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Another Day
02/10/07 at 07:45 PM by PurpleSneaker
All alone, tara just went to bed, ima go sleep in a sec too.
I just really want to talk to this girl im in love with...
I'm so happy offline messaging barely works with mercury, or I'd had done something foolish by now...^^
Omg im so close to screaming I Love You right now...
I love having crushes!!!
Or beeing in love.
Time shall tell, which one I am blessed with this time.
Peace out, Cthulhu Fthagn, あしてる, おやすみなさい!!
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02/10/07 at 06:48 PM by PurpleSneaker
Whyyyy don't you go out and play hide and go fuck yourself?

So. Somewhat; problem aborted. Methinks. I'm in love. p.q

Scary no...

So I changed from Shiver to The Cranberries!

Mahaha, guess it's just a crush.

But I miss the person.
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02/10/07 at 04:20 PM by PurpleSneaker
I really don't...
I just want to talk to her right now...
And to maylin... The latter, I don't know why...
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02/10/07 at 03:19 PM by PurpleSneaker
Hello people. So this is freaky.
i didn't know my best friend thought we weren't friends any more.
Who am i kidding btw. No one but her is going to read this.
A while ago, I saw Shiver by Coldplay as the song of my life.
I changed my mind, as I thought my relationship with her was better.
Now I can't stop listening to it.
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02/10/07 at 01:19 PM by PurpleSneaker
I wrote a really long entry last morning/evening/night, but then i forgot it and turned off my computer. So that's for that. Not that you care. After hours of looking on the internet, I stumbled upon the keyboard preferences, so now I can write in 5000 alphabets of which I understand barely any.
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02/07/07 at 11:59 AM by PurpleSneaker
Haha...That last entry...Yeah...As if...I'm just going to go on living life my own way.
Pfft. As if I'd ever actually do those things...
Hahaha............................. ......

6 hours later...O___o

MIYAVI!!!! <33333 omg...

just..hes so cute!!
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02/05/07 at 01:02 PM by PurpleSneaker
Shiver is the official anthem of my life at the moment. And yes, I'm cocopuff...
I was thinking some more and realized that adapting really is the best.
At least everyone else will be happy, and I won't have to worry.
After all, how many times have I not said I live for my friends?
So I could just as well contribute this life to them.
Werther or not they'll accept it is a totally different question.
Oh my god I love Coldplay. They're one of the best bands in the world.
"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people,
than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."
Dale Carnegie
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02/04/07 at 05:26 PM by PurpleSneaker
Does she hate me again? I dont know. Why would she? I dont know.
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02/04/07 at 09:47 AM by PurpleSneaker
I'm not sure I miss my old life but I know I'm looking forward to see the future. Things change, mostly for the worse. I'm too lazy to do anything or care about it,
but I think about those days I've lost due to my shortcomings, and maybe those of my friends.
But I can't blame anyone else. And especially not my friends. For it is for them that I have stayed.
No one is perfect. We differ from each other, did we not, could we not exist. At least not coexist. These things, where we differ, they can make life and relations hard for us. And we all change too.
If we didn't, we'd be keeping our faults for the rest of our lives.
That is, assuming we have any, at the time we stop changing.
Assuming then, that we can stop changing. It's in the human nature to change ourselves and everything and everyone else. We prefere to change other things to fit our perfect little world where we rule and others follow. Or maybe you have a diferent perfect world.
Thinking about it, in my perfect world, I wouldn't rule, but rather sit by.
I would have no use for ruling anyway. But now, as I live my life in this one world, I have a choice. Make my own perfect world, or live in that of others.
How then do I know what is my perfect world? I don't. I have no idea.
Or well. It might be one where I have achieved total enlightenment. But the path there is not one which my will power could endure.
It could be simply living my life alongside my friends,
but I know sooner or later I will disappoint them, again.
I change too much, I think. I adapt to peoples wishes and their perfect worlds.
And neither they, nor I, know what that perfect world is. Hence, I stagger along in their trails.
There are, ofcourse, people I don't want to be like.
Confucius once said:
"When you see a good man, try to emulate his example,
and when you see a bad man, search yourself for his faults."
I try to do that, and I do it a lot, I do nothing but it. I have a friend,
he says I adhere to much to other people's wishes. He said, when I told him I wasn't going to do pot cos my friend didn't want me to, that I was a sissy, that I was stupid, and so on.
Screw him I don't need drugs. Don't ·need·, but don't dislike in any way.
I know people who do, and i can't understand why. But I respect that. Seems some people hate drugs more then they like me. Okay. Fine. I like them ore then I like drugs, so I'll adapt.
What was my old self?
I don't know.
What is my current self?
I don't know.
What will my future self be?
I don't know.
Will I ever know? I have been thinking of recording my different periods of..things.
Like, what kind of music I listen to at times, how my life is going, and so on.
Actually, I'm going to do that now, on a stickie.

an hour or two later
I like talking about philosophy, I like thinking about life.
Does that make me a philosopher, or simply human?
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02/02/07 at 01:49 PM by PurpleSneaker
Ive read Tao Te King. I felt like I had found something perfect for me. Then I read Chuang Tzu. It ruined it all. It sounds just like the Cultural Revolution all over again; and thats porboably because the Cultural Revolution was based around the concept of Tao and the texts of Chuang Tzu. I could give up on some of the good things of life and so on, but the concept of completely eradicating art, music, and so on from the face of the earth seems quite distant to me. I know, that one does not need them to live, rather the contrary that they make living harder. But to give up on them completely seems so silly... I'm quite sure that Lao Tzu said somewhere that it isn't good to be an ascetic, and I know that he said that one should take everything in moderation. So why not also music and art? Why exclude them from our lives?

Sorry if you dont understand a word I'm saying, I barely do either.
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Hundredth unread entry.
02/02/07 at 12:10 PM by PurpleSneaker
···:Yay me:···
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The wind that shakes the barley
02/02/07 at 12:07 PM by PurpleSneaker
I sat within the valley green
I sat me with my true love.
My sad heart strove the two between
The old love and the new love.
The old for her the new
That made me think on Ireland dearly.
While soft the wind blew down the glade
and shook the golden barley.

T'was hard the woeful words to frame
To break the ties that bound us.
But harder still to bear the shame
of foreign chains around us.
And so I said the mountain glen
I'll meet at morning early.
And I'll join the bold united men
While soft winds shook the barley.

T'was sad I kissed away her tears
My fond arm round her flinging.
When a foe, man's shot burst on our ears
>From out the wild woods ringing.
A bullet pierced my true love's side
In live's young spring so early.
And on my breast in blood she died
While soft winds shook the barley.

But blood for blood without remorse
I've ta'en at oulart hollow.
I've lain my true love's clay like corpse
Where I full soon must follow.
Around her grave I've wandered drear
Noon, night, and morning early.
With breaking heart when e'er I hear
The wind that shakes the barley

And no, t'is not by me.
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02/02/07 at 08:23 AM by PurpleSneaker
The best lbum ever, Gladiator by Dead Can Dance. Get it.
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¡Why don't you...
01/31/07 at 01:44 PM by PurpleSneaker
Why don't you take some time and think shit through?
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my journal sucks
01/28/07 at 04:17 PM by PurpleSneaker
Im going to stay up watching bleach and reading D&D i think... call me a geek..I wont object.
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