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Interview – Alice In Chains
09/07/09 at 12:57 AM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my interview with Alice In Chains over at Mammoth Press. Guitar legend Jerry Cantrell sheds some light on Alice's first record in 14 years, and how the band came together to face its greatest challenge yet.
Tags: Alice In Chains, Jerry Cantrell, Black Gives Way To Blue, Interview
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The Used Explains Art+Work Behind New Record
09/01/09 at 12:42 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my article about The Used's latest album Artwork on Campus Circle.
Tags: The Used, Artwork, Jeph Howard
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Interview – The Gaslight Anthem
08/29/09 at 10:11 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my interview with The Gaslight Anthem at Mammoth Press. Bassist Alex Levine shares about The '59 Sound's reception, the band's New Jersey/blue-collar roots, why he likes the past so much and the plans for their next record.
Tags: The Gaslight Anthem, The '59 Sound, Alex Levine, Interview
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Dizzy Girl
08/28/09 at 02:40 AM by Jonathan Bautts
She staggers like an intoxicated angel
Down a dark and dusky alleyway.
Field of vision a fuzzy contusion.
The world wrapped in a blur.

Playing chicken in Whitechapel
Is never wise after sunset.
Still, she longs for attention
And doesn’t care how she gets it.

She’s a dizzy girl,
Rust showing in her pristine crown.
Scarred and trampled on by this town,
There’s nowhere to go but down.

She cuts herself a small incision
Believing no one will bother to notice.
As long as she smiles, she thinks,
“What’s the difference anyway?”

Yet she fails to consider the damage
That will constantly plague her soul,
And so a gaping hole resides
That nothing can cauterize shut.

She’s a dizzy girl,
Too tired to hide the tears in her gown.
Instead, she finds new ways to drown.
There’s nowhere to go but down.

Powerless against the laws of motion,
She can’t stop spinning.
With neither ball nor bearing,
She’s running out of time and desperate.

Awash in a sea of nameless faces,
She yearns for an anchor to rest upon.
However, the shoreline is long out of sight
And she’s forgotten how to swim.

She’s a dizzy girl,
Nearing the edge of her wit’s end slope.
But as long as she holds tight the rope,
There’s somewhere to go with hope.

See all along she never realized
She wasn’t alone in her ordeal.
For while pain ebbs and tides,
Something else was beating inside.

Buried in the murkiest of recesses,
Subsisting even in her frail condition,
Restoration was found,
Waiting for the sound of a word.

Yeah, she’s a dizzy girl,
Finding it possible now to cope.
For the first time seeing beyond her scope—
There’s somewhere to go with hope.
Tags: Random, Original Writings
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Interview – fun.
08/24/09 at 10:57 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my interview with fun. over at Mammoth Press. Vocalist Nate Ruess and keyboardist/guitarist Andrew Dost discuss all things fun. related, including its inception and ambitions, what pop music is missing today and its plans for world domination.
Tags: fun., Aim And Ignite, Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, Interview, The Format
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Interview – The Used
08/15/09 at 11:05 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my interview with The Used over at Mammoth Press. Bassist Jeph Howard talks about why the band chose to name their fourth album Artwork, how it differs from their previous records and the mentality growing up in Utah has had on them.
Tags: The Used, Artwork, Jeph Howard, Interview
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Live Review – Regina Spektor @ El Rey Theatre
08/10/09 at 11:17 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Regina Spektor
w/ Little Joy

El Rey Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
July 28, 2009

Regina Spektor is not your average singer, as anyone who has seen her live performance can attest to. Armed simply with an arresting voice and piano, she has a way with words that is both serious at heart and whimsically amusing.

She began the show at El Rey with several cuts from her latest offering, Far, which would become a staple of the evening as all but one of its songs were represented. Ranging from the powerful first single, “Laughing With,” to the darker “Machine” and the playful “Dance Anthem of the 80s,” Spektor’s maturation as a songwriter was on display, backed by string players and a drummer.

Her idiosyncrasies still shone, though, especially when she grabbed an electric guitar on “Bobbin’ for Apples” and “That Time.” But it was some of her well-known older tunes that received the biggest response from the audience, including the somber piano ballad “Samson,” which turned “Us” and “Fidelity” into sing-alongs.

Throughout the evening, she expressed thanks for the turnout and seemed a little sheepish by the crowd’s continual yelling. She closed the 90-minute set with what she dubbed as her version of a country song, “Love, You’re a Whore,” which fittingly ended things on an upbeat and wholly unique note.

Set List:
The Calculation
Laughing With
On The Radio
Time Is All Around
Blue Lips
One More Time With Feeling
Folding Chair
Dance Anthem Of The 80’s
Bobbin’ For Apples
That Time
Poor Little Rich Boy
Après Moi
Genius Next Door
Man Of A Thousand Faces
Hotel Song
Love, You’re A Whore

Link: Campus Circle
Tags: Regina Spektor, Concert, Live, Review
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Interview – Incubus
08/06/09 at 12:57 AM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my interview with Incubus over at Mammoth Press. DJ/keyboardist Chris Kilmore takes a look back while discussing the retrospective Monuments & Melodies, their creative process and what's next in store for the band.
Tags: Incubus, Monuments & Melodies, Chris Kilmore, Interview
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The Shield
08/03/09 at 10:08 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Wow. Holy wow. Just finished the seventh and last season of The Shield and what a conclusion to one of the best shows ever made. It was darn near perfect. Vic is one of the most engrossing antiheroes written. You somehow keep rooting for him, no matter how heinous his acts are, but at the end you see how black his soul really is and wonder how he could have conned you in the first place. It fits along nicely with one of the show’s primary themes – nothing is ever black and white, only gray, and justice in the truest sense of the word is not possible, at least not in the here and now.

All the character acting, gripping writing and unique directing style were consistently high throughout its run, more so than any other show I’ve seen. It honestly is a shame it never found a larger audience or the recognition it deserved. The Shield has set the bar awfully high for all of TV, especially crime dramas, and currently sits as my second favorite show. Lost, the ball’s in your court now.
Tags: The Shield
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Sapere Aude
07/23/09 at 05:31 PM by Jonathan Bautts
I want to travel on a quest to Colchis,
Find the Golden Fleece and experience adventure,
But the journey is long and I don’t know the way.

I want to battle the mighty Cerberus,
Wield strength that bends a bow of bronze,
But my mortal will is weak and failing.

I want to climb to the top of Olympus,
Take in the view and bask in its knowledge,
But the angle is steep and beyond my reach.

I want to escape the prisons of Crete,
Ride the winds of freedom and fly far away,
But my handmade wings are too feeble.

I want to swim to the shores of Ithaca,
Reunite with lost love and learn contentment,
But the perils are vast and the dangers many.

I want to venture into the great unknown,
Melt into the horizon and never be seen again,
But I would only arrive back where I started.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Interview – Anchor & Braille
07/20/09 at 07:32 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my conversation with Stephen Christian over at Mammoth Press about his long-in-waiting side project Anchor & Braille— its origination, intentions and differences with Anberlin.
Tags: Anchor & Braille, Stephen Christian, Felt, Anberlin, Interview
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Teleporting Tremors
07/06/09 at 06:50 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Pull down the effigy
Of the world we perceive
And fix your eyes upon
The shape of things to come.

But proceed with care,
For the contents within
This Pandora’s box
Spin a wobbly axis.

Inside, the face of Big Ben,
Locked in eternal scowl,
Counts the days until
Blood returns to the Nile.

When the sky spills crimson
And mighty winds roar,
The earth’s foundation
Will shake and crumble.

Try and locate a loophole.
Memorize anecdotes
And children’s rhymes.
Find contentment in bondage.

With no fear left to be felt
In a self-induced coma,
Sentient cries have
Ceased altogether,

Sending ripples across
The sands of time
And teleporting tremors
To a parallel universe.

Yet to what effect
Do these actions affect
The compositional dance
Between choice and destiny?

For Rome remains standing
Proud in her aimless beauty,
Impervious to her own silhouette
As she continues to feed.

But what lies in the shadow of her statue?
Ille qui nos omnes servabit.*
Though moth and rust will surely destroy us first—
They are coming…

(*He who will save us all.)
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Best Of 2009 – Halfway Point
07/02/09 at 11:45 PM by Jonathan Bautts
01. Up
02. Star Trek
03. Watchmen
04. Public Enemies
05. Duplicity
06. The Brothers Bloom
07. The Hangover
08. I Love You, Man
09. Terminator Salvation
10. The International

Drag Me To Hell
The Taking Of Pelham 123

01. New Found Glory – Not Without A Fight
02. Regina Spektor – Far
03. Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
04. Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing
05. The Fray – The Fray
06. Thursday – Common Existence
07. Mat Kearney – City Of Black & White
08. Taking Back Sunday – New Again
09. Paper Route – Absence
10. Silversun Pickups – Swoon
11. Audrye Sessions – Audrye Sessions
12. mewithoutYou – It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright
13. Holiday Parade – Tickets & Passports
14. Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood
15. Bruce Springsteen – Working On A Dream
16. Morrissey – Years Of Refusal
17. Meg & Dia – Here, Here And Here
18. Papa Roach – Metamorphosis
19. Emery – In Shallow Seas We Sail
20. The Dangerous Summer – Reach For The Sun
21. Dredg – The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
22. The Dear Hunter – Act III: Life And Death
23. 311 – Uplifter
24. Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster – III
25. Project 86 – Picket Fence Cartel

Alexisonfire – Old Crow/Young Cardinal
Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
Closure In Moscow – First Temple
Cursive – Mama, I’m Swollen
The Decemberists – The Hazards Of Love
Depeche Mode – Sounds Of The Universe
The Devil Wears Prada – With Roots Above And Branches Below
Eminem – Relapse
Ace Enders & A Million Different People – When I Hit The Ground
Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
Ben Harper And Relentless7 – White Lies For Dark Times
Jonathan Jones – We Were Young
Meese – Broadcast
Metric – Fantasies
Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
P.O.S. – Never Better
Silverstein – A Shipwreck In The Sand
Wilco – Wilco (The Album)

01. Mae – (M)orning
02. Straylight Run – About Time
03. Death Cab For Cutie – The Open Door
04. Moneen – Heard That Sound
05. Hit The Lights – Coast To Coast
06. Raining And OK – Always Will Be

Colour Academy – Through Telescopes
House Of Heroes – Meets The Beatles
Mark Rose – The Greatest Lakes

Best Of 2008 – Film (Updated)
Best Of 2008 – Music (Updated)
Tags: Best Of, 2009, Movies, Music
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Copeland Disperses Light Via Sunshine
07/01/09 at 02:49 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my article about Copeland's latest album on Campus Circle.
Tags: Copeland, Aaron Marsh, You Are My Sunshine
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Interview – Copeland
06/28/09 at 09:05 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my extensive interview with Copeland vocalist Aaron Marsh at Mammoth Press. He shares about the band's last record You Are My Sunshine, the art of producing, his early singing days and his thoughts on Auto-Tune.
Tags: Copeland, Aaron Marsh, You Are My Sunshine, Interview
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