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Interview Ė fun.
04/17/12 at 01:31 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Keyboardist Andrew Dost talks about breakout record Some Nights, the bandís recent shot to stardom, maintaining a high degree of integrity and not forgetting the original fans.

"I know that feeling really well, of feeling like a band whoís my little secret and then having them sort of get taken away from me in a way. I understand that feeling, but I would hope that our fans who have been around for a while are still happy for us and still like the music weíre writing. Weíre making the same songs and doing the same things with the integrity weíve always had."
Tags: fun., andrew dost, interview, some nights
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Interview Ė Lovedrug
03/14/12 at 12:29 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Frontman Michael Shepard chats about the progression the band took on new album Wild Blood, falling in love with music again, what itís like to be without a label and staying off the beaten track.

"I donít like saying things in a way that other people have said them, which is really difficult to do. Itís sort of impossible. Thereís nothing new under the sun, and I realize that. If Iím going to write a love song, for instance, I donít want to use the typical metaphors and clichťs everyone else uses that you hear on the radio every single day that everyoneís sick of. I want to talk about it in a different way. Maybe Iím going to set it within a story about something thatís got nothing to do with a typical love story. Iím just always trying to think outside the box. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnít, so for better or worse Iím a little off the beaten track."
Tags: interview, lovedrug, michael shepard
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Interview Ė Jack's Mannequin
01/25/12 at 01:21 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Frontman Andrew McMahon discusses his latest record People and Things, writing from an older perspective, and being in between mainstream and indie.
Tags: jack's mannequin, andrew mcmahon, people and things, interview
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Interview Ė States
01/17/12 at 01:44 AM by Jonathan Bautts
Vocalist Mindy White chats about making the bandís first full-length, how States first got started, being without a label and her past in Lydia.

"I donít try and work to make things sound super mysterious. I love experimenting and thinking of different ways to say different things, and musically the guys are the same way, but for us we just wanted to have fun with it and do something different than what we ever did before. We didnít want to put an album out and have it sound like Copeland 2.0 or Lydia 2.0."
Tags: states, mindy white, interview
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Interview Ė Switchfoot/Anberlin
11/03/11 at 12:13 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Switchfootís Jon Foreman and Anberlinís Stephen Christian converse about musical inspirations, writing when depressed and not wanting to be placed in a box.

"I think thatís what everyone wants in journalism is a handle. They want to say, ďSteve Jobs,Ē and then four or five words, and then maybe a date of birth and a date of death. Thereís his entire life in a one-liner. If youíre Steve Jobsí wife or daughter, youíre like that does not define him as a man. Itís the same thing as a band."
Tags: switchfoot, anberlin, interview
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Interview Ė Thrice
10/14/11 at 08:43 AM by Jonathan Bautts
Frontman Dustin Kensrue offers a behind-the-scenes look into the writing, mindset and theology behind Thriceís newest album, Major/Minor.

"I try to write in a way that people from multiple backgrounds can engage with at least, even if they donít agree with it, and that it will make them think, it will make them feel... My hope is always that it wouldnít leave someone unmoved in some way, that they would have to wrestle with it, that it would affect them in some way."
Tags: thrice, major/minor, dustin kensrue, interview
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Interview Ė New Found Glory
10/12/11 at 04:41 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Guitarist Steve Klein chats about writing the bandís new record Radiosurgery and the inspirations behind it, as well as why every record NFG has ever done is its own thing.

"The mentality for us, going on our seventh record, is to keep relevant and keep writing songs that people like... With this record, I feel like we had more of a vision than any other record weíve ever had. Especially lyrically and musically, it all came together into a complete thought."
Tags: new found glory, steve klein, radiosurgery, interview
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Interview Ė Kevin Devine
09/23/11 at 11:28 AM by Jonathan Bautts
Kevin Devine speaks about his latest record Between the Concrete & Clouds, his fascination with religion and why he always writes about life experience.

"In a sense, the last record was a lot more all over the place. It really developed the bandís style and sound in these interesting directions, but this record is a more solid and complete record in my mind. Itís the fullest realization of our bandís sound I think that we have had at this point."
Tags: kevin devine, interview
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Interview Ė MUTEMATH
08/31/11 at 01:15 PM by Jonathan Bautts
MUTEMATH drummer Darren King discusses the bandís new sound and unique approach to creating Odd Soul, the importance of trust among bandmates, and his religious upbringing.

"We imagined almost that the four guys who were going to play these shows were different guys than us and we were going to do them a big favor by creating music for them that they would have a blast with. We tried to make an album that was instantly fun to play live. That was intentional, but the fact that it took that guitarish turn was just because we got excited about it."
Tags: mutemath, odd soul, darren king, interview
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Interview Ė Patrick Stump
08/16/11 at 06:24 PM by Jonathan Bautts
My interview with Patrick Stump can be found here. Stump opens up about his new solo career, the challenges of finding his own voice, being comfortable as a musician, and the past and future of Fall Out Boy.

"Career wise, [going solo] really was nothing to lose. Thereís nothing worse that anyone could say about me as a performer, Iíve heard everything. Thereís nothing worse anyone could assume about my motivations. I think it made the record a little bit more pop to me because I love pop music. Iím not scared of saying it anymore because Iíve already been called a sell out. Iíve already been called the worst things in the world. I donít have guilty pleasures because Iím comfortable with who I am and Iím comfortable with where I am."
Tags: patrick stump, interview, odd soul, fall out boy
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Interview Ė Mat Kearney
07/28/11 at 04:59 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Check out my interview with Mat Kearney here. He discusses the directions took on his new record, Young Love, amidst trying to get back to a youthful innocence.
Tags: mat kearney, interview, young love
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Interview Ė The Lonely Forest
06/23/11 at 04:10 PM by Jonathan Bautts
My interview with The Lonely Forest can be found here. Vocalist/guitarist John Van Deusen chats about the bandís new album Arrows, what it is like working with Chris Walla and writing from a more optimistic perspective.
Tags: the lonely forest, arrows, john van deusen, interview
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Interview Ė Jonathan Jones
06/13/11 at 05:06 PM by Jonathan Bautts
My interview with Jonathan Jones can be found here. He chats about his new solo album, Community Group, the pros and cons of Kickstarter, and how to figure out what to do in life.
Tags: jonathan jones, community group, interview
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Interview Ė City And Colour
06/02/11 at 01:16 PM by Jonathan Bautts
My interview with City And Colour can be found here. Dallas Green talks about making City and Colourís new record, Little Hell, his personal writing style and his battle with self-doubt.
Tags: city and colour, dallas green, interview
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Interview Ė Manchester Orchestra
05/04/11 at 11:18 PM by Jonathan Bautts
My interview with Manchester Orchestra can be found here. Keyboardist Chris Freeman talks about the conceptual process for new album Simple Math, the different natures of the bandís sound and staying true to what you like.
Tags: Manchester Orchestra, Simple Math, Chris Freeman, Interview
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