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No Rest For The Wicked
New Backstage Sessions Tomorrow
07/07/09 at 09:57 PM by Steve Henderson
Shooting some Backstage Sessions with Closure in Moscow tomorrow. Should be good stuff.
Tags: backstage sessions, closure in moscow
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06/29/09 at 08:09 PM by Steve Henderson
I had my iPod on random driving home today, and Jimmy Eat World came on three times in a row. "23", "Polaris". and "Here It Goes." Such incredible songs, all of them. It is amazing that people will listen to shitty pop punk bands and call it summer music, when any of JEWs albums are a much more satisfying listen.
Tags: jimmy eat world
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Absolute 100 - Recommendations
06/26/09 at 06:37 PM by Steve Henderson
If you guys have recommendations for smaller or unsigned bands I should check out for consideration in this year's Absolute 100, let me know. I have a few in mind I want to feature as my picks, but I'll definitely have some openings.
Tags: absolute 100, feature
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06/22/09 at 11:43 AM by Steve Henderson
What did these guys do to draw the ire of what seems like everyone on the site? They did what seemed like the impossible, when their S/T album lived up to the expectations I had for it. It seems like when it came out, some people just hated on it to be contrary, now people talk shit on the band whenever there is a news post.

I understand they take forever between records and can be inconsistent live. But is it just me or do they get WAY more shit than they deserve here?
Tags: saosin
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First Impressions: Anchor & Braille - Felt
06/18/09 at 12:06 PM by Steve Henderson

I try to avoid getting all gushy over albums whenever I can, but there is no getting around it with this one. I have listened to Anchor & Braille's Felt about 7 times through by now, and it is an incredible record. For people that don't know, this is Stephen Christian of Anberlin's side project, and features guest vocals, mixing, and production by Aaron Marsh.

Overall, the album is, in a word, gorgeous. It essentially sounds like Stephen singing to what could be a new Copeland record, and the result works very well.We all know Christian's vocals are are nicely suited for the harder anthems of Anberlin, but man, he can croon with the best of them. And hearing him tag team with Marsh on tracks like "Like Steps In a Dance" is really quite special.

The entire album is worth listening to - no filler whatsoever. Lyrics are especially solid, along with everything else, which really completes the experience. I would be surprised if this wasn't in my top 3 at the end of the year.
Tags: anchor and braille, anberlin, copeland, first impressions
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Top 10 of 2009 (So Far)
06/14/09 at 01:49 PM by Steve Henderson
Here are my Top 10 albums and Top 5 EPs so far this year. Very likely to change, since the second half of the year might be even better than the first.

1) Dredg The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
2) The Dear Hunter Act III: Life and Death
3) Closure in Moscow First Temple
4) The Damnwells One Last Century
5) Barcelona Absolutes
6) Therefore I Am The Sound of Human Lives
7) Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
8) Maria Taylor - LadyLuck
9) Chase Pagan Bells & Whistles
10) Passion Pit - Manners

1) Fly Upright Kite - Weightless
2) Mark Rose The Greatest Lakes
3) One for the Team Build a Garden
4) City Escape Avalanches
5) Death Cab for Cutie Open Door
Tags: top 10, list
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Funniest Commercial Ever?
06/13/09 at 04:22 PM by Steve Henderson
I keep seeing this on TV, and it makes me laugh my ass off every time.

Tags: commercial, funny
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Life and Death
06/04/09 at 06:47 PM by Steve Henderson
The Tank

Tags: the dear hunter, exclusive, absolutexclusive
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Third Eye Blind Interview
06/01/09 at 10:36 PM by Steve Henderson
Check it out - here is my interview with Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind.
Tags: third eye blind, interview
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Third Eye Blind in Chicago
05/30/09 at 08:08 PM by Steve Henderson
Getting to see Third Eye Blind for the second time this week was pretty sweet - always glad to have a chance to head to Chicago. The band put on a hell of a show, and the crowd was really into it as well. The afterparty at The Underground was absolutely insane...Brad (3eb DJed and drummed) and Ben Gordon from the Bulls was partying there last night.

In summary, great concert + great friend + good party + tons of beer = great weekend.

Big thanks to Mimi and the band for taking care of everything for me.
Tags: third eye blind, chicago
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Only In America
05/29/09 at 06:10 AM by Steve Henderson
Leave it to Americans to develop something like this. Act now, because it is Amazon's Gold Box Deal today!

Don't worry, dieters...it comes in Lite versions. And I only wish I was making this one up:

Tags: amazon, fat americans, baconnaise
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How's It Gonna Be...
05/28/09 at 09:00 PM by Steve Henderson
Heading to Chicago tomorrow to see Third Eye Blind again...hopefully followed up by some consumption of tasty beverages with some friends. It has been a while since I have been this into a band's live show - these guys had an effect on the crowd I haven't seen since Say Anything a few years ago.
Tags: third eye blind, say anything, chicago
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Fucking Scalpers
05/28/09 at 07:19 AM by Steve Henderson
Trying to get tickets for the Blink 182 show in Cincinnati has reminded me why I hate going to big shows...they bring out all the scalpers. This is downright absurd:

Tags: blink 182, rant, scalpers
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First Impressions: Therefore I Am - The Sound of Human Lives
05/27/09 at 12:01 PM by Steve Henderson

Just got through a first listen of the new Therefore I Am record, and quite simply put - it kicks ass. I have always liked these guys but never honestly thought of them as having the potential for huge success and acceptance. The Sound of Human Lives should change all that. These guys stepped it up impressively for the LP, and it shows. Poorman's production has never sounded better too.

Think the energy of old Thrice mixed with newer Underoath, but still a lot of melodic charm, and you'll have a good idea what to expect here.
Tags: therefore i am, first impressions
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Recent Music Purchases
05/26/09 at 05:47 AM by Steve Henderson
I decided to pick up some new and new/old albums off Amazon MP3 this weekend, since I was kind of bored with the music I had been listening to lately. Here is what I got:

[Passion Pit - Manners] Got this one off Drew's recommendation, and since Amazon had it for $2.99, it was a no-brainer. Seems like it will be a good summertime album...looking forward to digging into this more.

[Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix] After seeing these guys kill it on SNL, I was really looking forward to picking this up. It certainly does not disappoint - sounds great overall.

[Third Eye Blind - Blue] I don't know what happened to my copy, but I needed to have this again. The record still sounds current and fresh, just like the rest of 3eb's material. While it might be one of the band's least popular albums, it is definitely up there with their best offerings.
Tags: recommendation, third eye blind, phoenix, passion pit, recent purchases
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