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!!rawr's Blog
10/19/09 at 06:46 PM by !!rawr
I don't know how people do it. I don't know how people can just casually throw insults about another group, especially when a person from that group is within earshot. It is soo insulting.
My friends - I haven't realized until now - are pretty racist. They casually throw jokes about Mexicans, blacks, etc etc. anything that they can insult. I didn't really care until now that they are this way.
I texted my friend a joke that I thought was funny about white people. However, she didn't find it amusing. I thought it was okay to text her it because she is the one in our group that initiates the racist remarks. I realized now that it was a complete mistake because she comes from a complete white family upbringing. She said that it wasn't a joke because it "nit-picked" on one group.
I wanted so badly to text her back, to say, "Well, now you know how it feels to be picked on." But I know her rebuttal would've been, "But, you know you're not Mexican (because that's the one Hispanic group that they pick on and I am Hispanic). You don't have to worry." And then they'd jump on the chance to make fun of Jews, blacks, anyone else. And I feel so uncomfortable in that situation because my mom has always told me to respect people for who they are.
Everyone has an equal chance to life, right? An equal opportunity to live. You'd think my friend, being a Christian, would respect that (especially because she's pro-choice as well). Well, when you insult someone, you really hurt them. You make them regret for being Spanish, Catholic, black, even though it's just who they are and they can't do anything about it. In a way, you undermine them. You make them feel like as if they have no potential within their life, leaving them to always belittle their actions when they could do so much more.
However, on the other end of the spectrum, when you're the one throwing the insults, it's more of an impulsive move to act cool, to be deemed as the cool person. When my friend abjected to my text, I felt so horrible (could also be because I'm a very sensitive person). I acted in a way that I would've never acted, really. I never need to behave impulsively in order for my friends to like me. They respect me, but yet, at the same time, they continue their racist remarks. (So I guess they really don't?...)
I'm trying to cool off my shaken, unnerved nerves by listening to amphetamine, riotus Against Me! and planning on rebelling against my friends tomorrow by not speaking to them and so on.
Tags: racist, insults, crude humor
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08/07/09 at 05:53 AM by !!rawr
Brand New


Say Anything?

Which one is better live and a must-see?
Tags: brand new, say anything, which one, live
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New Cobra CD!
07/18/09 at 09:15 PM by !!rawr
Is anyone just as psyched as me about the release of Cobra Starship's new album, Hot Mess?

Umm....that would be a resounding no. Nope. Nilch. Nada. Zin. Zero. Zilch. (Prada?)

My leg is bouncing up and down just to listen to "Good Girls Go Bad". (Yes, I attach head phones to my knees and they start jerking around on the dancefloor. Which explains my bad dance moves ---"Yeah right"/"You Wish")

But what I don't understand is that twelve-year old girls on YouTube are posting stupid "viral" video montages of Annah Mantanna and Selena Gomez to the song. Is it indicative of their prospective careers? (No - Annah's been stinking it up for a while now.)

I will never care to understand why pre-teens do things that make no sense.
(Just like I cannot understand myself for listening to "You Belong to Me" by Taylor Swift on repeat for a solid hour -- yeah, don't ask.)


In the fridge.

(You know what's equally weird? I initially liked Cobra then disliked them for some reason afterwards. Now I like them again. My mind is complicated....then again, so is everybody else's - including Gabe's.
Especially Gabe's. =D But don't tell him that I said that. Haha.)
Tags: cobra, youtube, new album, YAY
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My First Rant!
07/14/09 at 08:45 PM by !!rawr
I have always respected any artist and band that I have ever listened to. That is why, I must say, it is critical of me to say that I really, really do not like the band, Hey Monday.

I initially thought they were good when I heard their single, "Homecoming." Then, it begun to irritate me once I listened to it on repeat. I tried to listen to other tunes by them, but for some reason, nothing caught on.

Nothing really starts to make sense until I tell you that I had gone to an outdoors concert where Hey Monday performed. My friend really wanted to hear them but it was raining and we ran all around God's creation getting wet, feeling like leather-tight seals, etc etc.... So we went to this little area where you could meet them after the downpour. At first, we (I) gravitated towards the heavily congested area of people who were mingling around in order to get a glimpse of the members from the band, The Cab. But my friends gave up on me and thus I had to go in defeat with them, starting back down the line where barely any people were. That's where we met Hey Monday.

I wasn't going to act like I was superior than them just because I didn't like them. I made polite conversation with one of the guitarist who was incredibly nice and answered my questions. Cassadee (or however you spell her name) was signing paper and such, posing for pictures, taking her time with people. We didn't have anything for her to sign, no camera to use for photo-taking, but we did want to at least converse with the lead singer. But she had totally brushed us off and galloped onto the next group of fanatic fans.
That, my friends, had really irritated me. I had soon speculated really too that people only recognized Hey Monday because it was female-fronted band, almost similar to Paramore. I bashed about females being lead singers for a while and realized afterwards that that wasn't the appropriate topic for bashing. There's been plenty of affluent female singers like Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, and Janis Joplin, and so much more.

Rather, it was Cassadee's attitude towards us that was wrong. Here were people who maybe were not interested all that much into her music and who also happened not to have a pen, paper, or camera on them. Instead, maybe we had wanted to say more than, "OMG I LUV U" "Ur hair is soooooo rad." But she didn't allow us to have the chance to actually present anything to her except "Your set was good". Her actions rubbed off to mean to us, "I'm not interested in talking to you if you don't want a picture or autograph." As if she was too good for us.

It is such a good thing I'm not a fan of their music or else I would've been so hurt by her (lack of) depth.

I've mentioned this before but Hey Monday is only recognized for the female talent, which is sad because when I talked to the guitarist, he was really sweet and answered my questions to the most fullest extent. I think pictures like this explain it all:

Notice how the guys blend into the background because they've been pushed into the back and wearing grey. Cassadee stands front and center, in a bright purple clad. It's like exclaiming, "Look, here's Hey Monday! Cassadee!' And in a whisper, "Those guys in the background are just extras to make her look good."
Tags: hey monday, rant, po'd, arrogance, ladies
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Baby Jesuses!
07/14/09 at 08:29 PM by !!rawr
Okay, okay, okay, so I am FREAKIN out right now.

Apparently, Panic at the Disco is no longer thus. It's now Panic! again, only with Brenden and Spencer.


But you know, I really like both Brenden and Spencer. I used to have a tinsy crush on Ryan, but that boy is now mixing (or should I say snorting?) into trouble these days, so I don't know what to think of him anymore.

I have not realized until now how un-updated I have been.

Someone PUH-LEASE wake me up. And show me some good music. 'Cause my music library needs some expanding to do.
Tags: crises, panic!
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Like A Box of Candy for the Ears.
11/21/08 at 07:15 PM by !!rawr


Go hither and you will be pleased.
Tags: music, site, awesome, dna, gna
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