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Nai Harvest - 'Whatever' Track-By-Track
Nai Harvest - 'Whatever' Track-By-Track
04/10/13 at 03:13 AM by Andy Biddulph
Stream the record here.

So, most of this record was written in a week when there was nothing really going on in Sheffield and all of my friends where busy or away. I spent the week lying in bed watching Twin Peaks, writing the songs and not showering. Most of the record is about being bored and watching TV; hence ‘Whatever’. I just felt in my own little world that week, where nothing really bothered me and nothing really made me happy, just a week of neutralism. But looking back, I really needed that week to clear my head before my move to Manchester, I had a lot to think about and weigh up so it was cool to be left to my own shit without any real distractions.

It sounds boring but this song is all about getting up in the morning. ‘A hit to the back of the neck with coffee breath makes me feel something other than whatever;’ is about how I was used to waking up next to someone, that made me feel something, rather than just waking up alone feeling shitty. I always used to say I never wanted to be too jaded about life and always wanted to stay positive about things, but that week I felt pretty jaded, or ‘dead inside’ and couldn’t wait to get out and see my friends again. The whole ‘being busy doesn’t keep me happy it keeps me sane’ part is just me in a nutshell. I have to have too much going on or I lose my mind, which I think I did a little that week.

This song is about wanting to make good friends in Manchester like I have in Sheffield. I guess we take our mates for granted a little bit because they are always around, but when you don’t see them for a little while you really do miss them; ‘I’ll never make friends like these, it’s such a drag’. The end part of the song contrasts; ‘focus on something that I care about, how about myself, how about everyone else’, is about how I tend to do too much for my friends sometimes (like lifts, money, favours etc.) even when I’ve got loads on myself, and sometimes I need to be a little selfish and say no to people.

"Sitcom Fade-in"
I wrote this song on a bus a little while before my week in bed. I basically just got rained on loads in town after going for a coffee with my friend. I decided to get the bus instead of drive in on this one day to save some parking money, I didn’t have a jacket or anything waterproof ‘cus it was a nice day when I left my house. So this is your grade A typical whiney emo song about something petty.

"Twin Tweaks"
This one’s about watching every episode of Twin Peaks in a few days and then being pissed off they never made a 3rd series. I ended reading up on all the storyline theories on the internet and got madly involved, which is why I wrote the ‘I’ve been staring at the same screen for a week now, does that make me boring’ part. So this song is a reflection on Twin Peaks as a brilliant TV drama, kind of written from the mind set of Coop, about Audrey; ‘left you at home today, I’ve got more to think about, I wish I could live without’.

"Distance, etc."
As some people may know this is an old song. It was written about Sami, Nai’s first drummer. He moved to Birmingham and I still miss him loads. He’s a fucking class guy, never met anyone like him. So when he moved to Birmingham we (me and Jake) originally wanted to keep the band going between Sheffield and Brum; ‘long drives to Birmingham’, but Sami had a job and didn’t have time for it, which was fair. So then Lew started playing drums for us (which has been the best thing to happen to this band) and Jake left for some mad reasons, and it’s been me and Lew ever since. We started to be abit more of a real band since becoming a two piece and we’ve covered a lot more ground. Looking back I’m really glad it’s just us two ‘cus we work really well together and don’t need anyone else in this band.

"Quit Mackin’"
‘Quit Mackin’’ means ‘quit kissing’ which is me telling myself that I don’t always need to be in a relationship all the time. ‘See the way, feeling lonely is weird’ pretty much sums it up. It’s all about how for me not being with someone is weird, even though time alone is healthy. I’m kinda the opposite of a commitophobe and like the comfort of a relationship so much. But then I think to myself sometimes ‘do I just settle for someone I’m not that crazy about, because I hate being alone?’ Welcome to my head everyone.

Wrote this song in the shower funnily enough. This was the last song I wrote for the record and it pretty much sums up my week at home. ‘No-one’s been round here lately, but I’ll miss this place when it’s gone’ is a reference to my state of mind more than a real place, cus I guess that’s probably the most relaxing week I’ve ever had and I knew it’d be back to reality as soon as I left, which is the ‘wait around another morning of nothing’ part. The ‘who am I kidding? I get bored way too easily’ was about me generally being surprised I lasted that long in the house without contracting cabin fever.
Oh, and the sample at the beginning is Coop of Twin Peaks talking about coffee. It just fit well.

"Red Letter Day, On Play"
Again, an oldie! The first proper song we ever wrote/recorded when it was me, Jake and Sami.
Me and Jake were in my car on our way to a BBQ listening to Red Letter Day by The Get Up Kids and some dude came flying down the opposite road, didn’t stop at the give way sign and ended up smashing into the side of my car. We ‘span out’, hit a wall and thought we were dead; ‘shaking like the day I was born’. We got my car sorted and she’s still on the road today. So this song is just a constant reminder of that horrible day, and when people sing it back to me live it makes me feel like the whole car crash was sort of worth it.

"You’re Not That Boring"
This is a weird one, it was half written that week in Sheffield then I changed a lot of the lyrics my first week in Manchester. I met a girl called Esme in Manchester and we instantly became good friends due to similar musical tastes and we hung a lot and still do loads. The ‘you jog on the spot and I watch’ bit is directly about her, because she never stands still. We were on our way back from seeing Eagulls one night and I banged my foot at the show jumping off shit, which is where the ‘we were limping, that’s all I remember’ bit came from. So yeah, this is just a recount of a few nights out I had with Esme. I don’t think she even knows this is abit about her.

"To Be There"
We were in the studio and decided to add one more song to the album to make it a clean ten, so we wrote this in about 20 minutes, which is depressing because it’s one of our favourites. It’s about our time in Europe with Hindsights; ‘to be there, sleeping on your floors again’. The verses are more about how I felt when I got back from Europe spending that week in bed bored, missing being in other countries and of course missing Lew, Miles, Benio, Jack, Billy and Tom after being in very close proximity to them every day.
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