How 3-D printing will revolutionize manufacturing.

Want to cut health care costs? Start here.
Drug exclusivity does not, however, last forever: After a name-brand drug has five years on the U.S. market, generics are allowed to come in and compete. That’s what a generic pharmaceutical company wanted to do with Tricor-1. Novopharm submitted an application to the Food and Drug Administration to produce a generic version of the drug.
French election: Five things that you’d never hear in the U.S.
It’s no secret that France is further to the left than the United States. But listening to some of the rhetoric from the French presidential election can underscore how vast the gulf really is.
Who relies on Social Security, in one chart
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