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i have a heart-on for you.
01/13/10 at 01:57 PM by JessicaPrimes
we love conan o'brien and jay leno is a dick.
Tags: the latenight buzz
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fun size.
12/15/09 at 02:54 PM by JessicaPrimes
nothing is fun about 3/4 of your Snicker's missing. It should be called "where the fuck is the rest of my candybar" size.
Tags: chocolate.
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yes, i'm going to complain.
12/13/09 at 05:51 PM by JessicaPrimes
finals anyone?

I suck at life and have 49 hours to memorize 14 weeks of school. Epicfail.

procrastination is the bane of my existence.
Tags: ugh.
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It's cool, we're national champs.
12/12/09 at 05:23 PM by JessicaPrimes

For the past 4 years my school Northwest MO State has gone to the national championship game and lost. but today marked the 5th year and we WON!! FINALLY WE WON!!!!

once a bearcat, always a bearcat.
2009 National Champions.
Tags: we are the champions, my friends.
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12/04/09 at 09:13 AM by JessicaPrimes

Tags: we the kings, demi lovato
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you've come to be what you wished to save.
11/30/09 at 05:40 PM by JessicaPrimes
blow my heart up.
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11/02/09 at 11:14 PM by JessicaPrimes
imagine all the people...

...living life in peace.

Tags: john lennon, my hero
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stupid bitches.
10/20/09 at 07:01 PM by JessicaPrimes
In one week I've made 4 friends-which turned into 3 friends and 1 enemy and became the equivalent of 1 friend and 3 frienemies.

college is high school.

i apolgize for using the word frienemies.
I thought i was different too.
Tags: sluts, lies, major dbags.
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why yes, i'm aware of my negativity.
10/08/09 at 05:50 PM by JessicaPrimes
1. since monday it's been freezing and raining every morning when i walk to my 8am classes.
2. i'm a hundred and ten miles away from everything that matters to me and i don't have a car.
3. under the university internet whatevers, i can't download new music.
4. i ran out of cell phone minutes.
5. my roommate has a new obnoxious boyfriend who is always here, even when she's not. fuckin creeper.
6. i missed a class or two and since my professors are from the fucking stone age, they have yet to check their emails, or atleast reply to them.
7. i, use com'mas, and apo'strophes' wrong. atleast that's what my composition essay told me when it was sitting in a bloodbath of red ink on my desk.
8. it's going to SNOW saturday and sunday. to some this is not a bad thing, but when you have to walk everywhere it's a bit of a buzz kill.

that's all i have for now but technically, there's still two more days of the weekleft.
let's hope for the best.
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i'm 97% sure i smell like a blunt wrap.
10/04/09 at 05:42 PM by JessicaPrimes
i'm also 97% sure i hate the school i'm going to.

i'm also 97% sure that i'm transferring schools at the end of the semester.

Tags: stats got nothin to do with it.
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dane cook was right?
09/30/09 at 07:24 PM by JessicaPrimes
remember that whole skit, you come home from work and just start BALLING YOUR EYES OUT for no apparent reason.

it actually does feel good to cry sometimes.

thanks dane.
Tags: silly bitch
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The truth never set me free
09/28/09 at 03:21 PM by JessicaPrimes
..so i did it myself.

i love paramore's new record.

ps-old friends are the best. thanks for great birthday memories.


Tags: bne, life
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well shit.
09/23/09 at 09:04 PM by JessicaPrimes
i need some new posters.
despite the fact i live in a dorm, some wall art could do me some good.

does any one know of any websites or stores that have sweet posters?
like old school rock bands or just plain cool posters?



PS. t-minus 4 days til my birthday.

Tags: room decor
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i don't have faith anymore.
09/21/09 at 10:55 AM by JessicaPrimes
Johnny died on some street bleeding, hurting, and alone. The nicest, kindest boy Iíve ever met.

What kind of god letís that happen.
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ohh kanye, how could you be so heartless?
09/14/09 at 03:17 PM by JessicaPrimes
what a toolbag.
Tags: douchebag
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