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I had some fucked up Dreams...
01/08/09 at 03:24 PM by TSTLSOOM
Well I Had my Wisdom Teeth Pulled last friday and i got subscribed Vicoiden for the pain. I used it for the first 4 days , well because i was in pain. Well, during those times i had so scary nightmares. yep. NIGHTMARES. i seriously think the past 4 days have been the scariest of my life. dreams that are hard to describe. i had one about an hour ago. i remember that one.

Somehow i went on a whirlwind adventure around the san fernando valley...walking. I have a car mind you, even though i cannot drive it at all times, i'm sure that i a dream i could drive it. The thing is... thats is mostly every thing i remember from the dream. In fact, some of the locations were places that are not even in the area which i stated. the only other thing i can remember is that all of a sudden the dream went first person of my friend who happened to come along for the ride. (not sure how he came along). he was murdered like something out of wanted (which i have never seen). it was a clean shot that went through the back of the skull through the eye and that was the end of him. Sad thing too, it happened right in frot of his appartment.

The errie thing was that during my dream, the whole situation switched a 360 on me. it was like he was telling the story. When i woke up though I had cold sweats and found out i had passed out since 10 30. I remember passing out too,I tryed opening my eyes and they were spinning and my head felt like it was on fire. I tryed to tell my mom about it and she said that i might be an allergic reaction. It HAS to be the medication because i had NEVER had a dream like that in my life. I think i might need to go see my doctor about it...
Tags: scary images, allergies
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This Is A Nice Way to Wake Up
01/08/09 at 09:26 AM by TSTLSOOM
My mom wakes me up around 7:45 so she can go to her doctors appt. and so i can watch the kids. I usually do that for her anyway so it was no big deal.I decided to NOT play Xbox live in the morning mostly because its little 10 year old British kids on Call of Duty 4.( only one internet connection so i pick and choose internet or gaming online) when i decided to boot up good ole firefox i noticed i had 7 new emails. One of those kinda geeked me out a bit. I noticed that Thursday's Twitter had started to follow me. I am not sure why, but i literaly (not) started crying tears of joy.I felt like i had made it, being one of the lucky few. I just thought i should let everyone know. I really hope i dont regret posting this :/ ;)
Tags: Thursday, Twitter, Blogging
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If Anyone can help!
01/07/09 at 11:21 PM by TSTLSOOM
I would love to know how to give my blogs a title. i know they arnt the best, but i might fall one day and hit my head so hard that i could obtain the gift of writing!
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wrote this a while ago
01/07/09 at 08:45 PM by TSTLSOOM
Im Not Superman By Bradley Rouse

I look to my left and right.
I see everything
I look above me
i see whats up
I look below me
and i see the fall out of failure
so everywhere i look
i see something
except when i look inside
i see nothing.
and do you know why?
i cant see inside of me
im not superman

Tags: Writing Fail, Fuck The Maine
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I think ima do my Top 5 CDs of 2008!!!
12/31/08 at 04:33 PM by TSTLSOOM
5. Metallica- Death Magnetic
I enjoyed old Metallica, and from all the prereviews i heard it ws a return to their old sound. Now, that wasnt all entirly true, but it was still a solid CD nonetheless. i just sped up the songs a tad with my music editer, and bam the songs sound like old metallica!

4.Fall Out Boy- Folie A Deux

I was looking forward to this CD for a long while and when it finally came out i was satisfied. it was not my favorite cd by them( 3rd fave behind FUTCK and TTTYG) but the songs What A Catch, Donnie and I Dont Care Put this on my top list.

3. Fall Out Boy and Friends- Welcome To The New Administration
I know its not really a CD, but i enjoyed it even more then FAD. i love the cab's remix of Take My Hand, Cobras version of I Kissed a Girl (titled I Kissed A Boy), and the FOB demos. it made me want all of these songs with out Clinton Sparks talking every 15 seconds.

2. Weezer (the Red Album) I enjoyed this CD not only because i picked it up for 6 bucks, but because Weezer is one of my favorite bands. I loved Pork and Beans, along with many of the people who requested it on KROQ for months. The other two favorite songs from the CD i liked were Troublemaker and The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

1. Punchline- Just Say Yes
Steve from Punchline gave out the CD early to me before i got it for christmas. It came with some extra songs that made the CD even better. In My Honest Opinion, this CD was better then 37 Everywhere which is in my top 5 of cds ever made.
Tags: fave cds of 2008,
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My First Blog On AP.net
10/26/08 at 09:32 PM by TSTLSOOM
Hey everyone who reads this!!! (only one person)
My name is Bradley Rouse and this is my first blog on absolutepunk.net.
I discovered this site bout 8 months ago, but i never signed up.
that was a big mistake becuase when i signed up (to comment a review of a cd by the band Punchline) i found that this site can give me the news i would want to know.
I also use this site because my school hasnt blocked it :)

if there is somehow the chance of others seeing this you should add me, and help me out at AP.net. Im A Total n00b.
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