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New Virus & New Cure
04/13/09 at 09:06 PM by Jarbear
Seeing their weapon twisted by 10 years of hibernation in the bodies of those resistant to Persephone the government had to come up with something to combat the new threat. They couldn't let these infected destroy what they built up. They couldn't lose control.

After the incident at a control point involving one psionic defeating 3 squads of security and causing severe damage to the structure itself they began to form a team to hunt down the lone man. They eventually tracked him down to a residential area. He had been hiding out with a few fellow psionics. Before the team could capture him he managed to kill 6 of the team members before the man himself was shot and killed. The rest of the psionics were rounded up and taken to a special prison: Taron.

Taron was originally just a regular prison housing felons. But that was before Persephone. After the capture of the psionics the prison was converted into a place to hold them specifically. There are no locked doors keeping the prisoners from walking out. What they have developed a sort mirror to reflect the psionics energies back on them effectively imprisoning them in their own minds so long as they are in the facility.

After the prisoners had been there a few months the government began to deprogram them and train them. They knew that there were other psionics out there. They knew that they couldn't let them roam freely and possibly destroy them. They began developing 8 captured psionics into brainwashed agents. Their sole purpose was to hunt down and capture the psionics that were still out there living freely. They were named reavers.

The first of the psionics to be brainwashed and trained as a reaver was called Unit 1. He was one of the first psionics imprisoned in Taron. Being the first one trained he was also the most difficult and most resistant, but of the other 7 he was found to be the best. The most effective. His name and birth date have been erased from all record and his only memories are lost beneath layers upon layers of government programming and psychosis. He has been an active agent for the government for over 3 years. During this time he has managed to capture 6 psionics out of the total 10 captured. Most psionics are never actually captured. Most are killed during the pursuit or when they try to escape. Due to Unit 1's programming he has to be returned to Taron every month in order to be evaluated and reprogrammed for he was the first and his programming is faulty and needs to be reinstated for it to continue to work. If he ever went without for more than a month his memories would begin to flood back and he would be completely unstable. Making him useless.
Tags: virus, band, concept, music, rock, electornica, awesome, radical, story, psionics
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The Outbreaks
04/13/09 at 09:05 PM by Jarbear

10 years ago is when everyone came to know her. Of course we didn't know of her name at the time. We were told that it was just a small outbreak of small pox. It soon spread to most of the world and almost wiped us out. But a cure was found and those left were there to rebuild the new world.

August 4th 2004 - The government begins Project Ixion. All anyone know about it is that it is a agriculture and environmental initiative. But those involved in the project are working on biological weapons development.

March 17th 2006 - Project Ixion finishes development on their new virus, named Persephone. They begin tests on animals. Results are positive. Testing and development on Persephone to be more deadly and faster spreading with less chance of it being resisted is continued.

July 10th 2006 - The first human subjects are tested without their knowledge. It is in a small town mostly isolated in the mountains. Results are less than positive. They conclude the virus is useless on humans and go back to developing it to be effective.

October 21st 2006 - A small outbreak of small pox is reported. It receives little attention and is quickly dismissed. Reported deaths 42

November 2nd 2006 - The small pox outbreak has spread to most of the country and full martial law is declared to keep the virus contained. Project Ixion begins to study the virus and learn it is Persephone. The incubation period on humans is much longer than previous tests with animals. Those infected have a 0% survival rate. Reported deaths 6,054,821

December 13th 2006 - The first cases of Persephone outside the country begin to be seen. The governments of the world lock down their borders in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading, unaware that the it is airborne and already in most water supplies. Reported deaths 12,435,752

January 7th 2007 - Most of the world is infected by Persephone. Work on vaccines and cures is already underway. Treatment of the virus is nearly impossible. 1/10 people in the world is infected with Persephone. Reported deaths 31,784,596

February 4th 2007 - Reports of some of the people infected surviving after a few days with the virus. Those people are taken and tested to begin work on a cure and vaccine. Reported deaths 87,787,903

April 11th 2007 - A cure is found and quickly put in to production. Reported deaths 124,287,614

May 28th 2007 - Most parts of the world receive vaccines and the cure. The world begins to purge itself of Persephone. Reported deaths 154,653,956

August 17th 2007 - Most of the virus has been wiped out. Fewer cases of Persephone are reported and those infected have a 87% survival rate. Reported deaths 155,294,675

December 24th 2007 - Persephone is declared eradicated. Due to population loss only one major power remains and it begins reforms and laws to control it's citizens better, saying it is so there wont be another epidemic.

That day is the last day anyone had freedom. From then on the government controlled where you worked, what you did, when you slept. Everything was regulated. Everyone was fooled. They never found out that it was the very same people that caused the deaths of over 155 million people. Everyone lives without a care, but everyone is controlled.

April 19th 2017 - Report of a control point being taken out by a single man is brought to the attention of the government. It is said the man attacking the point was unarmed. The officers killed showed no sign of being shot. There was trauma to the bodies as if they were thrown or crushed. The man escapes the seen before he can be apprehended

June 6th 2017 - The man reported to be responsible for the attack on the control point is killed in a shootout. It is later learned he had been infected with Persephone over a decade ago and was found to be resistant to it.

September 12th 2017 - More reports of officers and civilians being killed by unarmed men and women.A few are captured and tests are run on them.

Persephone has left a legacy on the world. It has caused a mutation that took 10 years to be fully realized. Those that were resistant and managed to survive have become psionics, people gifted with either telekinesis, precognition or telepathy. The few there are make up .00001% of the worlds population. The small amount there are are being hunted down and imprisoned and in some cases killed. The government fears them.

They know about Persephone and have inherited her gifts

((FYI- this is back story to the story that is being told in songs by Of Empires, my band. You can check us out at myspace.com/ofempiresmd. The first three songs,Is This It?, Resurfacing, and Changes, are the first part of the story. We will be recording 3 songs soon that will continue the story. Anyway I hope you like the songs and story and I hope you will like the new stuff))
Tags: virus, band, concept, music, rock, electornica, awesome, radical, story, psionics
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Never going home, not really
11/21/08 at 09:58 PM by Jarbear
I'll take this island everywhere I go. I can never take it back. It's out, it's known. I can however choose to live better and be better.

When you get in 5th grade you are the top of the elementary school food chain. You are the alpha's. Those stupid little 1st graders aint got nothing on you. Then your teacher catches you and your friends shooting spit balls at each other and they tell you to be more mature, grow up and act your age. But at what age were you when you were in 5th grade. It is like that through most of your life. You get to a milestone age in life and you are feeling pretty good. Then you do something and someone tells you that you are being immature and that you need to act your age. It's kind of ridiculous when you think about it.

I work at a retirement community and it can be argued that it mirrors high school. People still talk shit about other people and complain about stupid things that other people do. I noticed it about 6 months into working there. The resemblance was uncanny and sort of jarring.

You have this built up opinion of what life is going to be like outside of high school and in some cases it may be right, but at the very heart of it it sort of doesn't change. You can inadvertently burn a bridge in high school and lose a friend in just the same way you can in college, work, etc.

To the people who don't want to grow up: You don't have to want to, but I am telling you that resistance is futile. You will grow up. There may not be too much change in your personality, but you will grow up. You will grow up just as certain as you will grow old. Working in a retirement community, the residents act like children at some points.

It's just a fact of life that humans, like to have fun. We all do. I know I do. I like to act goofy and play video games and read pen & paper RPG manuals and play Shadowrun. To me doing those things helps me manage my stress level. I am sure it is much the same with everyone. You can't go around acting mature and adult at all times. Where is the fun in that? That is only fun if you are 5 year old playing house or whatever. If everyone acted adult and mature and acted according to a strict code of maturity we would fall apart as a society.

Yes, you do have to act mature though. Growing up is learning to be yourself and have the best time you can while your at it. Maturity is something learned and practiced and implemented into your life. You have to be mature at a job (for the most part) to keep it and be good at it. Unless you are a clown or comedian or something along those lines. So much pressure is put on people to change and be a mature, adult and while it is important to do so, you can't sacrifice who you truly are for it. You will gain maturity naturally and learn how to act accordingly, but you must never sacrifice who you are for someones standards of what a human should be.

Part of growing up is learning when to fight for what you truly want and when to cut your loses and move on.

If you are really in love with someone then I encourage you to fight for it. Love is amazing and horrible all at the same time. It's amazing because you know there is someone out there who cares for you, forgive you and protect you. It's a great feeling to know you will always have someone who will side with you when you are right and when you are wrong no matter what.

It's horrible, because it hurts so much to lose them and see them slowly fall out of love with you. It hurts a million times more when someone you love hurts you. It really does. It's also just as hard to forgive them when they do hurt you.

The person you love and who loves you will hurt you. It is inevitable. No one is perfect. We all fuck up. Some worse than others. But if you truly love someone you can put the past behind and love them for who they are in the present and it not matter who they were in the past.

When it comes down to it, life is not about living in the past or in the future. It's about living and loving the moment. It's about keeping those you love close and safe. We can all learn from past mistakes we have made and apply them to now and live to be better now.

I am a fuck up, but I am learning and making myself better now.
I hope I am not the only fuck up.
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