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response to the staff vs. users tension in the SERPENTINE threa
response to the staff vs. users tension in the SERPENTINE threa
02/21/13 at 01:28 PM by theguy77
okay. tl;dr version first: bullying exists on this site but it always has. while im glad staff is taking action, i agree that it's a little overzealous right now. on the other hand some of the chat threaders demonstrate clear bias just about every time they are criticized for something; come on guys, be realistic, there are definitely times when it'd be nice if you gave the same respect and leniency of criticism to the rest of AP as you do for each other.

now the part that nobody reads -- first know that i am speaking for myself a lot because i can't really speak for anyone else:

As a preface to my 2 cents on this bullying/disrespect issue, i will say that while Darrick is certainly articulate for his age (well i shouldn't say that, he's articulate in general), he is a little more pretentious than his friends in here care to admit, and his contributions are not always positive. He's regularly rude to me for one, though in context it seems that it's a reaction to him perceiving me as an asshole, and he seems pretty uninterested in rectifying this even though I've tried more than once to apologize for my demeanor on this website. Several other users in this chat thread kind of follow his lead on that one so it's not something i can easily ignore.

This paragraph is a little irrelevant, but im just gonna use the previous context to clear things up a bit. Frankly, people tend to misinterpret my intentions -- they think because I am typing huge paragraphs that I think my opinion is more informed and significant than anyone else's, when really I'm just an overtly verbose person even in real life. My friends often point out that i feel the need to explain myself more than necessary. It's something I'm working on, I'm sorry about times when i may have come across pretentious, it's not my intention and it's kind of getting old that people are continually using this misunderstanding of my intentions against me (for example mocking me when i'm not even in the thread and i haven't made any large, didactic posts in weeks save this one), particularly Darrick. thank you Henry for being the only person to recognize the irony when he recently made a similarly enormous post that not only disputed but actually seemed to reject and undermine a differing opinion.

However i definitely don't think he deserved to be banned for saying somebody was "fat and useless". Cliques, internet bullying, rude comments have been a part of this website (and General Forum in particular) since i began posting, i'm not going to act like just because i've been a little more on the receiving end of it lately that it's any worse than it's been. I kind of put myself in that position in the first place because admittedly my posts can be pretty impulsive and ridiculous. Darrick's comments in particular are only mildly offensive at worst. However, in the grand scheme of things, while i certainly disagree with some of Jason's sentiments, this bolded statement signifies pretty much the only reason why the cliqueyness of this chat thread is a problem:

If they're your friends its "misinterpreted" if it's someone you don't like it's offensive. It can't work that way.

I've been a part of cliques on these boards before. In fact, Andrea, Darrick and i all used to be regular posters in the Brand New threads in the Music Forum (hell Darrick was one of my favorites back then), that was about as cliquey as it gets, i mean its easy to make friends discussing things you're all passionate about, i understand that. for the record i was no different then and Darrick seemed to have no problem with my huge paragraphs, hence why im so bewildered by his rudeness toward me now. where it crosses the line is how unbalanced your treatment of each other vs. the rest of AP is. it's kind of the main reason im getting sick of this site in general, it seems to be all about you guys and your opinions of everyone else. that's where the "bullying" assertion comes from. while you're not being offensive even nearly to the extent that Dre was depicting, some of you guys (not all of you though) definitely appear to have a lot of disrespect for the majority of the AP community.
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