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Key Wii's Blog
The Beginning
09/07/10 at 09:12 AM by Key Wii
All right, I have begun my Music Business program at my college and realized that besides knowing the greatest things on earth, if you didn't eat breakfast that morning, it can be very boring. Listing the revolutionary technologies can sound a bit fun, for a music buff like myself, but keeping awake as we go down the list, dating them, noting what they were used for - God, I was this close to slamming my head on the table. But hey, that's just the Survey of Music Business class. I still have the Record Industry, and my Piano Class I to look forward to. Oh what joy.
So I'm thinking today I finish the homework I started, grab a bite to eat, listen to the new 'Hurley' album on MySpace, get to class, rush out to get to an Abercrombie and Fitch interview, guzzle down coffee, and try and make it to the last class of the day.
And while I'm at the mall trying to impress a room full of white, Laguna Beach fans, I'll check out the new iPhone at the Apple store.
Viva la musica.
Key Zen Wii
Tags: Music Business, A & R, Abercrombie and Fitch
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08/17/10 at 06:19 PM by Key Wii
As I reluctantly rode down Houston into the finest ghetto there is, I held no real greatness for the evening.
The only high point was that the car smelled of shampoo, due to the spice being smoked out of an apple, the great amount of Four Lokos, and the case of Keystone waiting at the condo. By the time I gathered that all these things were high points, I was too fucked up to realize that I broke my curfew the minute I stepped outside my door.
We partied.
We played games.
We ran and rode bikes, those of us who were in their right minds to operate a bicycle, down the street for a cigarette run.
Around two or three I called out to my new friend who drove us out there to take me back home. He and the others contested, claiming that we were having a great time. We were, but I knew the missed calls from my brother, father, and mother told me something else.
On the ride back, wind in our hair, cigarette smoke clouding the car, spice being loaded into the apple by the driver, I hear this musically magical melody make its way through my eardrum.
If there's any song that could cap an evening as great as last night's, then Free Energy's "Bang Pop" certainly takes that prize and flaunts it. Kind of glad that I wasn't drunk enough to ignore the song while it played the entire ride home.
I love the power of new music.
Tags: Free Energy, Drunk, Music
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My 11:11
08/11/10 at 11:53 AM by Key Wii
This past week I reluctantly picked a major and decided to enlist in my community college's Music Business Program. I gave into a side-dream I've had for years to throw my main man to the side, hoping that someone will recognize my writing before the time I'm 20.
Well, now I'm in the library, trying to gather information on my new career choice and found the light.
Years ago, I knew what it meant to be involved in music. The sound of something created with a thousand and one details plunging through your hand-me-down headphones is what interested me in becoming apart of the music world.
I must say, I was pretty disheartened by the idea of taking fifty classes on music and learning about it all, but as I sit in my public library, reading Rolling Stone's issue 1111, and listening to songs like Say Anything's "Girlfriend," Paramore's "Turn it Off," and Jimmy Eat World's "Let it Happen" I realized that I wanted to be apart of that. Before I made it a career choice, I wanted it to be the most fun I'll ever have in my entire life. I believed that taking the plunge into this very exciting and diverse world, then maybe I can have my cake and eat it too (do something I love, and make money).
I adore this feeling that came across me. I adore that I can always go back and think, "This is what I love. This is what I love to do," and easily be persuaded into staying, sticking it through to see the bountiful results of my labor. Well, I haven't labored yet, but I know it'll be hard work trying to make a footprint in this gigantic industry millions strive to succeed in daily.
To those out there who think "What's the point?" or those who are on the verge of giving up; don't. Just keep you're head high and you'll see in the end the immense self-reward that will come through with you following what you believe in.
See? Now you have one more person in your corner. That's one more than I have at the moment.

-- Key Zen Wii
Tags: Rolling Stones, Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Say Anything, Inspiration, A & R
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My iTunes is on Shuffle.
08/07/10 at 11:44 PM by Key Wii
(Wow, really happy that Absolute Punk has Book Antiqua as a font. I'm in writer-heaven right now).

Alright, here's the skinny: I am stuck in between dreams at the moment.
Before I turned eighteen, I was given the ultimatum to either succumb to the tragic and unfair rules of my mother, or collect my things and leave. Of course I stayed.
No brainer I would stay. But, here's the dilemma, she's determined to make my life a living-hell since I came up with the plan to move out within a year. You would think she'd be stoked - Opposite reaction.
I was yelled at, and eventually confined to my room. In the depth of night, I thought hard, "How come I am being sent to my room? How come I am being treated as a child?"
In her eyes, I am. And not until a month ago, I was viewed as one by Texas law - maybe.
As one of her "rules," she said I must go to school. I was stuck between not going and going just to become a writer.
I write well enough, but I would like that degree in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa to say that I am. Too much hard work. For a while, my determination deteriorated and I was bent on bumming my way through life.
Eh; not the way to go, I must say.
And while I was figuring if years of various English classes was worth the piece of paper at the end of my three year journey, this stunning alternative future appeared to me.
Should I become an A & R Representative?
Tags: Writing, Writer, Music, A & R
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.. And Then It Vibrated
08/13/09 at 09:56 PM by Key Wii
As I was seconds away from losing my job before getting onto the sales floor, my cell vibrated and alerted me of a text. My long time friend noted one thing that jolted me from my seat in a stuffy orientation room in the ass of Target. The message hailed: Wanna go to the Say Anything concert Nov. 16 with everyone? Once read, I silently screamed and scared the person next to me. I apologized and texted away during the "Prevent Sales Theft" video I wouldn't have watched anyway. Although I'm one happy fan attending a long-ways-from-now concert, I'm conjuring feelings to steal the cute, little samples in the back.

Album 4, Unreleased; Graphics? Title? Or Not Needed?
Tags: say anything, the matches, target, theft
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Music Mends Broken Hearts...
03/16/09 at 12:54 PM by Key Wii
Of all honesty, I'm very excited to join the community. The in and outs, up and downs, and suspiciously informed network of AP if boiling over with music. Genre here. Artist there. Insert good comment right after bad comment way over there. It's a website of music overload, and I think I like it.
But my mission is to explore and be well known with the music scene. (Hate that word.) So if there's a band, I'm probably listening to it. And if it's something I'm a fan of, I probably already have it. :)

(Music mends broken hearts...)
Tags: Newbie
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