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Music Mends Broken Hearts
What Am I Listening To?
02/09/09 at 01:16 PM by Jason Tate
Share your charts here.

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Doesn't look like my charts have updated yet. Check my profile for the real deal I guess.
Tags: last.fm, charts, currently playing
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I Like Stealing from Steve's Blog
02/09/09 at 12:40 PM by Jason Tate

Tags: image, funny
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Stats For Last Week
02/09/09 at 11:38 AM by Jason Tate
In the past three days there were 1,326,606 pageviews on AP.net. Three days. 33.57% of those were new visits. Let's compare that to the week before:

Visits: +12.08%
Pageviews: +22.47%
Pages/Visit: +9.27%
Avg Time on Site: +7.33%
New Visits: +3.34%
Tags: stats, ap related, inside ap.net
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AP.net iPhone App ... in the works.
02/08/09 at 11:17 PM by Jason Tate
What an AP.net iPhone App may look like someday:

Tags: ap related, iphone, video
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02/08/09 at 10:24 PM by Jason Tate
Could there be another band reunion around the corner?
Tags: funny, matchbook romance, ap related
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Inside AP.net: Homepage
02/08/09 at 09:27 PM by Jason Tate
We're currently caching the homepage (which is why it appears logged out to you) with a static version to avoid hitting the DB so much it crashes (again).
Tags: inside ap.net
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Got a White One
02/08/09 at 09:25 PM by Jason Tate
Got myself a chrome/six arrow smiley tshirt. Figured after the last few days I might as well pick one up. Show off the Blink love -- been a while since I've worn t-shirt from those guys -- now I can remember the day. Haha.
Tags: blink 182, merch
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02/08/09 at 07:52 PM by Jason Tate
Holy hell! Finally it's all out there. Over the past 3 days there have been over 25 THOUSAND posts about Blink 182 on this website. Absolute insanity. In the next few days we're going to have to make sure all our content gets updated for their return. Fix up their AP.net profile, tags, news, images, things like that.

They're back!
Tags: blink 182, holy hell
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First Impressions: The Dangerous Summer - Reach for the Sun
02/07/09 at 03:12 PM by Jason Tate
1/2 Cup The Starting Line + 1/2 Cup The Graduate + 1/4 Cup Death Cab for Cutie = Reach for the Sun.

Yum yum yum.
Tags: first impressions, the dangerous summer
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Worst. Review. Ever.
02/07/09 at 11:31 AM by Jason Tate
Bwahahahahaha. This is how not to write an album review.

Seriously - that may be the worst written "album review" I have ever read in my entire life.
Tags: rolling stone sucks, laughable
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Daily Recommendation
02/07/09 at 12:25 AM by Jason Tate

You knew it was coming. One of the greatest pop-punk bands of all time.
Tags: recommendation
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Mebs Needs This
02/06/09 at 12:35 PM by Jason Tate

Tags: image, creepy
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Double Take
02/06/09 at 12:10 PM by Jason Tate
There is blink182 and MxPx news on the front page of AP.net. Am I 15 again!? Does my time machine work!?
Tags: random
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Ok, Maybe I Lied, I'm Kinda Excited.
02/06/09 at 12:54 AM by Jason Tate
Interesting night. We'll see what comes out of it. We did a lot of checking to make sure the screen caps were legit (multiple sources, verified, of being in the chat - that it was David's account, etc.) ... and I emailed literally everyone I know in the Blink camp (no response yet). So ... we'll see. Covered our bases as best we could ... but felt we had enough to run with the story we did (seeing as what we posted is as true as any other story). Now we sit back and wait.

PS: Sorry to the band if we ruined any announcement or anything ... you know I love you. So much. Shoot David, not little messenger me.
Tags: blink 182, video, news
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There Aren't Real Problems Going On, Right?
02/05/09 at 06:36 PM by Jason Tate
This is so stupid. Why the fuck are people getting all up in arms over this? He smoked weed. Is this supposed to be some giant fucking deal? Anyone that knows me knows I hate weed and most of the time hate the people that smoke it on a constant basis (for being idiots ... not the weed), but come on.

Was he stupid? Yes. Should this still be an issue? No.

Dude smoked some weed and is still arguably the best athlete this world has ever seen. If he was shooting up heroin or something or ruining his career with drugs ... maybe I'd feel differently. But as it is ... Amy Winehouse deserves 10000x more punishment than Phelps.
Tags: rant, i hate the media
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