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Teen Angst Bullshit
When Ever Will Green Day Announce Who's Supporting Them??
09/09/09 at 04:27 PM by sheslostcontrol
Just posting to update on my excitement for these coming months - aside from the current bane of my exsitence, Green Day not announcing who's supporting them! Alas, it kills me to have this uncertainty!

To continue:

In roughly chronological order, the main reasons for this excitement are as follows:

1. Monday, 14th September - Meeting (and hanging out with) You Me At Six!!
2. Saturday, 26th September - All Time Low, The Audition + The Friday Night Boys Gig (can't wait for this one!!)
3. Monday 19th October - Greenday + Unconfirmed support acts
4. 10th December - Paramore + You Me At Six (maybe New Found Glory too, uncomfirmed?)

Gah, I'm so excited!! The only downer to my amazing musical ventures (which could be added to, I'm still working out kinks) is that I've got pre-lims in November, aside from that, with Work Experience (writing, of course), working on my script which is being performed in January at a real live theatre (Oh my God!!!), and the general amazingness of Christmastime and just being a young, happy teenager, this is shaping up to be one amazing year!!

The only big disappointment so far has been missing a few EPIC gigs because of prior commitments. Like Young Guns, You Me At Six, Biffy Clyro and Taking Back Sunday, but there's always next year!!

Oh, and I'm still waiting on Green Day announcing their support act. You'd expect they would have seeing as there's a month and a bit until the big night, their opening of their EU tour . . .

I just pray to God it's not Kaiser Chiefs. Their Indie and quite crap. It would be shameful if they supported Green Day over here.

Ah, well. Rock stars. What do you expect?
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I'm meeting You Me At Six!!!
09/05/09 at 05:19 AM by sheslostcontrol
I am overly happy today, for one single reason, that despite all the crap that's going on arround me - keeps me feeling on top of the world. That one single reason involves a certain band whom I absolutely adore and have seen two times but have yet to meet. That is, You Me At Six. Hopefully you'll be aware of who they are by now, being that they were on the Warped Tour, and have been around in the UK music magazine Kerrang! for quite some time now. They're literally on the cusp of hitting it BIG, and I'm getting to meet them!
Now before I write more you must understand that this isn't a normal meeting. It's not a meeting-them-after-a-gig meeting, nor is it just several moments at a signing. It is at a signing, but it's not several moments.
You see my father used to work for a record label, 3MV, that are now defunct. He knew loads of bands before they hit it big and he's still good mates with Snow Patrol and has known Shirley Manson since he was a teenager, therefore he had a lot of friends who are connected. One of these friends happens to own a record store in which YMAS are performing and signing, and we're going round to the shop on the signing to meet them before the signing starts, stay for the signing and then hang about for awhile after. Basically, I'm spending some blissful hours hanging with some gorgeous young rockstars!!!
I've never loved my dads strange friends so much before, nor, I'm certain, have I loved my dad so much! The anticipation is just too much, and it's not even this week, it's a week on Monday! How can I wait that long??? I'll be posting pictures and stuff probably to back up my story, as I know that many people could assume this is a work of fiction, but it's not.
I just can't wait to meet Josh - yes, I'm a Josh fangirl, what do you expect? - and the rest of the guys. It's going to be fucking amazing.
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My New Favourite Film . . .
09/05/09 at 03:52 AM by sheslostcontrol

(500) Days of Summer

Yesterday I had the privalledge of going to see (500) Days of Summer. Ever since I heard about this film, noting that it stared two of my favourite people and featured great music, I was enticed to see it.
It didn't disappoint. Funny, romantic, heartbreaking, realistic, it's everything a good film should be, and top that off with a rocking soundtrack, and you've got quite easily one of my favourite films of not only the year, but of ever. I can't get it out of my mind, from it's sweet, moments to the scenes in which Tom realises that real love isn't always going to run smoothly, and that we can't just make someone fall in love with us.
Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are a pair made in film heaven, playing off one another and skillfully playing their complex, interesting characters almost flawlessly. With both of them giving the romance meaning and feeling, making it seem one of the truest portrayls of romance I've ever seen. Summer and Tom are pulled togther by their love for the Smiths and the obvious attraction between them, although this film is a romantic comedy of sorts, I'm not sure that that label gives it all the credit it deserves. It's funny from the very first moment, right up until the last line, and of course very romantic, but it's real and honest, and not all happy-go-lucky and fluffy the whole time. I think it's the integrity that it holds that makes it so good, we're so used to seeing a Hollywood love story, that the refreshing change of a realistic love story is wonderful.
I'd recommend that everyone goes and sees this, if you haven't already, it's a truly great film.
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Can't you just SHUT UP?
07/16/09 at 02:52 PM by sheslostcontrol
NOTE: this is completely for purposes of a rant about my friend, musical blogging will come later.

Sometimes I wish some people would just shut up when they want to get something off their chest. Ergo: if you're about to spoil my entire evening, just SHUT UP and keep it locked. As if my life wasn't complicated enough (and I mean this in the best mornic teenage 'there isn't really a problem' way), I get dumped with other peoples 'confessions'. You know how annoying it is when you're looking for a quiet night in, maybe listening to some killer tracks, writing some chapters of your ongoing novel, watching a nice film about killing people - and than WHAM. Gone are those plans, errupting into millions of little fragments of the long and winding road called 'What Could Have Happened'. The person who stopped my amazing plans was my good friend, Kayla, who I'm not going to change the name of because she doesn't need any sort of protection. Kayla decided to call me at 22:34 on a Thursday night, with her problems. These problems are incredibly private and could ruin friendships, but because I'm so pissed off at her for dumping these onto me, they're getting posted (it's not like anyone involved comes on here, oh no, they like 'real music'). Kayla has done the day-old incredibly bad deed, that a best friend should never do. She's been sneaking around with her best friends boyfriend, and since she needs a third party observer, she decides I'm the perfect candidate because apparently, 'I'm brave'. I don't know what bravery has to do with this situation but I garner she is referring to my ability to talk with complete integrity and the fact that I never shy away from stating my opinion. In short, she wants someone who's going to attempt to beat some sense into her.
She's chosen a bad night for this.
I not only pumelled some sense into her, but I went as far as to be the good friend I am, and claim that I will tell the best friend in question of the taboo Kayla has been engrossing herself in, if she doesn't stop it. Obviously, not what Kayla, wanted. She wanted a shoulder to blissfully weep on, and tell all her problems to, an agony aunt of sorts, who'd give a half-hearted attempt to unravel the problems, offer some meaningful advice, but someone who won't actually involve themselves in any of this and do anything to stop her.
Kayla surely doesn't know me if she thinks I'd let her sneak around with someone elses boyfriend, quite happily. How naive my friends can be.
I don't think I've quite cleared myself of utter anger and annoyance at her for deciding I'm the perfect candidate to wrap up in her sneaking around, but now she' got me involved, she can bank on it that I won't let this deed go unnoticed.
Call me a bad friend, but it's the right thing to do when someones doing something she never should be doing, with a boy that neither of the girls are worth - and for what? That happy, glowy, gushy feeling called "love"? Call me a cynic but I don't think "love" is measured in how many love bites you get, or the fact that the person thinks your, quote, "fit". Love is much much more than that and something I've yet to see in any shape of form coming off this "guy". The kind of "love" that Kayla is claiming lasts about as long as my ability to listen to Kayla's sort of music. That'll be about five minutes then, or less.

Rant sort of over, only not quite. Tune in next time for more teen angst bullshit. Without a body count.

Or maybe something relevant? Doubt you'll get it from my rants!
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