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Don't Read This.
Portugal. The Man
07/17/09 at 08:23 AM by andrewjman
The Satanic Satanist came in the mail today! Such a brilliant cd by Portugal. The Man. I pretty much fell in love with it as soon as I put it in the cd player. I guess thats one of the things that sets P.TM apart from other bands. They produce a different sound on every cd while still sounding like themselves. This new cd has more of a motown/70's groove to it. Different from Church Mouth that had like a heavy metal type groove to it. Church mouth was more led zeppelin, the satanist has more of a beatles/jackson 5 sound. Its amazing! I love this band with a burning passion. If you don't know who they are by now you are missing out SO badly!
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Driving down to bonnaroo tomorrow!
06/09/09 at 10:30 AM by andrewjman
The excitement is coursing through my veins. I am so excited to just be hanging out for four days with two of my best friends! I also can't wait to see Yeasayer at 1 o clock in the morning, I think that is going to be awesome. Nothing is more alive than the dead of night. I'm trying to get everything packed up and ready to go, I went shopping a little last night, picked up some flip flops, suntan lotion, fan for the tent, raingear, bug spray, lamp...I'm still trying to get a couple of more things. Hopefully my girlfriend is still going to let me borrow her sleeping bag, I don't want to have to buy one today. Tomorrow is it though! We are gone! I'm so nervous. I'm wondering if I should buy a GPS today, my friends have it on their phone, but I don't know if I trust that for a 12 hour drive. We'll see. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I haven't written a blog on here in awhile. I've been busy I suppose.
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Most anticipated albums of 2009
04/29/09 at 02:03 PM by andrewjman
The Chariot - "Wars and Rumors of Wars"
Third Eye Blind - "Ursa Major"
Darkest Hour - "The Eternal Return"
The Mars Volta - "Octahedron"
Rx Bandits - Untitled
Portugal. The Man - "The Satanic Satanist"
Brand New - Untitled
Alexisonfire - "Old Crows/Young Cardinals"

Honarable Mention:
Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Untitled....just because I think they are looking for fame rather then heartfelt songs anymore. Lets hope I'm wrong :)

CDs I'm sure are terrible...
Taking Back Sunday - "New Again" - Bye Fred.
mewithoutYou - "Its all crazy! its all false! its all a dream! its alright." I listened to a few songs and thought I was going back to second grade. What happened to the singing that made them who they were? It was all so poetic...now its all soft! its not hard! its really annoying! and not alright.
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OK GO at Recher Theatre!
03/08/09 at 12:24 AM by andrewjman
I really couldn't even believe how good they were live! To be honest I am not the hugest fan of all of their songs. but some of them are pretty catchy! I didn't realize that they would jam out though! They had such an interesting and fun show! It was great to just get out of the house and forget about all the crazy stuff thats going on in my life! I just had fun with friends! During some of OK GOs songs they would shoot out confetti and one of their songs was played entirely by hand bells. AMAZING! They also had an encore song that sounded amazing! He played some good solos! I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I LOVE OK GO!
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03/03/09 at 02:51 PM by andrewjman
I'm trying to finish writing the rest of the songs for the cd me and my friend are making. We are trying to make the sounds sound as amazing as possible with the lyrics as blah blah blah as possible. Lyrics to me don't make up what music is. Lyrics are fun, cool...whatever. but sometimes they can ruin the feel you have during a song. The structure of the songs are coming together fine. We are working on finishing out the guitars and banging out the tambourines. I have to add the harmonica in when I get a chance. Its just I thought this would be a lot easier...although i've stepped away from creating music for awhile now. Thats exactly why. The name of our group/band whatever is "Someone's Hero". We draw a lot of our influence from Brand New, Kool and the Gang, Sunny Day Real Estate and a little Darkest Hour. Its fun. I am glad to be a part of this little diddy. I'm hoping to get a myspace/facebook account up soon for "Someone's Hero" asap. and I'm going to try to get some of our songs up there.
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03/01/09 at 09:32 AM by andrewjman
Its really sad but the thing I'm most looking forward to in the coming months is Bonnaroo. I'm really hoping to just be able to get in to the music. I hate when people around you NEVER get in to the music. You'll be standing next to someone and they'll be trying to sit somewhere like its act 3 in romeo and juliet. Move! Get in to it. I don't know maybe thats just me. I can't wait to meet new people and just have a lot of fun! I want the rest of the bands to be announced already :(

Something tells me The Mars Volta are going to just rock out! I hope so I've never seen them live! I know Portugal. The Man is going to be amazing live. Coheed and Cambria is just plain old rock so its not like they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. Which is fine, they'll still be fun to see. Andrew Bird is going to be amazing, I'm sure. Ahhhh, well I won't go through all the bands that I like going there. I just hope theres a band or two where i'm floored and after bonnaroo rush to pick up their CD!
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Poetry from High School...how amazing...ly bad.
02/27/09 at 05:44 PM by andrewjman

I've watched the spring, and flowers bloom.
Pedals open to capture dew.
Stems collapse from water weight,
all I can do is watch and wait.
The rain floods soil, the earth erodes.
Grass grows thick through cracks on roads.
Puddles dry and form new earth,
nature sells more than its worth.
Rivers carry life and death
to feed the rich and starve the rest.
Summers glory is coming soon
to add the salt to open wounds.
To open sinuses and gasp for air,
the heat magnifies the sweaty flesh it bares.
A quiet town, an open field.
A smell of buried dead is hard to seal.
A murder ends a best friends wish,
his lies are sleeping with the fish.
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Whats going on in my life.
02/26/09 at 10:03 AM by andrewjman
So I figured I'm going to write a blog here and there describing whats going on in my life.

This is going to be a whats going on/introduction as to who I am type of blog:

I am waiting for my laptop to be shipped, It was really expensive so I am currently broke.
I ended up paying not only mine, but 3 of my friends bonnaroo tickets under the payment plan, so I have to make sure not to spend money.
I can't wait until the new mewithoutYou, Brand New, Portugal. The Man and Cursive CDs come out! i know there are a few other bands I'm looking forward to as well. but those are the main ones.
I'm probably going to be a hermit for the rest of my life. hahaha
I love parties, but I also hate them. Probably a lot more hate than love.
I enjoy being around nature such as Skyline Drive, any areas with mountains is amazing!
I'm kind of quiet, but I can be loud once you get to know me.
"Soul to Squeeze" by Red Hot Chili Peppers is my favorite song, followed closely by "In the Light" from Led Zeppelin.

Thats about all right now!
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