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Show's, Albums, & All Things Music
I've Been Slacking
04/23/09 at 02:41 PM by rdibari
I have been slacking and haven't updated this thing for a little bit but...big things...well not really...so this weekend Chris and I are heading into the studio with Josh so start mixing and mastering. Sometime next week we will have a track or two up hopefully.

We are so close to being done! The album art is going to be coming in like two weeks as well...This is very exciting and hopefully people like the tracks.

Also, since Chris and I write like crazy all the time, we decided to record a 4 track EP...it will be very stripped down compared to the full length and we re-vamped one of the songs for it as well...this EP will be free...we are just going to burn the tracks on to blank cd's and give them away and put them up for free d/l as well...it won't be coming out for at least a couple of months...but the stuff we have so far is great.

The electronic stuff is coming along nicely...got some bass recorded and I already have starts to three new tracks for the next release
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Two out of Four
04/06/09 at 01:52 PM by rdibari
So as of this weekend...my current project A Fond Farewell fell down to two members...

Eh, this is actually a good thing since they were unable to commit to being full-time members...as of right now myself and Chris will finish all of the recording and have this release out by the early summer which is very exciting...after the release we will play as many shows as possible while we search for a replacement bassist and guitarist.

This scenario usually is something the majority of band will be upset about but I am more optimistic then before with the previous members...so this is a good thing.
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So Very Close To Completion
04/02/09 at 08:03 PM by rdibari
O bands, they seem like so much fun until you have to rely on people. As the recording of the album is coming to a close, I'm finding myself feeling more and more frustrated waiting on people to come through. Waiting on people to guest on the album, waiting on actual band members to find time to record their very own parts! You put so much of yourself into something, you just want the result to be the best it can be (yes this is cheesy). I will be happy once we have a final product and it will be exciting to see what people think of the music we have spent so much time recording.

Well I am rambling...so here is an update on some of the progress recently made...mad harmony vocals on "O Ms. Bareilles I Could Really Use That Love Song". I'm a huge fan of harmony vox, they always come through for me, this track has some serious backing in the vocal dept.

Hmmm...what else what else...we did some preliminary mixes and HAND CLAPS! which was fun cause clapping your hands is always a simple task. I will admit they didn't sound how I expected them to sound but I like it.


BTW go see I Love You, Man...awesome film...love Segal
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So Much Got Done This Week!
03/23/09 at 03:13 PM by rdibari
Hey everyone,

So I had this past week off for spring break which was great because much was accomplished...for starters Chris wrote a killer bass-line for one of the electronic project songs which is untitled as of right now...we used a different bass sound for this track then the other two tracks...it really gives an thick tone without being overpowering...so that makes three more bass parts left to write for the electronic project...then some minor arrangement adjustments and vocals here we come!

On the A Fond Farewell front...bass was recorded for the tracks..."Let's Make A Night Of It" and "Lovers & Enemies"...I wrote and recorded an organ part for "Let's Make A Night Of It"...the bass and organ really ties this song together...I was worried about the piano part I had written but with bass and organ everything sounds killer.

Chris recorded a second acoustic for "Let's Make A Night Of It" as well...the song is almost complete it really just needs...electric guitar, various percussion, and vocals with harmonies.

This weekend there will be further leaps in the process...we are eyeing a summer release for both projects which is super exciting
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AFF (Bass)
03/16/09 at 08:36 PM by rdibari
Hey everyone,

Well I'm now on spring break and hoping that much will get accomplished on the recording front of this album.
Tomorrow Ryan will commence recording the majority of his bass parts for the full length. I think that ends up being about six or seven tracks of bass...its going to be a long day for him...these days I can say are my favorite because I get to watch something get accomplished while not doing any work haha.
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Former Bands (Riendeau)
03/10/09 at 05:47 PM by rdibari
So while I was slowly losing money in online poker today my ipod shuffled to a song my old band Riendeau had recorded...the song made me both happy and sad at the same time...I miss playing metal with the guys in that band...I'm also really proud of the recording and the EP that we put out, its nice to have a professionally recorded album under your belt.

We recorded the album at Zing Studios (Killswitch Engage, Underoath) and it was a great time...my first experience in a real studio and what we came out with I will always be proud of.

If you are into metal or whatever you want to call our style you should give our past material a listen.


The entire EP is online...minus one song...enjoy, hopefully
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Weekend Wasted
03/09/09 at 08:38 AM by rdibari
This past weekend was pretty disappointing...there was absolutely no recording accomplished because Chris came down with the flu and was essentially bed ridden all weekend. I hate not being able to record over the weekend esp. with how long this record has been taking. Weekends are the only time we can get together to record so when we lose one it is kind of shitty. Hopefully next weekend recording will go full steam ahead.

Hiccups like these, although not that large, are really frustrating. I was excited to hear Ryan throw down some serious bass lines...until next weekend.
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New Lyrics
03/05/09 at 01:51 PM by rdibari
So last night I went out and decided to rent some pointless movies to fill the void of bordem, I returned home with Madagascar 2 and Sex Drive...before diving into what would most likely be mindless entertainment I had the inspiration to write some lyrics which I decided would be add to a potential new song for my electronic project.

I feel its time to introduce my second musical project, "the electronic project" , I'm calling it this because I have yet to secure a myspace account under the real projects name and you never know who is going to be a little shit and steal it...anyways, this project consists of only myself and the singer from "A Fond Farewell"...I write all of the music as well as majority of the lyrics...six songs have been written which will make up the EP we will release probably sometime in the summer after "A Fond Farewell's" full length is released.

But I digress, the lyrics a wrote last night, are what I feel are the best I have ever written which is amazing and scary at the same time...I'm left with this feeling of how will I top these etc. I don't have a title for them yet and I'm not even totally set on chorus lyrics but I certainly have time...esp since they would most likely be on the next release of "the electronic project".

btw...Sex Drive kind of sucked

Try to check out the "A Fond Farewell" myspace and let me know what you think...I'm interested in hearing what people have to say about it... www.myspace.com/afondfarewellmusic
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Changing Focus
03/04/09 at 03:34 PM by rdibari
I decided I want to dedicate this blog solely to my musical projects...it's become too much of a tedious process to write about the albums that I purchase...and I think it could be interesting for people to read about the writing process of music and how at least my band works.

Well to bring everyone up to speed, my band name once again is "A Fond Farewell" and yes we are huge fans of Elliot Smith hence the name of our band being the name of an Elliot Smith song. We are in the process of recording a full-length album which will be titled "Live Wires & Frayed Ends".

This album has already taken a crazy amount of time and will be the first musical output from this project. Myself and Chris (singer/guitarist) have been working together since we were fourteen and have written some seriously terrible music over the past seven years but the current material we believe is our most realized and mature work to date.

We are self-recording this record ourselves due to lack of funds but it is actually sounding much better then we expected...definitely not like some crappy garage demo. We are putting too much time into the recording process to allow these songs to sound like shit.

The track-listing is as follows:

(No Order)

"Shed My Skin"
"O Ms. Bareilles I Could Really Use That Love Song"
"Jim & Pam Are Cute But I Always Thought Karen Was Hotter"
"She Won't Live, But Then Again Who Does"
"Let's Make A Night Of It"
"Atlantic Pacific"
"Lovers & Enemies"

I'm going to periodically update this blog when I write new lyrics or something interesting happens involving this project.

Hopefully even if you don't like the music that comes out of this, you will enjoy the blog.
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A Fond Farewell
03/03/09 at 06:37 PM by rdibari
Hey all,

I'm going to sneak a little self-promotion in here for one of my current projects. I've also toyed with the idea of refocusing this blog solely for the purpose of keeping people in the loop with my various musical projects. I can't seem to keep up with my album purchases or shows attended so it might be a decent idea to give detailed recording updates etc.

I play piano/keyboards in a band called A Fond Farewell, we have only played one show as of late. We are holding off on shows so that we can focus on the recording of our full length. Our myspace was very recently finished and we are extremely excited about the design that Zane David over at Synapse Design provided us with. We don't have any music in place quite yet but soon enough we will have tunes up for everyone to hear. We just want to have everything in place before people hear our music.

www.myspace.com/afondfarewellmusic Check it out!

Ps. In case you were wondering, our music is singer-songwriter, pop-rock, somewhat similar to Augustana or The Fray. But really nothing like them at all. You can develop your own opinions once you hear the tracks!
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Bon Iver - Blood Bank
02/10/09 at 02:24 PM by rdibari
Bon Iver - Blood Bank:

This is my first purchase of the 2009 year of new releases and the year is starting off very well. The newest output from Bon Iver although only comprised of four tracks leaves me yearning for more material. The album begins with Blood Bank which could be my favorite track out of the four. Blood Bank, is one of the catchier songs on the EP, and also has the best lyrics. Beach Baby, I would say is my third favorite track off the EP, the song doesn't flow quite as seemlessly as Blood Bank but after repeated listens your appreciation for this song will grow. Babys, is probably my least favorite song not only on this EP but out of everything Bon Iver has released. The music on this track just doesn't do it for me and I am a sucker for piano on anything. Woods, is probably tied with Blood Bank for my favorite track off the EP. This song will be compared very much to Immogen Heap's "Hide & Seek" which is easy to understand but there is something I find more intriguing about this song. The four repeated lines throughout the course of the building harmonies reveal a certain substance not found until after hearing them sung after each repetion. A word of advice would be to put your headphones on and listen to Woods without any distractions because no listen after the first will ever be quite as graitfying.

*Highly Recommended*
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This Is Hell / Emarosa Show
01/28/09 at 03:02 PM by rdibari
Changing formats of the blog because now that I am at school I am way too lazy to write in-depth articles of shows.

So here it is,

1. This Is Hell opened the show. They played well except I thought the screamer was a little weak. I have never listened to them before nor do I ever intend to. I'm not a fan of hardcore, just not my cup of tea. The crowd didn't seem super into them with the exception of 3-5 obnoxious kids pushing people around. Maybe they weren't the best choice for an opening act.

2. Emarosa went on second, after a rather timely set-up. They played quite well with Jonny's vocals easily being the highlight. Another plus to the live show I would say is you can hear the keys much clearer than on the record. The set choice was also to my liking. They played my two favorites: "The Past Should Stay Dead" and "Head Or Tails? Real Or Not." The only critisim I had with their live set was the guitars seemed thin and the volume of the vocals could have been boosted, but other than that the preformance was good quality. I would recommend checking them out live or on record if you haven't.

Ps. I got the chance to meet Jonny and he seemed like a good guy. I asked him when the Isles & Glaciers was coming out and he said March. He also mentioned that some tracks leaked and I could probably d/l them somewhere.

All in all this was a pretty solid show. I didn't stay for The Sleeping or Funeral For A Friend cause I needed to be up early and just wasn't feeling the venue. But check out this tour, if you are into any of these bands you will have a good time.
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Future Releases (The Sleeping vs. Two Tongues vs. Thursday)
01/15/09 at 01:43 PM by rdibari
So here I am again...bored at work. Being a bank teller is quite monotanous. The customers and tasks are always the same and usually result in overall mundane days. While I was drowning in my bordem I decided to check out the pre-order list at Smartpunk.com and found some release dates which excited me.

I'm going to get off-track for a second here and give you a background into my obsessive album buying habits. I basically have a set of rules that I adhere to in order to keep track of upcoming releases, so I don't miss out on anything that could possibly interest me.

Ok, now my usual way of docuementing upcoming releases begins with checking Smartpunk.com's list of pre-orders, which I do pretty regularly, followed by writing down the band's name, album title, and release date on my Album List. I use this site because they narrow down albums that I am interested in and they always have a pre-order and future release dates. Now for bands that do not fall under the Smartpunk.com category, I rely on my Newbury Comics emails which I recieve on Mondays. They indicate all albums released into their stores on that Tuesday release day. I never use anything other than these two sources. Other sources often are wrong or the date is off or something. I am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff so it's nice to have the correct information. (After seeing I just wrote a massive paragraph on how I docuement my future album release list, I have realized I am somewhat insane but moving on...)

One last side note I would like to make would be that I always purchase physical albums. I do not illegally d/l anything and I always wait until the actual release date when I purchase the album to actually listen to it as a whole. I have nothing against d/ling albums for free or taking them from your friends. It is just my personal view and I enjoy the physical ownership and supporting the artist. Yes, I understand they do not recieve much from album sales but when a band sells well they will usually get more label support, a higher garuentee, and the oppurtunity to move to a better label or just release another record. Once again, this is my own personal opinion and I have nothing against people d/ling or getting music from friends.

That was a huge digression, but now on to the subjct matter. So, I was doing my usual thing by scanning through Smartpunk.com for future releases and took note of three releases I am excited for.
Those being:

The Sleeping
Two Tongues

Now i could write pretty much forever on these three bands but for now I will just leave that for when these albums are released and I write my first impressions on them.

What I want to accomplish with this entry is to make predictions on each of these releases and see if I can guess which album will trump the other two.

The Sleeping - What It Takes
Although I haven't heard a single track from this album, I must say I am quite excited. I am pretty much expecting this release to be their best as of yet. I enjoyed their past two releases but I feel the second release was much improved and more focused than the first. I'm hoping they continue this trend of better focus and improved songwriting. The fact that they have added a keyboardist/second guitarist is an added plus.

Two Tongues - Two Tongues
I really didn't know what to expect when I first heard of this pairing. I mean I am a fan of Say Anything but I never really got into Saves The Day. I respect what they have done but I feel as though I missed the boat. So, I must say I was skeptical of this release. Then I heard "Crawl." This song blew me away and for some reason had a nostalgic feel. It basically became an instant classic in my mind. Then I heard "Wowee Zowee" and "If I Could Make You Do Things" which were both very solid tracks. I must confess I am a little burnt out of listening to these tracks but I'm still expecting big things from this release.

Thursday - Common Existence
Thursday is one of my top twenty favorite bands of all time but I am quite afraid of this release. A City By the Light Divided is my favorite album by them followed by War All the Time, then Full Collapse and lastly Waiting. So judging by this you would expect me to be banking on this being their best yet. But I sadly am not. It seems as though they recieved a lot of negative feedback for ACBTLD from many fans. They also, were dropped from Island and its as though their popularity waned slightly. These are the reasons I fear they will move backwards or further away from the sound they captured on ACBTLD.

In order of excitement:
1. Two Tongues
2. The Sleeping
3 Thursday

I could be totally wrong and maybe Thursday will blow me away and The Sleeping will disappoint but these are my predictions.
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What This Is All About
01/13/09 at 08:40 AM by rdibari
In my first blog entry I wrote about the City & Colour show that I recently attended but I didn't really touch upon the purpose of this blog. I don't want to be just spurting out random scatterings of my crazy brain. I want this blog to result in something I can look back upon.

I've decided that I want to use this blog to keep track of all the concerts I attend and all first impressions of albums that I purchase. This will give me a comprehensive list of all shows I attend and albums I purchase in detail. I used to keep ticket stubs but I was too disorganized and lost some or forgot to place them in the container I made for them. I feel like this idea is going to work out better.

As far as the album impressions goes...I will not be writing reviews but more like a quick blurb about how I feel about an album. These albums will include any new releases I purchase or older albums that are waiting on my album wish list. I've decided this will also help me to keep track of the albums that I purchase under the year of 09 category. This will allow for easy compiling of an end of the year list.

This blog as you may be able to tell is more of something for me to keep track of music memories if you will. It will be updated often seeing as I attend many many shows and buy countless albums.

Upcoming Shows:

Funeral for a Friend / The Sleeping / Emarosa / This Is Hell
Sara Barielles / Tony Lucca

Thanks for Reading;

PS. I will probably include new movies I have seen as well.
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City & Colour Show (First Entry)
01/12/09 at 01:37 PM by rdibari
Hey anyone that reads this dribble,

So this is my first entry...I don't know how frequently I will actually update this thing but last night I attended the City & Colour show at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA and decided I had to write a little something about it.

So here it goes...

This was my first time seeing City & Colour live and I must say I was expecting greatness. I mean they/he easily makes it into my top 10 favorite musical artists of all time so you can imagine I wouldn't be easily impressed. The show began with opener William Elliot Whitmore who I was not familiar with but played very well. For those who are unfamiliar, he played the majority of his songs with a banjo and a bass drum. His voice and lyrics were reminicsent of a combination of what I would ignorantly called "hillbilly" and "folk". Personally I was not really feeling this style but the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

After WEW's 40 minute-ish set. There was a brief wait period for set-up and Dallas Green arrived on the stage only ten minutes late. This live incarnation of C&C consisted of a four piece band comprised of Dallas, a second guitarist, bassist and drummer. All second album songs were played as recorded but all first album songs we re-tooled for the full band. Day Old Hate was the only first album song not played full band, Dallas played this alone on an electric. His voice was in top form and his band was beyond stellar. The re-worked verisons of the older songs were such a treat and may have been better then the originals (but that remains to be seen). All vocal harmonies were perfect as well. I have seen so many bands suffer from horrid harmonies even if the lead vocals were great but for C&C this wasn't a problem.

I also need to comment of Dallas' demenor. He was friendly, funny, and had great stories to tell. I found myself laughing most of his stories/jokes. This show was a great time. I highly recommend seeing City & Colour live.

Just for a gauge, this show has easily made a place in my top 5 shows of all time.

Set-list (in no order)

Sometimes (I wish)
Comin' Home
Sam Malone
Day Old Hate
...Off By Heart (maybe or it was) Forgive Me
The Death of Me
Body in a Box
Sleeping Sickness
What Makes A Man?
Constant Knot
The Girl
As Much As I Ever Could
Boiled Frogs (Alexisonfire Cover)

So now you have the set-list.
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