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lauren1234's Blog
Can someone answer me this?
07/23/09 at 11:18 PM by lauren1234
So I just read someone's opinion on buying music and it got me thinking. Ok, so yes a lot of people will download music for free and not think twice about it. But, when a new movie comes out to theaters people jump at the chance to see said movie. The cost of seeing a movie at a movie theatre these days is anywhere from $7-10. So why not skip out on seeing that movie right away and instead, buy a cd from a band that you downloaded their stuff for free. No one ever thinks twice about dropping cash to go see a movie when it costs around the same as buying a cd does. Yet most no longer want to pay to buy the music they listen to. Going to see a movie only lasts for however long the movie is but spending the same amount on an album will last you however long you want it to. I'm not saying don't go to the movies or anything like that because that would just be silly. It just bugs me that people will download free music all day and then go spend money that could have used to buy one album on something like going to see a movie, which nowadays is overpriced anyways. I know I haven't really gotten to my question yet, just me talking. Question is, why do you think people have no problem spending almost $10 to see a movie but will not the music they listen to?

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Can you suggest some bands?
07/23/09 at 09:29 PM by lauren1234
Here recently I have found myself only wanting to listen to my favorite bands. I used to listen to a lot of different bands every day but then I just got sick of them. But I want to find some new music that I might not be able to find on my own. Plus I don't want to keep continuing to only listen to 6 bands a day. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of bands to listen to. I will listen and give all of them a chance :)
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One band
07/18/09 at 11:30 PM by lauren1234
A little while ago, for about a month, the only band I listened to was The Starting Line. I tried to listen to bands other than them but it just seemed impossible. Every morning I would listen to Say It Like You Mean It and Based On A True Story while getting ready for school. At school I would pretty much only listen to Say It Like You Mean It. At that time the lyrics to those two albums just clicked with me and I just couldn't find myself to listen to any other band. On occasion I would listen to Direction and the 2 EP's but not near as much as the other two albums. Eventually I found myself back to listening to other bands. Surprisingly, though, I never once got sick of listening to The Starting Line. I can listen to those albums now and not get sick of them. No matter how many times I play any of their albums I find myself not being able to stop listening til the whole album is over and I never get sick of them.

Any bands/albums you can listen to constantly and never get sick of? Or a similar situation to mine, where you found yourself only listening to one band for a certain period of time?
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Getting hurt at shows
07/17/09 at 03:53 PM by lauren1234
I can't even begin to count how many times at shows I have gotten hurt. Crowdsurfers being thrown and landing on my head, crowdsurfers kicking their feet and kicking me in the head, getting elbowed/punched in the face in the pit, almost spraining my ancle, stuff like that. Just yesterday I went to see Rise Against and this girl just got picked up to crowdsurf and as she passed over me she kicked me in the face and then I got knocked into this guy and the side of my head rammed into his shoulder. That one hurt the most out of almost every other knock to the head at a show.

What experiences do you have when it comes to getting hurt at shows?
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First bands you remember listening to
07/16/09 at 12:34 PM by lauren1234
What is one of the first bands you remember listening to? Mine is New Found Glory waaaay back in the day when I was 10 years old and in 5th grade. Now I am 17 and a senior in high school. I remember the day when I got the album Sticks And Stones. I asked for it for my birthday and my dad got it for me. I remember the days when someone would ask me what I want for my birthday or christmas and it would always be a list of cd's. I miss those days. Now everything is digital and very few even give a shit about cd's, much less even paying for music. I actually remember every time I bought a new NFG album. Going to Borders in 2004 right after Catalyst was released and paying close to $17 for that cd. Anticipating the final school bell to ring on March 10th of this year just so I could go to Target to get a copy of Not Without A Fight. Then rushing to my car, ripping off the plastic and putting the cd into my car stereo.

Anyone else have memories like these that you will never forget?
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Chosing one show over another
07/16/09 at 02:14 AM by lauren1234
I usually would not post something like this but I feel the need for this one.
A few months ago I found out that Rise Against was going on tour and I got really excited because I had missed them every other time they have come to town. Shortly after that I found out that Ace Enders/Person L and The Dangerous Summer are also coming to town. Hell of a line up for a show. But just my luck that the two shows are on the same day. What the fuck. Ever since I found this out it has been a constant debate with myself trying to chose which show to go to. Rise Against and Rancid I have never seen before and I feel as though I have to take this opportunity to see them now. Ace Enders, Person L and The Dangerous Summer, is also a show I feel that I should attend. Again, what the fuck. Honestly, the main reason I want to go to the BBQ accross America tour is for Person L, I want to see/talk to Kenny again. But of course I want to see Ace and The Dangerous Summer as well. I could go on and on about this internal debate. I chose Rise Against and Rancid. I can't stop thinking about the other line up, though. The show is today and I hope it does not dissapoint. I wish there was a way I could go to both of these shows. It's really bothering me that I had to chose one over the other. Rise Against and Rancid better be all that I am expecting it to be because I gave up another chance to get to see/talk to Kenny Vasoli. Might I add that he is such an inspiration to me. I feel like either show I would have chosen, I would end up wishing I had gone to the other show.

Which show would you have chosen to go to?
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