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Interview – Jack's Mannequin
02/21/09 at 03:06 AM by Jonathan Bautts
My interview with Jack's Mannequin has finally been posted on MammothPress.com. Frontman Andrew McMahon goes into detail about the making of The Glass Passenger, as well as touching on his cancer experience, the Dear Jack documentary, his beginnings as a musician and the future of Something Corporate.
Tags: Jack's Mannequin, The Glass Passenger, Andrew McMahon, Interview
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Thursday's New Album Anything But 'Common'
02/18/09 at 04:47 PM by Jonathan Bautts
My article about Thursday is now available at Campus Circle.
Tags: Thursday, Common Existence, Geoff Rickly
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Playing With Fire
02/15/09 at 09:50 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Light danced across our faces,
Sketching a faint line against the night sky.
The bridges behind us lay smoldering,
Billowing pillars of smoke into the air.

Was it time to turn back?
Had we past the point of no return?
These questions and more echoed through my head.
Questions I had no answers for.

I tried to keep my fears disguised
Yet you couldn’t help but notice.
The landscape began to alter shape
As our doubt grew to more than a distraction.

I grabbed your arm and we pressed on,
Using the northern star as a compass.
But, alas, it was no use—
We had been going in circles for hours.

Up ahead a soft glow gleamed in the distance
And as we neared it became evident the fire had spread.
Before long it would have us surrounded,
Eager to engulf that which moments before had given it life.

We started to run but it was utterly in vain,
Its advances mindful of our every move.
Too tired to continue we collapsed to the ground,
Unable to proceed any further.

As the flames licked closer
I reached for your hand
Only to discover there was no one there beside me.
It had just been myself all along.

With oxygen in short supply
I leaned my head back and closed my eyes,
Trying to find peace in life’s regrets.
It was time to face the burning deluge.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Easy Target
02/14/09 at 03:40 PM by Jonathan Bautts
All her signals are getting lost in the ether (that's what she wanted)
She's a landslide with a city beneath her (that's what she wanted)
So take a good look, so you'll never forget it (that's what she wanted)
Take a deep breath, I know I'm gonna regret it (that's what she wanted)

Holly's looking dry looking for an easy target
Let her slit my throat, give her ammo if she'll use it
Caution on the road lies, lies and hidden danger
Southern California's breeding mommy's little monster

She's got a mission and I'm collateral damage (that's what she wanted)
She's the flower that you place on my casket (that's what she wanted)
Savor the moment cause the memory's fleeting
Take a photograph as the last train is leaving

Holly's looking dry looking for an easy target
Let her slit my throat, give her ammo if she'll use it
Caution on the road lies, lies and hidden danger
Southern California's breeding mommy's little monster

Better run, run, run, run, run (Holly let me out)

–Blink-182 (2003)
Tags: Blink-182, Lyrics
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Tunnel Vision
01/20/09 at 09:13 PM by Jonathan Bautts
A curve loomed in the distance,
Quickly filling the windshield
As the car continued to accelerate.

I wanted to slow but couldn’t tear away,
Eyes transfixed by some indescribable force
That kept my foot on the gas.

Lines flew by at breathtaking speed
Forming a single, unintelligible blur of motion.
Not that I bothered to notice or care.

I was faced with two choices—
Either make the turn
Or risk the consequences.

If the former was chosen all would be well.
I’d follow the road that’s been given
And proceed as normal.

However, I could disregard the screaming
Protruding from the back of my mind
And ignore all peripherals.

My steel cage would surely rip apart,
Glass spewing in all directions
Offering little promise for safety.

Some might call it reckless,
Dangerous, foolhardy, even suicidal,
But a higher purpose was at stake.

It was now time for a decision
Yet still I hesitated
Until it blindsided me in the face.

I finally knew what I had to do.

Breathing deep
I gripped the wheel tight
And braced for impact.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Best Of 2008 – Film
01/10/09 at 12:07 AM by Jonathan Bautts
01. The Dark Knight
02. Slumdog Millionaire
03. WALL-E
04. The Wrestler
05. Cloverfield
06. Frost/Nixon
07. Iron Man
08. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
09. Nothing But The Truth
10. Role Models
11. Body Of Lies
12. Valkyrie
13. Changeling
14. Tropic Thunder
15. Gran Torino
16. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
17. Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who!
18. Ghost Town
19. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
20. The Incredible Hulk

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
In Bruges
Let The Right One In
Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Quantum Of Solace
Rachel Getting Married
Smart People
Speed Racer
Tags: Best Of, 2008, Film, Movies
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Best Of 2008 – Music
01/05/09 at 11:38 PM by Jonathan Bautts
01. Coldplay – Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
02. Fall Out Boy – Folie à Deux
03. Anberlin – New Surrender
04. Jack’s Mannequin – The Glass Passenger
05. Thrice – The Alchemy Index: Vols. III & IV - Air & Water
06. Death Cab For Cutie – Narrow Stairs
07. Underoath – Lost In The Sound Of Separation
08. Story Of The Year – The Black Swan
09. The Classic Crime – The Silver Cord
10. Augustana – Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt
11. Metallica – Death Magnetic
12. Rise Against – Appeal To Reason
13. House Of Heroes – The End Is Not The End
14. The Raconteurs – Consolers Of The Lonely
15. 1o Years – Division
16. Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
17. The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound
18. The Myriad – With Arrows, With Poise
19. Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns
20. Keane – Perfect Symmetry
21. Copeland – You Are My Sunshine
22. P.O.D. – When Angels & Serpents Dance
23. Joshua Radin – Simple Times
24. We Shot The Moon – Fear And Love
25. Kanye West – 808s And Heartbreak
26. City And Colour – Bring Me Your Love
27. Valencia – We All Need A Reason To Believe
28. The New Frontiers – Mending

The Academy Is… – Fast Times At Barrington High
The All-American Rejects – When The World Comes Down
Bayside – Shudder
Beck – Modern Guilt
Brightwood – Wake
Charlotte Sometimes – Waves & The Both Of Us
Matt Costa – Unfamiliar Faces
Disturbed – Indestructible
Driving East – The Future Of The Free World Is Riding On This One
Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid
Ben Folds – Way To Normal
Forgive Durden – Razia’s Shadow: A Musical
Good Old War – Only Way To Be Alone
Hit The Lights – Skip School, Start Fights
The Hold Steady – Stay Positive
The Hush Sound – Goodbye Blues
Ivoryline – There Came A Lion
Kaiser Chiefs – Off With Their Heads
Dustin Kensrue – This Good Night Is Still Everywhere
The Kooks – Konk
John Legend – Evolver
Lovedrug – The Sucker Punch Show
Ludo – You’re Awful, I Love You
Lydia – Illuminate
The Matches – A Band In Hope
MGMT – Oracular Spectacular
The Morning Of – The World As We Know It
Jason Mraz – We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
My Favorite Highway – How To Call A Bluff
Nada Surf – Lucky
Nine Inch Nails – The Slip
Norma Jean – The Anti Mother
Number One Gun – The North Pole Project
The Offspring – Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
Panic At The Disco – Pretty. Odd.
Pillar – For The Love Of The Game
AR Rahman – Slumdog Millionaire (Original Soundtrack)
The Reign Of Kindo – Rhythm, Chord & Melody
Run Kid Run – Love At The Core
Search/Rescue – The Compound
Shinedown – The Sound Of Madness
Sigur Rós – Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Slipknot – All Hope Is Gone
Sounds Under Radio – Cinematica
T.I. – Paper Trail
Tiger Lou – A Partial Print
Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
Butch Walker – Sycamore Meadows
We Are Scientists – Brain Thrust Mastery
Denison Witmer – Carry The Weight
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard – The Dark Knight (Original Soundtrack)

01. Jon Foreman – Winter/Summer/Spring
02. Relient K – The Nashville Tennis EP
03. New Found Glory – Tip Of The Iceberg
04. Coldplay – Prospekt’s March
05. Straylight Run – Un Mas Dos
06. Deas Vail – White Lights
07. Runner Runner – Your Greatest Hits
08. Paper Route – Are We All Forgotten
09. The Narrative – Just Say Yes
10. The Decemberists – Always The Bridesmaid

Brighten – Early Love
Colour Academy – Move With The Tide
Moving Mountains – Foreword
One Day As A Lion – One Day As A Lion
Third Eye Blind – Red Star
You, Me, And Everyone We Know – So Young, So Insane
Tags: Best Of, 2008, Music
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If You Were Born Today (Song For Little Baby Jesus)
12/26/08 at 06:09 PM by Jonathan Bautts
If you were born today
We'd kill you by age eight
Never get the chance to say

Joy to the world
And peace on the earth
Forgive them for they know not what they do

Blessed are the meek
And blessed are the humble
Blessed are the ninety and nine

Deny the flesh
Deny all that's evil
Tonight you'll deny me thrice

If you were born today
We'd kill you by age eight
You'd never have a chance to say

—Low (1999), covered by Jimmy Eat World (2001)
Tags: Christmas, Jimmy Eat World, Low, Lyrics
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Jamais Vu
12/22/08 at 11:36 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Sunlight creeps
Just out of reach
While fingers claw
At nothing but air

Impossible to stop
The sky from caving
Forced to face
The harsh truth that

Day has become
A myth to the blind
Deceiving its victims
To simply pass time

Desperate for dawn
No sign is apparent
Hope now expired
Suffocation takes hold

It’s at that moment
The dead will all raise
But until then
I remain my own grave
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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The Prodigality Of Causality
12/03/08 at 01:10 AM by Jonathan Bautts
This is the way the world begins,
Not with a whimper but a bang.
Screams careening against the air
Proving that chaos kills.

What made him decide to do this?

Fear stricken across a face
Echoes through an eternity.
Panic thrashes its way around,
Searching frantically for any escape.

Is this how it looked to him in the mirror of his mind’s eye?

A body crumpled on the ground
But more soon will join it.
A last light which once burned bright
Lays extinguished in the cold.

Did he take pleasure in pervading the innocent?

Despair runs rampant
As the onslaught continues.
Then relief is felt at last
When a final sound is heard.

Is this how he wanted his life to end?

Nothing more than a bang and a whimper
Yet it all might have been so much simpler;
If only the two could become reversed
So the last shot instead had been the first.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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The Dreamer's Question
11/26/08 at 11:51 PM by Jonathan Bautts
To deny its very state of vivacity
Or to cling to the hope found in a reverie.

To sketch with but the dullest of hues
Or paint with a palette of unconstraint.

To play it safe with anodyne hands
Or risk the blistering heat exposed.

To view the glass as half-empty
Or perceive it as something else entirely.

To scrutinize things in black and white
Or envelop them in a field of color.

To become dissuaded by arduous obstacles
Or be challenged by unique opportunities.

To surrender to the confines of reality
Or envision life in unobstructed glory.

Which perspective shall I choose—
That is the dreamer’s question.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Interview – Hawthorne Heights
11/22/08 at 10:22 PM by Jonathan Bautts
My interview with Hawthorne Heights is now posted on MammothPress.com. In it, drummer Eron Bucciarelli talks about Project Revolution, Fragile Future, continuing on after guitarist Casey Calvert's passing and reconciling with Victory Records.
Tags: Hawthorne Heights, Fragile Future, Eron Bucciarelli, Interview
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Life As We Know It
11/21/08 at 12:09 AM by Jonathan Bautts
Sitting here waiting
For this world to end
There is little to do
But hope and pretend
That all is not lost
There is much still to gain
Our last few moments
Let them not be in vain

Though earth starts to crumble
I am drawn to your face
And try as it might
This world cannot erase
That look in your eye
Or the touch of your skin
As it glides across mine
O the wonderful sin

A crash to our right
Keep your eyes on me dear
Pay it no heed
You have nothing to fear
Ignore the mountains
As they slide to the sea
Cause I still have you
And you’ll always have me

Don’t think of ahead
Focus only on now
We will be okay
Someway, somehow
I pull you in close
Feel your breath on my cheek
You begin to shake
My knees become weak

Yet I can’t help but feel
That this moment in time
Is completely perfect
Absolutely sublime
And I wish it could freeze
So we always would last
Together suspended
Forever the past

My thought is soon lost
As our fate draws near
So I turn my head
Whisper in your ear
“Though the world may crack
And the seams fall apart
That which is stronger
Is safe in my heart”

We hold on tightly
Brace for the end
But it doesn’t matter
We will transcend
For when we’re overtaken
And our sight turns gray
Our love will be alive
In a place far away
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Underoath Pleases Fans With Metal Mastery In Irvine
11/17/08 at 09:13 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my Underoath concert review at OCRegister.com, aka the first article I'm actually getting paid for. Woohoo!

"You said there was nothing left down here
Well I roamed around the wasteland
And I swear I found something
I found hope, I found God
I found the dreams of the believers
Oh, God save us all"
Tags: Underoath, Lost In The Sound Of Separation, Saosin, Concert, Review
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Interview – Bayside
11/16/08 at 04:34 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my interview with Bayside on MammothPress.com. In it, they discuss their latest record Shudder, living in L.A., today's fake punk scene, charities and what it's like playing solo shows.
Tags: Bayside, Shudder, Anthony Raneri, Nick Ghanbarian, Interview
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