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mickmadethelist's Journal
The 50 greatest Albums ever.
11/15/08 at 08:49 PM by mickmadethelist
Rules are....
1 Album per band (its a little ridiculous to list 5 NFG albums)
Nothing Released in 08
Try for the approximate numerical order.
No Ep's
No Live Albums
No "Greatest Hits"

This is not a rolling stone list, this is a personal list so you wont see any Zepplin. I am well aware of what thy did.

1-The Refused-The Shape of Punk To Come
2-Saves the Day-Stay What you Are
3-Lifetime-Jersey's Best Dancers
4-Brand New-Deja Entendu
5-Green Day-Dookie
6-The Movielife-Forty Hour Train Back to Penn
7-A New Found Glory-S/T
8-Radiohead-OK Computer
9-Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today
10-Black Flag-Rise Above
11-The Clash-London Calling
12-Blink 182-Enema of the State
13-Fall Out Boy-Take this to your Grave
14-Descendents-Milo Goes To College
15-Foo Fighters-The Colour and the Shape
16-H20-Faster then the World
17-Alkaline Trio-Good Mourning
18-Hot Water Music-A Flight and a Crash
19-Rise Against-The Sufferer and the Witness
20-Jimmy Eat World-Bleed American
21-Rancid-...and Out Come the Wolves
22-Bane-Give Blood
23-Bad Religion-Recipe for Hate
24-Weezer-Blue Album
25-Thursday-Full Collapse
26-Less Than Jake-Hello Rockview
27-Bouncing Souls-How I Spent My Summer Vacation
28-Promise Ring-Nothing Feel Good
29-Sex Pistols-Nevermind The Bollocks
30-American Nightmare-ST
31-AFI-The Art of Drowning
32-Ben Folds Five-Whatever and Ever Amen
33-NWA-Straight Outta Compton
34-Death Cab For Cutie-Transatlanticism
35-Minor Threat-ST
36-Midtown-Forget What You Know
37-The Police-Syncronicity
38-Glassjaw-Worship & Tribute
39-Naked Raygun-Throb Throb
40-Bloc Party-A Weekend in the City
41-Mxpx-Teenage Politics
42-Texas is the Reason-Do you know who you are?
43-Broken Social Scene-S/T
44-Getup Kids-Four Minute Mile
45-Crime in Stereo-Is Dead
46-Four Year Strong-Rise or Die Trying
47-My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade
48-Say Anything-...Is a Real Boy
49-Taking Back Sunday-Tell All Your Friends
50-The Misfits-Walk Among Us

TADAAAAA! The list may change overtime but this looks pretty solid for now. All Added for different personal reasons but if youd like to know why I chose 1 album over another or why I chose an album to begin with, ask away.
Tags: Lists, albums, best of
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Lost faith
08/20/08 at 10:55 PM by mickmadethelist
It seems strange to write this entry on a site that has its main priority as music. Then again, it seems the only place something like this would matter. As much as i hate to say it, I have almost completely lost my faith in music. Bands that i used to never know why they were so popular to begin with are quickly becoming the only thing I can stand listening to anymore because unfortunately, it is the only honest thing I have found anymore. The scene that basically raised me and I treated as religion turned its back on me, so it is only appropriate I do the same.
I have been involved in underground music since i was 7 years old. In 1994 I heard Green Day on the radio and basket case was my favorite song. I remember where I was when I found out Kurt Cobain died. I am 22, so this is kind of a big deal. The Bouncing Souls and Bad Religion were what I listened to on the bus ride to school. When everyone was on their fucking Spice girls kick, I was hell bent on figuring out how I would get to Rhode Island to see Less Than Jake. As years went on I would dive deeper into what was becoming "my scene." At 14 I would figure out ways to travel to Jersey to get to basement shows. Some bands i saw back in 99 would turn out to be megastars. But I would live my quiet life, quietly pack myself back into a car, and head back to Conn. for the night. You always knew that the kids that would hang from pipes in those basements were practicing what they would preach. You knew they were not in it for the money because hell, they weren't making any. There is almost no chance of a hardcore band playing an opening slot at the El N Gee turning their van lifestyle into a career. It was honesty in that moment. We didn't care about our own future, but we all wanted to change things, despite how terrible the dances were.
High school all this continued. My friends couldn't figure out the difference between Fall Out Boy and A New Found Glory. I tried listening to American Nightmare and Bane in art class a few times and They wouldn't let me get past the first song. And Honestly, Show me another kid that rolled into school in 02 rocking a Lifetime or Cro-Mags shirt.
I have been a witness of the evolution of the scene we all cherish. It has gone to shit. All Parts of it. Pop-punk turned into all-over print hoodies and Kanye glasses. Hardcore became less about unity over isolation and turned into a way for fratboys to bring the mosh. I was straight edge for years and have become so disenfranchised with what has been happening that I recently decided to give it up. here's an example.
Midtown were one of the fucking rulers of the scene when they were around. Gabe was edge, they all got on stage and said "girls in the pit are just as welcome as the guys." "It's not about what you look like, it's who you are." Midtown broke up. We all mourned. We still do. I fell under the Cobra Starship spell just like everyone. Anyone that says they didn't like the Snakes on a Plane song is a fucking liar, because damn was it catchy. Debut album released and its still a good album. But the honesty Midtown had is fucking gone. CS is the very thing Midtown spoke against. Gabe went on to wearing bright purple hoodies in 90 degree weather (see warped tour 08) and sunglasses the size of milk jugs. The songs remind me of the fucking disco era so much I feel like I should be roller disco-ing every time i hear them.
Every show I go to turns into a scene point battle. You're a fucking idiot if you like Fall Out Boy yet everyone at that show saw them play in front of 12 people. You laugh at the kids getting dropped off by their parents when 2 years ago you were that same fucking kid. If you did not take 2 hours to get ready for the show then it may as well not be worthwhile. You want people to know that you put alot of effort into looking that good before the show, then when you leave the show you shout how awesome it was while your makeup pools at the bottom of your chin. You brag to your friends about who you met and talked to at ther shows and who got you backstage when in reality if those people weren't in bands you wouldn't give 3 fucks and a handbasket about them. And honestly, do you brag about your real friends like that? "Oh, my, GAWD i totally slept over jenny's house last weekend and I met her brother."
No, shit just doesn't happen. In a scene that was founded on the counter-culture, it has become the very culture it was fighting against. Most got started because they would never fit in with the groups at school. Then when you show up at the My Chem Show and make fun of all the "posers" who dont know Franks birthday (which, apparently, makes you the bigger fan of the music) you become that person. You rag on anyone different from you.
The guidelines were as follows

1-Someone falls down, pick them up
2-Treat each other with respect. Men and Women.
3-Let the band fucking play. Stagedive, crowdsurf, hell, even grab the mic for a sec. but shouting FREEBIRD! just is not funny.
4-Watch The Openers.
5-No fights.

Apparently I missed the new one where your clothes need to look like someone ate a bag of skittles and took a shit on your t shirt.

The honesty is gone. There are still some older bands who keep those "heart on your sleeve" lyrics with them. But thats just it, new bands don't have that. Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Paramore, Crime in stereo, Say anything and maybe a few others.

then middle aged bands...Brand new, FOB, Mychem, Thursday, Rise against.

and old bands...H2o, nfg, Alkaline trio

then the bands i have just recently been getting more into, Death Cab, Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Bloc Party.

I broke edge recently, and I thought about it for so long that it really does seem to make more sense now. Music was one of the primary reasons I turned to straight edge. If I lost faith in the music, wouldnt that mean my lifestyle choice because of it is a sham?
It's a fashion show. A fucking joke. I Would leave for any show in the past. Now I live in chicago and dont even want to bike 6 minutes down the road to the metro.

If anyone can prove me wrong then fucking do it. Because I keep wishing it was 1995, 1988, 1977 so it wasnt a gimmick.

Proof that the ideals held by the scene are dead...Johnny Rotten is a racist and a joke of his former self. It sounds overly familiar.

Note...not edited for clarity. So i hope it makes sense.
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12/23/05 at 09:15 AM by mickmadethelist
Here it goes! my top albums of the year. Some of them may have come out earlier, but i bought them in 05 so o well
1- Fall out boy-FUCT
2-Panic!at the disco-Fever you cant sweat out
3-Motion City soundtrack-Commit this to memory
4-The academy is...-Almost here
5-The starting line-Based on a true story
6-Bane-The note
7-Hidden in plain view-Life in dreaming
8-Spitalfield-stop doing bad things
9-Kanye west-Late registration
10-Over it
13-Gatsbys american dream-Volcano
15-armor for sleep-what to do when you are dead
17-gym class heroes-paercut chronicles
18-the hush sound-so sudden
19-dropkick murpheys- warriors code
20-the explosion (?)

bands that i know would be on the list had i gotten the cd
jacks mannequin, bouncing souls live, wilhelm scream, blackout pact,Cartel, The audition, nightmare of you, against me,let go, panic division, i know there are more

bands that are some of my favorites whos releases i wasnt sold on or i thought were overrated
alkaline trio
coheed and cambria

bands whos songs i heard on purevolume and said fuck that

cds im not sure about in 06
hawthorne heights
matchbook romance

expect huge things from
panic at the disco, the academy is, halifax, houston calls, hellogoodbye, motion city soundtrack

band youll never admit to next year because they got "too big"
the academy is, motion city soundtrack, october fall, and my chem

most excited about
the academy is, halifax, thursday, saves the day, bouncing souls, say anything, h20, brand new
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