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Cloud Buster
You Would've Seen My Penis, You Know?
07/04/08 at 07:48 PM by Adrian Villagomez

The Janitor is not often left speechless.
Tags: scrubs, video
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Recommendations: June 22, 2008
06/21/08 at 09:05 PM by Adrian Villagomez

The Incredible Hulk

Riding the wave of success created by Iron Man, Marvel has just released their second summer superhero movie of 2008, The Incredible Hulk. After the disaster known as Hulk from 2003, Marvel went back to the drawing board for this “sequel,” overhauling the franchise and planning for better results the second time around. Thankfully for the comic book faithful, or anyone looking for a fun popcorn flick, The Incredible Hulk is far superior to its predecessor... [read full review]


Ace Enders and a Million Different People - The Secret Wars (free download)

I was quite surprised to wake up one day and find out Ace Enders and his Million Different People released an album for free online. Man, it feels good to hear this guy's voice again. He sounds rejuvenated, and I'm really enjoying this short, sweet album with a rad name. There's a easy going pop rock vibe on some songs that I dig - the kind of stuff I'd listen to when winding down from a long day. Download The Secret Wars for free now, thank Ace later by seeing him on tour.

Music VideosAce Enders and a Million Different People - "Bring Back Love (Year 2020)"

Ace Enders - "The Motion

Ace Enders - "Over This"

Tags: ace enders, recommendation, video
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Talk Dirty to Me
06/17/08 at 04:44 PM by Adrian Villagomez

I dig how Carla and Ted harmonize.
Tags: scrubs, video
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Yo Te Quiero Infinito
06/11/08 at 03:23 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I've been spinning two songs by The Clash consistently in the past few days, "Spanish Bombs" and "Train in Vain." I read the lyrics to "Spanish Bombs" and was surprised to find the chorus is sung in Spanish, a nice surprise for me. It reads as follows:

"Spanish bombs
Yo te quiero infinito
Yo te quiero, oh mi corazon

My translation:

"Spanish bombs
I want you forever
I want you, oh my love"

Sweet, huh? Check the video below, and notice the rapid strumming of Mr. Joe Strummer. That's the ground work for all your favorite punk rock bands.

The Clash - "Spanish Bombs" live

"Train in Vain" has a strong pop vibe while at the same time featuring the lyrics of a crestfallen narrator (a contrast we're all familiar with, I'm sure). As the story goes, it's all about her, but she wants nothing to do with him:

"Now I got a job
But it don't pay
I need new clothes
I need somewhere to stay
But without all these things I can do
But without your love I won't make it through"

Lovelorn indeed. Mick Jones is the singer of this song, and he looks damn cool on-stage. He kind of reminds me of Dave Grohl in this video (which is to say, Dave Grohl kind of reminds me of Mick Jones), except with cooler clothes. Watch and dance/cry.

The Clash - "Train in Vain" live

Tags: the clash, video
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Oh, That Janitor
06/03/08 at 08:13 PM by Adrian Villagomez

I don't know what I find funnier - the janitor restating he was there (when he's obviously the one who "saw" J.D.) or J.D.'s friend's actually expressing belief at the story.
Tags: scrubs, video
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Recommendations: June 1, 2008
05/31/08 at 09:52 PM by Adrian Villagomez

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (fearthetaint's review)

Talk about a buzz band. Vampire Weekend scored a spot on the cover of Spin magazine before releasing their debut - the first band to do so. I've spun Vampire Weekend a bunch of times, and I like what I hear. Doesn't scream greatness, but it's nice and poppy. If you'd like to get the opinion of someone who really likes the album, check out fearthetaint's review. Solid writing right there. Like I said, I enjoy the album, but individual tracks just don't leap out at me. But there is something about "I Stand Corrected" that makes my ears perk up. If you've never heard them, judge for yourself based on the videos below.

Music VideosVampire Weekend - "Mansard Roof"

Vampire Weekend - "A-Punk"

Vampire Weekend - "I Stand Corrected" live

Tags: recommendation, vampire weekend, video
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Motherfucking Cunt Pussy Licking Tit Fuck Bitch Face
05/27/08 at 09:03 PM by Adrian Villagomez
What's Your Favorite Curse Word?

winner: "cocksucker motherfucker"

When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

winner: 19

What is the Best Invention?

winner: the printing press
Tags: celebrity, video
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The KKK Took My Baby Away
05/10/08 at 06:31 AM by Adrian Villagomez
I've been singing along to "The KKK Took My Baby Away" by the Ramones for the past few days, so I thought I'd post some videos here for my own amusement. Who knows, you may be interested in watching these as well.

Ramones - "The KKK Took My Baby Away"

Ramones - "The KKK Took My Baby Away" live Sweden

I posted two versions, the official music video and a live performance in Sweden, because they sound different from one another. I like the slower pace of the music video version, but I probably favor the Sweden performance, mostly because of Joey's vocals. Check out Dee Dee's crazy shaking in the Sweden video; he seems like he was a cool dude.

Also, for as fun and poppy as the song sounds, talk about some dark lyrics (and a dark music video - look at the hands clawing on the grass).

So I found myself in front of a scale yesterday and decided to weigh myself. Just like I thought I've put on a few pounds and am now up to about 138lb. Big jump up from the 135lb. I've been used to since high school. I've been feeling like taking a trip to the beach recently, maybe snapping some photos - I'll try waking up some friends soon to see what they think of the idea. It's time to go outside.
Tags: ramones, random, video
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Recommendations: May 4, 2008
05/03/08 at 11:20 PM by Adrian Villagomez

Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

Atmosphere tell some great stories. Has anyone here been a waiter? Slug seems to know all about the job, putting himself in the place of a female waitress who's bitterly churning along at her job on "You." She's fed up:

Wish they would just eat and leave
And keep they eyes to theyself
Already insecure, dont need any help
And you can blame the pride
That makes you hold your anger inside
But deep down, you wanna curse 'em all
"Fuck off asshole jerk off dirt ball"

When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold also turns things around, offering "The Waitress," which instead focuses on one of those asshole jerk off dirt balls. This vagrant has his own problems, and the two go head-to-head in the cafe in which the waitress works. The vagrant calmly explains:

"Look lady, I'm homeless, I'm crazy
I'm so hopeless I'm suicidal daily
If you and I can't coexist let's fake it
'Cause I ain't got the energy it takes for this relationship"

I'm going to go ahead and list off two more examples of Atmosphere's rad lyrics on this release; I've listened to this album for about two weeks already, and I like what I hear.

"Dreamer" is another track centered on a struggling female (perhaps the same described above), though it's more hopeful in tone than "You." This woman has suffered through a life of hard work and a bum boyfriend who's the father to her two children. I really like the first two lines below about her daughter and son:

Little girl was her first reason to breathe
And her little man was the first man she believed in
She gotta live right and do right by self
She do for self she don't want your help
Afraid of being alone
But fear aint' enough to knock her off of that stone
Gonna make that home her home
With or without a man that she can call her own

I'll close with "Yesterday" is a touching confessional in which Slug thinks about someone he's lost, someone he thinks he might have seen on the street recently. He speaks to that person, imagining what they would say to each other on a re-meeting. But it's not until the closing words that he names his audience:

I'm sorry
It's official
I was a fist-full
I didn't keep it simple
Chip on the shoulder
Anger in my veins
Had so much hatred now it brings me shame
Never thought about the world without you
And I promise that I'll never say another bad word about you
I thought I saw you yesterday
But I know it wasn't you 'cause you passed away, Dad

Looked just like you
Strange things my imagination might do
Take a breathe, reflect on what we've been through
Or am I just goin crazy 'cause I miss you?

I'll admit it strikes a personal chord with me, and it really is a great track. Give this album a listen if you have any interest in Atmosphere or if the lyrics above impress you like they've impressed me.

Video Game

Grand Theft Auto IV

I'd be lying if I said GTA IV has blown me away like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas did back in the day. But this is more quality carjacking and general law breaking we've come to expect from Rockstar. Both my roommates are playing this game right now, and I'm sure we're all in agreement that this game is well worth the money spent.

Oh, and the dialogue and voice acting in this game are spectacular.
Tags: atmosphere, grand theft auto 4, music, recommendation, video game
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Sweet and Low
05/01/08 at 08:48 PM by Adrian Villagomez
Today I was posting news, and I came across a video of Augustana performing their single "Sweet and Low" on Leno, which can be found below.

I listened to the song while posting the news bit, and it clicked instantly with me. I went on to listen to the song about seven times in a row while continuing to post news, and it led me to do something I haven't done in a while. I went on amazon.com, found the band's album Can't Love, Can't Hurt available for only $7.99, and bought it. Yep, AP.net: your new favorite band may be a click away. While I was at it I picked up Entourage Season Three, Part 1 and Northstar's Broken Parachute EP. I've recently gotten my roommates hooked on Vince and the gang, so they've been pushing me to buy the next season (I can't wait to show them the Vegas episode). And I've waited long enough to pick up Broken Parachute - Northstar are one of my favorite bands. Watch the video above. It's a fine performance.
Tags: augustana, entourage, northstar, sold!, video
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Done and Done
04/28/08 at 08:28 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I just finished writing up my final project for my Tolkien class, a short story outline /explanation following a band of hobbit archers. It came out to twelve pages - I can't remember the last time I put this much time into a paper. For the past few days I've done no work on AP.net, which is an odd feeling for me. Just about every day I do something here, whether it be approve a few user reviews, clean up the Entertainment forum, or something else. I'll probably be taking tomorrow off as well, because as a reward for kicking ass by getting this final project done in time, I'll be picking up Grand Theft Auto IV in a couple hours from Game Stop. So my plan for tomorrow is: turn final project in, play play play GTA IV. Hey, I can still be a video game geek when I want to be.

I promise I'll tear myself away from the 360 by Wednesday and come back strong though - no worries.

PS. Anyone else feeling giddy because of Jason's recent blog entries talking about the AP.net update? I know I am.
Tags: grand theft auto 4, school, utsa, video game
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Recommendations: April 27, 2008
04/26/08 at 09:17 PM by Adrian Villagomez

Ramones - It’s Alive 1974-1996 (review)

The Ramones are forefathers of punk rock. The first family of punk began in Forest Hills, Queens, New York back in 1974, and their long, dark hair and leather jackets are as recognizable today as their music. They played rock and roll hard and fast, and with the help of Joey Ramone's sometimes scraggly vocals, they carved out their own genre in music history. Their influence can be felt in countless bands, from The Clash and Black Flag to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day. But there was no wave to ride, and the Ramones had to tour relentlessly to turn confused onlookers into dedicated fans. It’s Alive 1974-1996, a two-disc DVD released last year through Rhino Records, chronicles the band's decades of touring and features "over four hours of rare and unreleased performances from around the world." Needless to say, this is a must own for Ramones fans.


Radiohead - The Bends

Radiohead are going to earn a spot on my 'favorite bands' list before long. Pablo Honey won me over with strong alternative rock songs like "Vegetable" and "I Can't," and The Bends finds the band branching out and taking more control over the direction of their sound. There's less appeal here for radio (fuck the radio), and the biting, distorted vocals found during the chorus of "My Iron Lung" isn't very reminiscent of the band's first hit "Creep." But the two tracks I'm most taken with, due in part to the lyrics, are "The Bends" (Anton's got 'em) and "Black Star." I've found that I quite enjoy when Thom Yorke longs to be somewhere or someone else ("I wish it was the sixties / I wish I could be happy / I wish, I wish / I wish that something would happen"). "Black Star" is beautiful. I love Yorke's voice and the changes in lyrics that make the song more depressing as it goes on. Next up: OK Computer.

Music VideosRadiohead - "The Bends" live 1994

Radiohead - "My Iron Lung" live at the Astoria, London

Radiohead - "Black Star" live at the Astoria, London

Tags: dvd, music, radiohead, ramones, recommendation, video
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Straight 10s
04/25/08 at 06:27 PM by Adrian Villagomez
Grand Theft Auto IV is almost here, so I checked out IGN.com to see if they had put up their review of the game yet. This is what I saw, to which I believe I uttered an "oh, shit."

I don't think I've ever seen straight 10s from IGN.com, a site I've been visiting longer than AP.net, so this is historic. I'll save the written review until I'm playing the game, but I did just finish watching the video review (which features great editing and use of "Flashing Lights" at its start). Here are a few quotes from Hilary Goldstein, Editor-in-Chief of the IGN Xbox Team:

"GTA IV is the best game that I have played in the past 10 years."

"Living in that city with so much going on, it's a true feat, a true technical feat. Even if the single player wasn't that great, the multiplayer is enough to make GTA IV worth buying."

"It's been nearly a decade since IGN gave any game a 10, but there's a reason why that's changed now. GTA IV is simply one of the best games I've ever seen... As an entire package for only 60 bucks, whether you buy it on 360 or PS3, you're getting a game that is probably worth spending $300 on. It's certainly worth picking up, definitely the best in the series, and easily a contender for game of the year."

I've been waiting for this game since 2007, anticipating it as the game of the year. Looks like GTA IV will take the crown in 2008 instead.
Tags: grand theft auto 4, ign, video game
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"Love Can Give You Strength You Never Knew You Had"
04/22/08 at 11:28 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I was browsing through Scrubs clips on youtube and happened upon one of my favorite show closers in the episode "My Brother, Where Art Thou?" In the episode JD's brother Dan (Thomas Cavanagh) is in town and finds his little brother shadowing the cynical attitude of his mentor Dr. Cox. Displeased with the change that's come over JD, Dan waits for Dr. Cox outside the hospital and delivers a damn good speech, with JD's voice-over working in perfectly.

Tags: scrubs, video
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Negative Reviews Can Be Funny
04/21/08 at 12:55 AM by Adrian Villagomez
So I was reading a game magazine on the can to pass the time (TMI?), and I stumbled upon a review of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates that had me chuckling. Crystal Chronicles seems to be the black sheep series of recent Final Fantasy titles, offering sub par quality with cutesy graphics as a cover. So this reviewer, Joe, ends his write-up by commenting on Ring of Fates' multiplayer mode. He goes on to close like so:

"Even so, [multiplayer is] a poor excuse to round up the gang. Presumably, the reason why your friends are your friends is because you share some common interests. Do some of those together instead."
-Game Informer 180

Sure, it's just another way of saying "don't bother with this game," but I like it.
Tags: random, video game
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