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Music Mends Broken Hearts
The Next Five ...
12/20/08 at 12:49 AM by Jason Tate
Here's the next 5 of my EOTY list:

19) The Narrative - Just Say Yes
18) Wolftron - Flesh & Fears
17) Thrice - Alchemy Index (3 & 4)
16) Now, Now Every Children - Cars
15) Anberlin - New Surrender

I finished my list - should be launching right before Christmas. I think the Holiday theme will last through January - but I'm not sure if it will remain default or if I'll leave it selectable. I may move it to selectable, add a few more colors, and see if we can't get some more people to register for the website.
Tags: eoty list, sneak peek, ap related
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Leaking My List ...
12/19/08 at 12:13 PM by Jason Tate
The next five on my top of 2008 list:

24) Rise Against - Appeal to Reason
23) Straylight Run - EP
22) Right Away, Great Captain - The Eventually Home
21) The Matches - A Band in Hope
20) The Reign of Kindo - Rhythm, Chord, and Melody
Tags: ap related, best of 2008
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Looking for More
12/19/08 at 11:53 AM by Jason Tate
I'm looking for other music sites to add to my RSS Reader, any one have any they follow on a daily basis? Or any artist you think we should be looking for more updates from?

Let me know...
Tags: ap related, rss
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Trying To Finish My EOTY List
12/19/08 at 12:19 AM by Jason Tate
I think we're releasing our EOTY lists next week - so I figured I should finish mine. Here's the back end ...

30) Underoath - Lost in the Sound of Separation
29) E for Explosion - Reinventing the Heartbeat
28) Valencia - We All Need a Reason to Believe
27) Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.
26) My Favorite Highway - How to Call a Bluff
25) Tiger Lou - Partial Print

There were so many good releases this year, this was one of those lists that I moved things around on over and over again to get the final list -- and even now looking at it there are things down on the list that I wish I could have higher - but I just can't put in front of other releases.
Tags: eoty list, sneak peek, ap related
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Firefox 3 Extension
12/18/08 at 10:55 PM by Jason Tate
Does anyone make Firefox Addons? Like - on a regular basis? I haven't ported over the FF2 AP.net extension to FF3 yet, which needs to get done ... I figured if someone does this all the time it would be easier to find someone to help compared to having to teach myself.

Let me know if you could help .. check out the FF2 extension (screen shot) for an example of what I want it to do.
Tags: ap related, firefox
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I Can See The Future
12/18/08 at 03:47 PM by Jason Tate
Curious what we're thinking about featuring in in the Amazon MP3 deals coming up? Some of the names tossed around are as follows (we're trying to do our favorites, new releases, as well as a few classics):
  1. Good Old War
  2. Astronautalis
  3. Forgive Durden
  4. Butch Walker
  5. Wolftron
  6. Saves the Day
  7. The Format
Tags: amazon, ap related, amazon mp3
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The Sign of a New Year
12/17/08 at 11:03 PM by Jason Tate
We got magnets made up for all the staff members for a Christmas present:

I have some other friends to send them out to - then I'm not sure what to do with the extras yet. Probably a contest.
Tags: personal, ap related
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New Site Seems to Be a Hit
12/17/08 at 10:36 PM by Jason Tate
The new version of the website has been up for almost a month now. People seem to be used to it now - and we haven't had many problems reported (and any that were have been fixed). I suppose next will be making a list of what I want to add to the site next. If there are any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave them for me to check out.

However, the main thing I want to work on for the first few months of the year is promotion of the website.
Tags: ap related
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Another Boy
12/13/08 at 05:27 PM by Jason Tate
It'll run release day. I wanted to do something as a "thank you" to the band for everything they've done for us over the years -- seeing as the website is all I really have to "give back" - this will be my way of letting everyone know I still have the band's back. Especially if they continue to release albums as good as their latest.

Pretty sure if we get it together, we'll have something else that may just be perfect for Tuesday as well.
Tags: fall out boy, secrets, ap related, dropping hints
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Here's Your Namedrop
12/11/08 at 10:27 PM by Jason Tate
Oh, he's right - there is somethings cool coming.
Tags: ap related, shout out
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Every Flavor
12/06/08 at 01:58 AM by Jason Tate
So, what other colors do you think AP.net should come in in the future? Green? A white? Yellow? Pink? Any requests fellow blog readers?
Tags: ap related, question
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Last Month's Traffic. My Fascination With Data Is Unhealthy.
12/05/08 at 01:40 AM by Jason Tate
Been playing with numbers and metrics for the past month. Some interesting things:

578,363 new visitors that have never visited the website before - that's one of the highest numbers I can remember seeing. I'm wondering what accounted for the boost in new traffic.

The biggest search terms, beside our name, was bamboozle 2009 and taste of chaos 2009. Both line-ups and stories that we broke -- which may account for some of the new traffic. The new news article layouts are built far better for SEO as well - meaning we may have been able to grab quicker news queries early in the week. They're also built to retain traffic - and it looks like our bounce rate dropped for new visitors as well. I'm hoping to convert some of that new traffic into loyal visitors - and continue to grow our die-hards.

Google is still our biggest referrer - followed by direct traffic - and then myspace and wikipedia. The last two are definitely avenues I am going to look to increase traffic from in the next few months. There was also around 7.28% of new visits from Twitter last month -- the first time we've seen dramatic increase from there. That probably has to do with people talking about how much they don't like me:

Big thanks to RelientK (their website brought us all kinds of love last month) and all the links you guys have posted in livejournals and myspace bulletins about us -- I really appreciate it. Any mentions of us to your friends is amazing -- word of mouth built this website and as long as I am running it - it will be my primary medium to continue our growth. Organic growth is sustainable; that makes me sound like a tree-hugger, but I am talking about web-traffic. Pushing 30k new users to a website for a short burst - doesn't retain users. It doesn't glue eyeballs and create bookmarks. I'd rather push 5k new users and keep 10% as life-longers. We brought 578,363 never beforers last month ... and kept around 40%. That's damn good conversion.

Looking at early search words - it looks like we're getting a lot of traffic with "list of christmas songs" -- seeing as we have a shit load of those we should see some interesting traffic from there ( 87.79% new visits so far from that keyword).

Ok, I'll stop writing about this ...
Tags: ap related, stats, traffic, metrics
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Holiday Theme Launched + Kitchen Sessions #1
12/01/08 at 10:20 PM by Jason Tate
Well, seeing as it's December 1st it was time to push the Holiday Theme live on the website. I figured that the hoopla with the new holiday look would be a good time to roll out the new/beta AP.net for all users as well. That way people get used to it for the next month or so while enjoying the Holiday goodness. I also released the colored themes for the new version - while stripping the old version down to only the plain red (it will stay for a while before being removed toward the end of the year). Also the time to get my holiday themed avatar up on the site. One of these days I'll print more of those to sell.

This is the first time unregistered users will be seeing the new site - so I expect some bugs and stuff to be found and submitted. I'll have to get those done over the next few days. But this is one of the final steps in the roll-out of the new AP.net. It's been ... damn ... like 6 months coming now. It was a pretty massive overhaul of the back-end and front-end of the entire website. It's practically brand new from a coding standpoint.

Still up is editing the old pages to redirect to the new ones (only a few of those), and then doing some code optimizatio ... that will probably be done in the next few days.

I still have to port over the sidekick/mobile version. But when I do that I want to make sure to change up the URL to get you to that page as well ... so that's not happening yet.

Also launched the first "Kitchen Session" track from Valencia - check it out here. The stripped down and raw version of the tunes is what makes it special ... showing exactly what the artist sounds like.
Tags: ap related, valencia, holiday, skin, inside ap.net
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Inside AP.net: Ignore the Ignored.
11/30/08 at 09:40 PM by Jason Tate
Fixed up all the outgoing email messages I know of (as discussed below). They are all now universal messages and formats. It's all about the little things ...

After that I fixed up a few little bugs in our "ignore user" function. I made sure that if a user is on your ignore list you won't see their posts in PMs, wallposts, artist profile comments, gallery comments, blog comments, and if they quote you it won't show up in your WQM. Just trying to make sure if you don't want to have anything to do with a certain user on the website -- you can completely ignore them. Pretty sure I got all of them.
Tags: ap related, inside ap.net
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The New AP.net: Beta 2
11/25/08 at 10:00 PM by Jason Tate
You are viewing the new version of AP.net. We are still in a beta stage - so some things may not be working correctly; however, you can help us iron out all of the bugs. More information is available below. Some of my original thoughts on "why" I did this can be found here.

What's New?

Lots of things are new - curious about them? Here are some links to better explain - I bet you'll find your question/thought already addressed:
  1. The font and content pages of the website have changed - a long entry about this can be found here.
  2. Your profile has been updated. Some of the new features can be read here, here, and here.
  3. Artist profiles are completely revamped, check out some of the features here, here, and here.
  4. We made it easy to invite friends to AP.net.
  5. We made it easy to share pages with friends.
  6. Your notifications pages changed up some.
  7. The forums saw very little change - but some.
  8. Your UserCP got revamped.
  9. The media gallery completely changed.
  10. Friend pages changed and includes a "taste meter."
  11. Searching improved.
  12. More information on content pages and the "smaller" postbit on them.
  13. Better album reviews.
  14. Better blogs.
Submitting a Bug or Comment

If you would like to submit a bug please do so here. If you have a suggestion or comment, please leave it here. If it appears in some other part of the website it will probably go missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is updated with all kinds of information - if you have a question, try there first.

Note: You can switch the new beta using your site options, or switch out of it. If you're not registered you can view the website in beta here.
Tags: ap related, inside ap.net
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