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Duug "D" Fresh's Blog

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Duug "D" Fresh's Blog
Hip Hop According to Duug Fresh
03/23/09 at 09:02 PM by Duug "D" Fresh
[b]Disclaimer: yes i am white. I dont write grammatically
correct. Im a fan of hip hop with an opinion. This isnt Hip
Hop 101

Hello??!.....Hello?!?!....is that Haters I hear?.....Your boy Duug Fresh aka Your Favorite Blogger is back with another week of my hip hop commentary....i guess the disclaimer i got at the top aint big enough for some of you..This aint Hip Hop 101...this aint a history lesson....yes...there is some things i dont know about hip hop...but im learning as I go...i know more than you would think....All I'll say is you open any hip hop magazine like XXL, Vibe,Ozone and The Source and for the most part they are talking about hip hop in 2009....thats all Im doin...this is a commentary of what i think of hip hop...I aint tryin to teach nothin...you'll just have to keep checkin back to see what I rant about from week to week...maybe new hip hop...maybe old hip hop...its a wrap

So this week I would like to talk about the state of hip hop in 2009 compared to 10 years ago...then next week i'll compare it to 15 years ago..everythings up for discussion so lets see some drama in this bitch.

1999, saw the birth of a white rapper from Detroit called Eminem, the long awaited Chronic 2001 by Dr.Dre, and groundbreaking records by Jay Z, Nas, DMX, and Mos Def and Lil' Wayne was Lil' Who?....a few years had gone by since the passing of Tupac and the Notorius B.I.G. and hip hop was about to become the forefront of music...hip hop showed the world that it was ready to takeover the game and take it into the new century...now 10 years later another white rapper is the buzz of hip hop and he goes by the name of Asher Roth...(obviously compared to Eminem from his flow to his voice and his catchy singles...Asher Roth with 8 others were the called the ones to watch by XXL magazine)....without the aid of "ringtone rap" and with Napster at its peak...hip hop was getting into the mainstream without the "gangster" aspect scaring some of the "Pop" music listeners away...but also brought back the gangster aspect with Dr. Dre bringing West Coast Rap back......from the trailer park in missouri to the Hollywood hills everyone was bumpin "my name is" or "forgot about dre"...everyone was a fan of hip hop...and was discovering more of the non mainstream artists like Mos Def, The Roots and Project Pat

2009, will be the year Eminem will make his comeback along with Dr. Dre with the long awaited Detox album..Jay Z has retired and un retired....Notorius B.I.G had his biopic hit theatres and "ringtone rap" may have killed hip hop (some might say) with that said...ringtones are, like it or not , the new way to get your music to your audience...you think Soulja Boy or V.I.C or Mims would have a career if it wasnt for their ringtones blowin up...hip hop is in a VERY different state then 10 years ago and light years away from 1994...but for better or worse hip hop is still around and one the best selling genres even with record sales slipping..If Lil Wayne can sell a milli first week...its showing hip hop is here to stay and will change with the times and always be setting records and causing controversy...wait for it..........

Duug Fresh aka Your Favorite Blogger
www.duugfreshtilldeath (where hating is always appreciated)
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Hip Hop According to Duug Fresh
03/12/09 at 12:28 AM by Duug "D" Fresh
Disclaimer: yes i am white. I dont write grammatically
correct. Im a fan of hip hop with an opinion. This isnt Hip
Hop 101

So, It looks like I've caused some ruckus on this site lately with all the replies I've seen from my posts... there is something else I wanna hear from you guys....Every topic I do from week to week...I wanna hear your thoughts on the issue and even start more discussions from that...I'll take every reply you got and I read them all..and to save some hatin' you got the disclaimer above this...Hop about the bed...Turn My Swag On!

Hip Hop has a massive amount of hot producers in the game right now...my favorite producer in the game right now is Jim Jonsin...most likely any joint you here on the radio is gunna be Jim Jonsin....from Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" to T.I.'s "Whatever You Like"....he is even holdin down the R&B hits like Danity Kane's "Showstoppa" to Mike Jones "Cutty Buddy"....the now world known "Lollipop" beat was originally for Danity Kane but they passed on it...

You got the untouchables like Dre and Timbaland who are always gunna have a #1 comin out at any time...but not to far behind them you got the likes of Scott Storch, Kanye West and Pete Rock....nowadays rappers are tryin there hand at production and some succeed but for most its either simply rappin or make the production/beat making side....obviously I cant rap for shit but I got a real interest in the beat making/production side of things...i got an MPC 1000 and for sound since I'm always on the road I got the Beats By Dre headphones so i know exactly what im gunna hear when im done...now that I've been doin that...I can pick out things in beats/songs i loved and gain a better appreciation for the craft.....If Soulja Boy can make stacks off beats he made from Fruity Loops...Im grinding hard to get my spot out there....but I'll always be inspired by the Jim Jonsin's to the Tricky Stewart's to the DJ Hi Tek's of the world....

What I wanna know is...what are some of your favorite producers out there and why you think they are the shit to you...you can name drop whoever you want...say whether u like east coast producers,west coast producers, dirty south producers...whatever you want...from the replies I've been reading...you sure got an opinion...so keep it goin and lets get some arguments started...stay locked to www.duugfreshtilldeath.com to get your fill of your boy every other day I aint bloggin on here...HIP HOP AINT DEAD!!!

Duug Fresh
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Hip Hop According to Duug Fresh
02/26/09 at 02:40 AM by Duug "D" Fresh
Hip Hop According to Duug Fresh

Disclaimer: yes i am white. I dont write grammatically
correct. Im a fan of hip hop with an opinion. This isnt Hip
Hop 101

what up kids?!

Back again finishing out my week of Hip Hop According
to Duug Fresh...2 topics this week...one i think some of you
guys will be more familiar with...Emo Rap. I was reading an
article in the new issue of XXL that made me think....i had
honestly never heard the term "Emo-Rap" before and
couldnt believe some of the names they associated with
it...they brought up Kanye,new comers Charles Hamilton and
Kid Cudi, even Eminem and the untouchable 'Pac....i know
emo stands for emotional but the word emo and rap
shouldn't be associated with each other in my opinion.
'Pac did break the barrier and have introspective songs
like "Dear Mama" and "Changes" even
B.I.G had "Suicidal Thoughts" and they changed
the way rappers looked at rap and the content...every song
didnt have to be about gang bangin and hustlin on the
streets....they could rap about things around them and what
they felt...even Eminem felt he could rap about emotional
stuff due to 'Pac and his
influence...so thank 'Pac for Marshall recording
classics like "Kim" and my personal favorite
"If I Had" from the Slim Shady LP...im all about
hip hop doing something different and some classic tracks
have come from the emotional side of hip hop but please dont
call it "Emo-Rap"....and emo or not emo...listen
to the new charles hamilton mixtape "Now isnt this

Onto other things..."Illmatic" by NaS...one
of the best hip hop records of all time...was made 15 years
ago this april...it blows my mind that its been that long
since it came out...and the influence it still has in the
game today...reading up on the subject its this record that almost used the famous "Juicy" sample for the song "Life's a Bitch" before the obvious hit by
B.I.G...they went with another sample of course and B.I.G
made his masterpiece....NaS "Illmatic" was
recorded when he was just 20 years old and eventhough
commercially didnt do much in its first year..its cult and underground status catapulted it to what it is today..the
standout track to me is "Life's a Bitch"...but
everyone has their favorite..MC Serch of 3rd Bass was the
one who actually signed NaS to his deal and was the
executive producer on "Illmatic"...NaS will always
be remembered for this record and all his other classics and
being an influence to all rappers after
him...yes...even Soulja Boy Tell 'Em...HIP HIP

P.S...i gotta quote of the day: "You see me, Hi
Haters" -Maino

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Hip Hop According to Duug Fresh
02/24/09 at 05:07 AM by Duug "D" Fresh
what up kids?!

Its your boy Duug Fresh back for another week of Hip Hop According to Duug Fresh...Everybody has an opinion on Kanye West...good or bad...i ended my last blog with a quote from Yeezy from the track "Swagga Like Us"...I happen to love Kanye West and see him as a big influence for what i wanna do...In my beat making..hes for sure someone to look up to..his innovation has changed the hip hop game and made everyone have to step up...personally 808's and Hearbreak is my favorite record of 2008...it may not be hip hop to some hip hop purists but i think its what hip hop is all about..breaking boundaries and laying the groundwork for something new and different...I try to read every article Kanye has been in and recently in the new Vibe issue...he was his usual self with crazy quotes about how he "is hip hop" and that he inspires himself...i gotta say it inspired me to step up and live my life the way i want..no matter if people like it or not...as cocky as he can sound..he knows how to get peoples attentions..and he keeps hip hop alive...his biggest critcs are of course completely against the ever so used auto-tune...yes it is over used in hip hop but it does have its place...and i enjoyed 808's auto tune or not...its not a make or break...thank T-Pain for bringing back a style that is the most copped style in the game right now and has brought the likes of Ron Browz and others...Hip Hop is always gunna evolve and this is the state of the game right now...take it or leave it...kanye or kanye...but ill stand by it...HIP HOP AINT DEAD!!

www.duugfreshtilldeath.com (Daily Blog Site)
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Hip Hop According to Duug Fresh
02/19/09 at 03:01 AM by Duug "D" Fresh
hey people

This is your boy Duug Fresh from the Higher and the great cats at Ap.net let me do my own hip hop blog....i know this is absolutepunk.net but a little hip hop cant hurt anyone...ive been fascinated by hip hop culture for quite awhile now...the style, the music, the history..everything about it...so i wanted to take this oppurtunity to give you guys my own take on hip hop..even my nickname Duug Fresh is part of hip hop culture...the great Doug E. Fresh was a pioneer back in his day and out of respect to him..i wanna make a name for myself in the music game...

So...first things first..the big new in hip hop right now is the beef between 50 Cent (Curtis) and Rick Ross....hip hop has come so far that now when beefs pop off its not records or diss tracks...its funny internet videos...haha...i have been entertained by this beef but do feel there should be more back and forth diss tracks like the classic Nas and Jay-Z beef a few years back...beefs in my opinion can only better hip hop...in an age now where critics say "hip hop is dead"...beefs keep it interesting and can spawn some hot tracks and will be remembered down the road...i def dont agree that hip hop is dead...i see that more music is comin out of hip hop than any other genre..through mix tapes,albums,individual tracks from the internet or the record u can buy in stores..just Lil' Wayne alone can keep ur headphones occupied for days for all the music he puts out...but everything about hip hop intrigued me so much..i adopted the style and the overall attitude...nowadays the word "swagger" is used almost by everyone but hip hop culture took the plain word confidence and put their spin on it and callin it swagger..and who would've thought old spice would name a deodorant after it haha...anyway thats my take on a couple things...and this will be the first of many blogs on here..keep it here on AP/net every tuesday and thursday ill be saying my take on hip hop in this day and age...but if u wanna check back with me..i just got my own blogging site at http://www.duugfreshtilldeath.com which ill be on everyday...also if u have any questions for me about hip hop or anything else...just message my profile on here or comment on my blog at duugfreshtilldeath.com....DUUG FRESH IS IN THE BUILDIN!!!...like kanye west said..."ive got swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion"

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