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provethatIexist's Blog
20 Top Albums Of 2010
12/23/10 at 09:22 AM by provethatIexist
20) The Reign of Kindo - This Is What Happens
19) Rogue Wave Permalight
18) The Morning Benders Big Echo
17) Good Old War - Good Old War
16) Arcade Fire The Suburbs
15) Maps and Atlases Perch Patchwork
14) Ra Ra Riot The Orchard
13) Broken Bells Broken Bells
12) Yeasayer Odd Blood
11) The Black Keys Brothers
10) Deftones Diamond Eyes
9) Matt and Kim Sidewalks
8) Vampire Weekend Contra
7) Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown
6) The Gay Blades Savages
5) Local Natives Gorilla Manor
4) MGMT Congratulations
3) Band of Horses Infinite Arms
2) Miniature Tigers Fortress
1) Dr. Dog Shame, Shame
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i'm in a Saves The Day video
03/24/10 at 10:54 PM by provethatIexist
i always forget about this, until i randomly hear this song. my brother is dancing in flood waters at :05 thru :08 and i am falling off a bed at :19 thru :22. so awesome.
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re: Anthony Raneri On Fake Bands
07/13/09 at 08:34 AM by provethatIexist
another post turned blog entry. from the "Anthony Raneri On Fake Bands" thread:

thank you, anthony.

some of the posts in this thread absolutely depress me... sorry, but there is nothing fun, entertaining or appealing about ANY of this "crunk", electro, auto-tuned bullshit with lyrics being written just for shock value. the fact that the people playing said bullshit are more involved in the "fashion" aspect doesn't help.

how the fuck did this garbage even become associated with this "scene"/"genre" of music in the first place? why does AP.net have to post about these talentless, money hungry/underage-pussy hungry jackasses?

the fact that this shit has completely engulfed the Warped Tour is what bothers me the most. this year was more of a freak show to me than anything. looking at the fashion/trends (both of the morons on stage and their mindless fans), hearing some of the trash being spewed from the speakers, watching it be eaten up by the thousands choosing to have a "dance party" during this shit rather than a mosh pit at a different stage containing an "honest" band... it was sickening. if it existed on an entirely different plane, it'd be much easier to ignore and laugh off.

call me old, call me jaded, i'll never understand it. this is not music. this is emptiness. this is greed. this is sad.

P.S. - Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta aren't helping. fuck the both of them.
Tags: rant
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there ain't no stones in me
04/24/09 at 12:14 PM by provethatIexist
after a missed day of work, one CT scan and a surprise prostate exam (reference Family Guy episode: "Stewie Loves Louis"), i am happy to say that i am kidney stone free... atleast for now. i had been experiencing the symptoms, and got pretty freaked out since they run in my family. the doc thinks it could just be an infection, either of my kidneys or my prostate. gotta say, i'd much rather have a finger in my bum than to give birth through my penis hole. so today, in between gulps of large amounts of water, i breath a sigh of relief.
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SXSW 2009
03/29/09 at 07:24 AM by provethatIexist
Two more days left of March, eh? First quarter of 2009 over already? Mother-fuck this year is flying by me.

It's been a good month. My first true SXSW experience was a blast. We all went in to it blindly by not reserving a hotel and not knowing what exactly to expect as far as getting in to shows without a badge, but it all couldn't have worked out better. Definitely had the time of my life out there, and I'd fully recommend going if you have the ability to do so.


-Stressing, driving towards Austin through foggy Houston traffic at 10AM, thinking that we were going to miss the first set we wanted to catch - Dear and the Headlights at noon.

-Being cut off multiple times by a car full of scene kids and their baggage, knowing they were heading to the same place we were.

-Seeing aforementioned scene kids pulled over by a cop just outside of Houston. SUCKAS!

-Arriving in Austin right at noon, only to discover that the entire area surrounding 6th Street was plagued with traffic.

-Luckily finding a free place to park all day (we used the same spot all weekend, actually), next to a MHMR (Mental Health/Mental Retardation) clinic.

-Finding out that Dear and the Headlights didn't play until 5 PM (it was the showcase that started at noon, not the band...).

-Having The Gay Blades be the first official set we caught at SXSW (3 PM Thursday @ Maggie Mae's).

-Pizza, veggie burgers, and free beer @ The Jackalope (not exactly because I drink, but because of the hilarity that ensued in the bar).

-Finding out that the massive "tent" As Tall As Lions were playing at was charging $15 for general admission. Then, walking around the corner and trying to watch for free, sitting on top of dumpsters overlooking the fences - only to be busted by security before they began...

-Buying first aid supplies for my brother as he bled pools of blood into his shoes from his heels (do not wear Vans with no socks to events where you know you're going to be walking around all day).

-Ending our first night by seeing Good Old War perform on the 18th floor of a hotel at 11:00 PM, surrounded in a room by windows filled with the Austin skyline.

-Eating a Chipotle burrito for breakfast, knowing it would last us 'til dinner - which left us more time to catch shows (now THAT'S what I call planning).

-Segway parties

-Making it just in time to see Cursive play, and getting a backpack full of free/random shit.

-Seeing Ace Enders just walking down the street amongst the masses.

-$1 beers and $1 hurricanes (again, not because I drink, but because of the ensuing hilarity).

-Seeing The Matches play and talking to Shawn for a bit.

-Drunk people, drunk people, drunk people.

-Seeing Clark Westfield of The Gay Blades perform "Shake The Graves" while dancing atop the Jackalope bar.

-Being hit on by girls at Denny's, in the form of middle-school note passing and tic-tac-toe.

-Stumbling randomly into the many bars on 6th Street, not knowing what to expect.

-Walking immediately back out of one of those bars, after witnessing a "circle pit" of drunken madness/groping while the white DJ pumped his fist in the air, his spiky hair/wife beater/sunglasses bouncing along with him.

-Finding out that the same "tent" venue that was charging for ATAL, was also charging ridiculously for The Bled/The Used ($17).

-Waiting in line for aforementioned show, and realizing there was a break/gap in the fence. Then, watching as the first person led the herd in sneaking in (seriously, after the first person snuck in successfully, about 20-30 people made a run for it and got in for free - us included... haha)

-Realizing that taco mobiles in Austin, no matter how fancy they may look, are no better than taco mobiles anywhere else in the world.

-Unwinding from the events of the day by playing Super Mario on SNES at night, while reminiscing about old video games and yelling NBA Jam catch phrases at the screen.

-Having to make the 10 minute trip back to my truck to charge my phone in the middle of the day, every day (thanks, G1!)

-Spending a fuck load less money than I had intended.


If capable, I will definitely be going back next year. Austin's 6th Street during SXSW is like LA's Hollywood Blvd... without all the LA, which is a huge plus... haha. All in all, such an awesome experience.
Tags: sxsw, concert
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TGB$N (TGB/Ace Enders/Craig Owens/Versa Emerge - 3/14/09 @ Java Jazz)
03/16/09 at 12:28 PM by provethatIexist
so even after all of the rushing, all of the speeding, and all of the cussing, i still managed to miss The Gay Blades set on Saturday night...

as i jumped out of my truck and ran towards the venue, leaving my girlfriend and my brothers behind, i heard the distinctive drum beat of "O Shot" begin to play. i got to the window to pick up my tickets, and Clark Westfield's voice rang out through the walls/door of the venue, shrieking at the crowd and teaching them the chorus to the song, threatening them to sing along or else he was going to "come out there and sweat all over every single one of their 13 year old asses". at the same time, the girl behind the window told me that we'd all have to wait before entering, that they were having problems finding my name on the will-call list... i didn't know whether to laugh at what Clark exclaimed, or explode in a fit of rage and f-bombs at my shitty situation...

i got inside seriously seconds after they finished the song, ending their set. looking around at the crowd, i then chose to laugh, remembering both, Clark's comment about 13 year olds and that Craig Owens was headlining the show... what a weird tour for The Gay Blades...

even though they were the band i paid to see, we ended up staying the entire show (mainly because Ace Enders is my brother's idol). Ace performed a solid set, playing plenty of Early November songs (taking requests) as well as his "Bitter Sweet Symphony" cover. i got a chance to talk to him for a bit afterwards, mentioning the AP.net article on TEN's 2 year break-up anniversary.

after asking the inevitable question of whether or not TEN would be doing anything together in the future, the response i got was simple: "nope, never again", he said. "i'm sure you are sick of that question by now", i remarked. "i get asked that all the time, but as of right now it's a no. maybe one day though."

that's all i needed to hear.

i won't comment on how i thought Craig Owen's set was, becasue he is simply not my cup of tea, in any way, shape or form. although i will say that if i had never heard of the guy, i'd have assumed after the backstreet boys cover, the high pitched voice, the constant giggling, and the comments about wanting to "cuddle with everyone in the audience", that he was either 16 years old and suffering from a lack of testosterone, or he was 24 years old and suffering from the abuse of MDMA...

anyways, we got to talk/hang out with TGB for a bit during and after the show. surprisingly, Clark remembered my friend and i from their show last year in Ft. Worth with Dr. Manhattan. when i explained that i had missed their set, he said he felt bad about it and asked us if we wanted to hear a song real quick on piano. thrilled, we all followed him to the backstage area, only to find that the venue had locked the doors... motherfuckers... i guess it just wasn't our night. luckily though i will be attending SXSW on Thursday, so i will be sure to catch their set in Austin... god willing.

i hold TGB in the same regard as i do D-Man - they are all such awesome, hilarious, down-to-earth guys that are in this for the right reasons. the fact that he was willing to play just for us made me respect the guy and his band that much more, and i will always support them.

once more, give The Gay Blades a listen if you haven't already. Ghosts has been released, re-released, and will be released for a third time in the UK soon, so there's no excuse... haha.

*side note - Vesa Emerge was the opening band, who i completely missed.
Tags: the gay blades, concert, java jazz
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did you just eat a dead person's asshole?
03/13/09 at 02:05 PM by provethatIexist
i work for a huge subsea oil company (boooooo! hisssssss!), and deal with different co-workers everyday. some come in daily, and some i see about once every 2-3 weeks. i've dealt with my share of morons, but here's what gets me the most...

almost every single person has horrible breath. wait, fuck that... almost every single person has breath that smells like they ate a rotting corpse's asshole, just minutes before they came up to talk to me. i work in front of a computer sitting in a terribly small cubicle, so there seriously is no way of avoiding it. sometimes, it will linger for minutes after they walk away. and don't get me started on the smokers... it's ridiculous. these are stenches that will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. you could probably blindfold me, set a random bunch of co-workers in front of me, have them exhale, and (before puking) i'd be able to accurately identify them based solely on the smell of the fumes being emitted from their pie holes.

does no one perform the "self-check" anymore? does no one believe in the workings of spearmint gum? i've acquired a phobia of sorts, so now i chew gum constantly throughout the day to fend off the death breath curse... so much so, that i usually end up going home at night with a sore jaw. ya think anyone would get the hint if i came in to work wearing some sweet, swimmer's nose plugs?

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Max Bemis wrote me a song
03/10/09 at 11:45 AM by provethatIexist
i woke up for work Sunday morning at 4:45 AM, and before hitting the snooze button on my phone's alarm, caught a glimpse of an icon in the left hand corner of my screen telling me i had a new e-mail. confused and only half awake, i opened up my inbox and saw:

From: Max Bemis

i jolted completely awake, rubbed my eyes, and opened up the e-mail to reveal my attached song. it is titled "Regret Hasn't Happened Yet", is 2:44 in length, and is utterly amazing. Max perfectly captured what i was feeling when i wrote my 1,000 words. it's a slower, haunting, all acoustic song consisting of 2 verses. he used an echo-like effect on both the single guitar track, and on his vocal track. the way he sings the chorus is catchy as fuck, and gets stuck in my head throughout the day. i am thinking about doing this again if he keeps the shop open long enough. i'll edit this and post the lyrics later on, but needless to say i am fucking stoked at the way it came out. definitely worth the money, and worth the wait.
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Foxy Shazam/Dr. Manhattan - 2/13/2009 @ Java Jazz in Spring, TX
02/23/09 at 11:45 AM by provethatIexist
10 days later, and this show is still fresh in my memory...

and what an amazing show it was. to me, both of these bands are a breath of fresh air in this music scene. i remember talking with the guys in D-Man the last time i saw them, and they said they've been trying to arrange a tour with Foxy for quite some time. i mean, considering their stage antics, it definitely makes sense for the two to tour. this was the 4th time i've seen D-Man play, and they just keep getting better and better. Adam (the bassist) was wearing this green polka dotted woman-clown, one piece costume-suit the entire set, which was hilariously disturbing. at one point they had the venue turn off all of the lights, as each member put on a pair of glasses with built in flashlights on both sides. that, combined with the venues green laser lights was enough to drive any alien fearing Texas redneck into hiding. in between songs, Matt would yell "i'm thirsty for something south of the border!", which would cue the band to play the ever-popular, quick, short chorus of "Tequila", while everyone yelled along... haha. i fucking love watching them perform, and seeing how much fun they have while doing it. they deserve every ounce of support they can get, because they are definitely in it for the right reasons. we hung out with Adam basically half the night, and i got to talk to the rest of the guys before i left. they are always so hilarious, and hanging out with them is like hanging out with my own circle of friends. i can't say it enough... they are the coolest guys - on stage and off, and i'll continue to be a huge fan/supporter of theirs.

as far as Foxy goes, they nailed it. this was probably THE tightest performance i've seen from them. Eric finally got some new content for his insane stage presence - althought he still ate the lit cigarettes... haha, i cringe everytime. at the end of the show, Eric started swinging upside down from the rafters, Sky lifted and stood his keyboard vertically, and all of a sudden Daisy starts maniacally destroying his guitar. he then handed the bits and pieces out to the crowd as they left the stage. a great end to a great show. they played 2 new songs in the middle of their set which sounded pretty good. i talked to their touring trumpet player (i think his name was Alex) afterwards, and he told me that they would be releasing their new album under Warner soon.

it's early in the year, but i can definitely say this was the best show i've been to thus far.

listen to drmanhattan. now.
Tags: drmanhattan, foxy shazam, concert, java jazz
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Thank you, blink-182
02/10/09 at 09:46 PM by provethatIexist
i posted this in the Nostalgia thread, and figured it'd make for a good first blog post...

02/08/2009 - i still cant believe that they are back... my taste in music evolved and grew because of blink-182.

i still remember being 15 and going through my "rebel" phase... listening to the Deftones, Incubus, Korn, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, etc.. after a while, i started feeling bored and getting so sick of these bands with the same dark, depressing sound. back then it wasn't "cool" to like blink-182, but i had bought Enema of the State anyways because the few songs i'd heard would constantly get stuck in my head, and their music videos were hilarious. they reminded me of myself and my friends, they had a similar immaturity and sense of humor about them. from then on, no matter how many shitty metal/alternative rock bands i'd discover from the radio, i found myself starting to listen to blink more and more instead. i eventually burned their other/older albums from a friend of mine, and started becoming a huge fan of theirs. and that's when i bought The Urethra Chronicles DVD...

i perfectly remember watching that DVD and hearing Tom list these bands that i'd never heard of as his favorites/influences. at that age, i didn't even know music existed outside of my radio. curiosity set in, and i got on Napster (ah, the glory days) and started downloading and listening to these bands (mainly Jimmy Eat World), discovering tons of other bands that were in the same "genre". i'd spend countless hours in the Napster "Punk", "Rock", and "Alternative" chats, getting recomendations on tons of bands and downloading hundreds of songs from them.

i'll never forget those days. my eyes were opened up to this entire world of "pop-punk" music that i never even knew existed. Yellowcard, Student Rick, Mest, Anti-Flag, NOFX, Rufio, AFI, Lagwagon, Deviates, NFG, The Starting Line, the entire Drive-Thru Records roster... which later led to [the first/early albums of] Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, My Chemical Romance, Copeland, Modest Mouse... i could go on and on... the music was fresh and new and catchy; it was fast and fun and exciting. i could relate to the lyrics, and i simply couldn't get enough.

the concerts/shows were insane, the bands were energetic and passionate about what they were doing; it all felt so real, not forced. being in the middle of a packed crowd, unable to move or breathe, having so much sweat dripping off of you that you couldn't tell if it was yours or the people around you, all yelling and singing the lyrics back at the stage... it was exactly where i wanted to be at all times, one of the few places i felt accepted and comfortable. the music, the people, the "scene" if you will... it was just what i was looking for.

the rest is history... from there, my taste in music contnued to grow and evolve into what it has today. i started branching out, discovering tons of bands from all sorts of different genres. music became so much more to me; it became my passion. and ultimately, i owe it all to blink. their reunion is huge for me, and i know it means so much to the countless others who hold them in high regard.
Tags: blink-182, nostalgia, thank you
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