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I Exist As I Am
Welcome to my Life
01/25/11 at 09:28 PM by owiseone35
So while Ashley sleeps I’ll try recounting what the heck I’ve been up to (as if anyone cares in the first place bit I digress). First off, I can’t live with Ashley next year because her parents don’t want her living with just me. Which she’s more bummed out about than I am. She practically lives with me wherever I am at anyway, so I bet things aren’t going to change all that much. Secondly, I may be able to graduate in 4 years which excited my parents. I’ve been looking up internships like crazy and will take anything I can get. Ashley’s been looking up some internships as well and hopefully she’ll get one in DC and possibly live at my house for the summer. I’d love to introduce her to some of my high school friends for once.

Last night Ashley and I wound up going to dinner with her friend Britney who realized she’s pregnant. I didn’t know Britney very well, but I had to go and meet Britney’s baby’s daddy, Jay. Before heading out to dinner Ashley gave me a couple tips about what not to say. Well in awkward moments I ended up asking those questions, and thank goodness Britney and Jay were so open about that stuff or I would’ve gotten grilled when I got back home.

One conversation I remember from last night happened when Britney went to the bathroom and Ashley awkwardly refused to accompany her. Isn’t it against some female code for a girl to go to the bathroom by themselves? Anyway, being a guy I had to know if Jay used a condom or not. With a twisted face he said, “Nah, man I didn’t have one so I just…well you know.” In disgust Ashley just shrugged her shoulders and called us imbeciles. I then proceeded to ask him what his mindset was when he heard Britney was pregnant. With a puzzled face he said, “I cried, but then I was happy..weird feeling you know? Imagine just all your dreams being put on hold because of this, it’s rough dude.” After a couple moments of silence and only me bringing up the vanishing act that Britney pulled, Ashley had to ask Jay, “You think you love her?” The dude reflected the question and asked me, “You ever love anybody?” Ashley interrupted (she saved me) and changed the conversation to the Ultimate Frisbee tournament my team lost this past weekend. Britney ended up coming back with tears in her eyes and mad make-up running down her face. Ashley says Britney didn’t even go to the bathroom but just needed to cry her emotions out. Dinner then ran smoothly. Jay tried comforting Britney, Britney declined and said she was alright and Ashley just gave me dirty looks every time I opened my mouth.

That evening we kind of went to a congratulatory, “Hey You’re Pregnant Party.” The party was a total disaster. All the girls cried. Jay, some Asian kid and I were the only guys there and we just chilled watching TV. I tried comforting Mrs. Ashley but she hates when I try being her shoulder to cry upon so I just walked away. Sitting on the couch with the 2 boys, some blonde girl with white hair and blue eyes starts crying and sits on the Asian kids lap. The short blonde girl is balling, and I can’t look away. The blonde girl eventually tells me to stop staring at her but I can’t. I look through my phone to find the name of the girl I grew up with that looks exactly like her, I look at the phone number (that I know by heart by the way because I’ve been calling it since this chick I grew up with first got it). Scroll up from the S’s to text Ashley with something just as simple as a heart. She then walks in the room laughs and says, “We are leaving.” On the ride home she giggles and says, “you better get me something good for Valentine’s day then.”
Maybe everything really is right in front of me.
Tags: Life, College, Fun
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2010 Album of the Year List
12/02/10 at 01:52 PM by owiseone35
1. Frightened Rabbit- The Winter of Mixed Drinks
2. Wale- More About Nothing Mixtape
3. Tokyo Police Club- Champ
4. Josh Ritter- So Runs The World Away
5. Gaslight Anthem- American Slang
6. Parades- Foreign Tapes
7. Fang Island- Fang Island
8. The Riot Before- Rebellion
9. The Forecast- The Forecast
10. Eminem- Recovery

As for the rest of this post I'll add songs I've been rocking lately.

After being so obsessed with Fang Island for a while I tried getting into instrumental music. I don't get it, most of it is so boring.
Tags: EOTY, banging, List
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I Just Don't Look Good in Black
11/04/10 at 08:19 PM by owiseone35
You know I remember when I first came to this site and was one of those people that hated on pop music and bitched about mainstream artists being being covered on this site. Thank goodness I'm not that kid anymore. While I still visit this site for news I barely post anymore just because I feel like somehow 20 is pretty old on this site. I also come here for the laughs. I mean come on a kid who lists Miss May I and A Day to Remember as their favorite bands giving crap to people who like Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift, I mean really? Not to say I am judging at all, it's just odd.

Maybe since I was never socially awkward I don't understand some of the people on this site and their choices of favorite bands. Don't take that as a dig at anybody.

I am 20 years old and seriously when I see a kid in college these days with an Attack!!! Attack!! shirt on, I literally think that kid is trying to ostracize himself.

This realization just came to me when a friend and I went to Lydia's farewell concert. I was probably the second oldest guy there. The crowd was full of 12-17 year old boys all draped in black. To say I didn't fit in with this crowd of people was an understatement. The oldest guy there was probably a good 3-5 years older than me and looked like he just walked out of his mom's basement. He had the typical emo look: long swooping black hair, jeans that were ripped and that had the stupid chain coming out of the pockets, nose ring, and gauges in his ear. Now if I ever looked like that, how would I expect myself to get a job. Is it a phase, do people actually take music as a sort of lifestyle and fit into those standards? Walking away from that concert I asked myself, "Are these kids for real?"

Now I am all for self-expression but is there a certain way I should dress just because I listen to punk/indie/rap music? Of course not, so why the hell do people deliberately do that? It really does befuddle me.

Does music mean a lot to me, kind of but as I grow up I realize music isn't as important to me as it used to be. It was nice that my friends back in the day would listen to one song on my IPOD before putting in the Kenny Chesney CD. So thanks guys. I'm pretty proud I was never that EMO kid in the corner of class that bragged about how he found the coolest band in the world, only to denounce them once they got famous.

Sorry I do this more for me than I do for the people that read this.

Listen to how catchy this song is:

Now tell me how this doesn't sound like something that could've been on Nothing Personal ? (except for the obvious girl singing). The melody and lyrics would be strikingly similar.
Tags: life, realization, Ke$ha
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Best New band Of 2010- Parades
06/27/10 at 11:26 AM by owiseone35
So recently I've been looking for some new music. Next week my family and I are headed to Italy and Croatia and I realized I needed a new band/album to become infatuated with while on the 11 hour flight to Venice. Luckily I found them, Parades. I don't really know how to describe Parades' sound, but they remind me of a poppier more accessible Grizzly Bear with some female vocals.


RIYL: Stars, Grizzly Bear, atmospheric rock, relaxing tunes.
Tags: parades, foreign tapes, grizzly bear
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It Ain't That Bad
06/14/10 at 01:27 PM by owiseone35
Since this a music blog/website I'll talk a little about music. The new Josh Ritter CD is really good. It takes the best parts of The Animal Years and the best parts of The Historical Conquests and mixes them into a beautiful album.
The Sleigh Bells CD Treats I just don't seem to get. The indie world is obsessed with it but I just don't quite understand "it". Sure it mixes post-grunge, hip-hop and instrumental music but I can't get into it.
Lastly, It's a shame Lydia's new CD is going to be an EP and see Fang Island live. I'll be seeing Lydia on their farewell tour too which is pretty exciting since I never go to concerts.

As far as life goes it's been pretty hectic with summer school and hanging out with my psychotic ex-girlfriend, Ashley. On memorial weekend we ended up saving some girl from getting beaten by her boyfriend. The dude cracked a glass bottle on her head and Ashley ended up stepping in telling the dude to fuck off. If I stepped in I would've gotten my butt-kicked this dude was easily roid-raging, and she's a feminist and all that mumbo jumbo so as she said it was her calling to help Melissa out. We brought Melissa back to my place, where Melissa's head bled all over my bed and sheets. Anyone know how to remove blood from my sheets and pillowcase? For a chick Ashley is one of the toughest people I've ever met, As my other friend Big Black says, "If she was a dude I wouldn't fuck with her". Of course that would be if she was still alive.
This whole weekend I didn't do all that much. Thursday Ashley ended up ODing herself on cocaine at a party. I had to pick her up even though I was somewhere else. Poor girl. I'm not sure if she OD or not but people were telling me that the table was the only place she was at. She's got a bad reputation due to her craziness and major blackouts but behind all that she isn't all that bad. Hell, I'd know I lived with her for 3 months.
Friday was a lot calmer. Just ended up going to a friends place to drink and hang out. Later that night we went to some random house party where I was honored with being Ashley's designated "boyfriend if some douche hits on me". It's a job I take with low priority. I just want to have a good time. Of course the cops showed up around midnight and bust the party, thankfully no tickets are handed out and I'm off to home. Then Ashely and I ended up not being able to drive so we walked a for about 3 miles down Greenville BLVD and Charles Street, not sketchy in the slightest. In case you haven't realized Ashley has her own place, but hates living alone during the summer so she stays with me. Summer school ain't all that bad, at least I got one person to hang out with because going to random house parties solo would blow. That night we just ended up jamming to The Eagles for about an two hours, drank more and she asked me about life. The first time I ever talked to her she asked if I was depressed, repeatedly throughout the conversation. The girl now claims I've changed since last year. I laugh and say, "I'm just confident" and she laughs and says, "Ya I think those girls at the party can tell." Both laughing she says, "Cheers to change" I smile and say, "Cheers".

"I miss the times in streets where we never got tired
Laying down in the grass by the empty camp fire
Like spies on the roof as we'd watch stars expire
But the image is a million years old"
Tags: chicks, free, youth
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Our Endangered Planet: In case you missed it.
04/16/10 at 02:06 PM by owiseone35
Anyone catch some of the sweet stuff on the National Geographic Channel. I've never even heard of the Afghan Girl but geez is this one sweet picture.

This crazy picture came out in the June, 1985 issue of National Geographic so I think it is unfortunate that some of my peers may have missed this picture. It's got kind of a creepy vibe to it too. Her real name is Sharbat Gula and she even has her own Wikipedia page, so check her out.

I don't know if it was National Geographic Day or something but Newsweek also put up a feature called Our Endangered planet- 100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear, which has some sweet pictures too.

Link: http://www.newsweek.com/id/236064. It has some great pictures as well, if you look at the right-hand sidebar.

I'll put up some good examples:

Yo so that is my blog journal just some great pictures to look at ha. Sorry it's not more entertaining with like some sort of story but maybe next time. I'm not much of a photographer myself, but there are just some breathtaking pictures on the site, highly recommend you check them out. The Earth is a cool place whether you believe in global warming or not I think everyone can agree on the fact that we should try to sustain the earth so our children or kin can enjoy it as we had the opportunity to.

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My New Best Friend???/Lucero Concert
02/16/10 at 09:07 PM by owiseone35
I got to get this story off my chest, just because I'll end up telling it and no one from back home will believe me, so here's my little story.

So first day of the new semester was about 5 weeks ago and I start off every new semester the same way; coming in late to all my classes only to find the hottest girl to sit next to (shallow I know but true). Walking to my class, at the door I ran into a girl wearing a Get Up Kids t-shirt, she smiles politely at me and I gesture to her, being the gentlemen i am, to walk in ahead of me. Well I ended up sitting next to her and asked her about her shirt. She laughed and said, "Ya they're a pretty good band, you listen to them?". This talk about music lead me to realize this girl was pretty cool. Her favorite artists were: The Get Up Kids, Springsteen and Lifetime. She also dabbed a little bit into the metal scene as well but not to much. Not having too many friends I can talk music with, she was a blessing.

2 weeks and four classes later she ended up giving me her phone number and told me to call her when I was in the area. Luckily, I have Ultimate Frisbee practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays across from her apartment complex so I called her up quite a bit. Eventually, in class me and her even became friends with the dude that sat behind us because sometimes he would intrude into our conversation, but he was always welcome to voice his opinion on whatever we happened to be talking about. She even mentioned to me once that she was in a band and me and Ryan (the dude from class) wound up going to one of her concerts

Last Thursday me and Ryan went to Megan's concert. It was pretty bad, yet cute at the same time. For the concert me and Ryan ended up dressing up, and we stuck on like sore thumbs wearing our bright polo's within the moshing blob of pure black. I tried explaining to her that we did that on purpose so she knew we would be there, but she knew half the shit that comes out of my mouth is, well shit. On stage I was surprised that she was calm while the lead singer, with his emo style, swooshing haircut was head banging to the music and seemed to be in his own little world. The crowd was going crazy and I even remember some guy coming out of the mosh with a bloody lip. I stayed out of it for I feared my life and why mosh when for once in my life I bother looking nice. Ryan pointed out to me a few times where Megan looked and smirked at us, and seemed pleased we were there. The concert ended with her doing an acoustic set andthe four cover songs that she sang were Valentine by TGUK, I'm on Fire by Springsteen, Wonderwall by Oasis and My Own Worst Enemy by LIT. Now I don't know why but between the bands set and her own acoustic set she changed her clothes, I thought it was odd but whatever. The crowd didn't seem to into her acoustic set but me and Ryan were as close as could be to the stage. The final song was her playing Valentine and she dedicated the song to all the people that were in a relationships and wished them a happy Valentines day. Overall her bands set sort of sucked but I didn't drive 15 minutes to see the band. Her acoustic set was pretty good but I wish the crowd would have shut up, because I mean she could only get so loud with an acoustic guitar in hand.

Today my work load for school was pretty crazy and I was pretty stressed. Walking into English and sitting next to Megan I was just not in a good mood and she realized I was pretty down. Half way through the teachers speech about sonnets and how great Shakespeare was she ended up leaving and said, "I'll be back, now Ryan will make sure you don't end up kill yourself." She ended up returning with 2 hot chocolates giggled and said, "You told me the second day of class how whenever you freak out a nice hot cocoa does the job, take one." This chick knows me damn well. After only knowing this girl for 5 weeks and having this bond with her, it's pretty sick. We talk music, We talk life, We talk sports, We argue politics and sometimes Ryan even tags along on our little drunk IHOP dates. I just hope she stays in school. Coolest girl I've ever sat next to in class, probably.

P.S.this weekend I get to go to a Lucero Concert, Epic.
Tags: Girls, BFF's, PCR
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I guess I'll do whats popular...AOTY List for 2009
12/20/09 at 04:30 PM by owiseone35
So ya the title says it all. My Album of the Year list is as follows:

1. Sleeping At Last-Storyboards
2. Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest
3. Propagandhi- Supporting Caste
4. Lucero-1372 Overton Park
5. William Elliot Whitmore- Animals in The Dark
6. Kevin Devine- Brothers Blood
7. Brandi Carlile- Give Up The Ghost
8. Broadway Calls- Good Views, Bad News
9. All The Day Holiday- The Things We've Grown To Love
10. Fun- Aim & Ignite

Quick Recommendation: Sarah Fimm

For those of you guys who enjoy hauntingly beautiful music, this lady should be right up your alley. Her music would fit perfectly if you were just stuck in some spooky woods. I've listened to all her albums and highly recommend you pick them up especially, Red Yellow Sun.
Tags: rec, summer, calls, shark attack
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Stay What You Are vs Deja Entendu
11/30/09 at 05:52 PM by owiseone35
My brain has been kind of on lockdown with all the studying i've been doing lately because of Finals but lets see if I can make this rant make sense.

Stay What You Are and Save The World Lose The Girl were the first two albums I ever owned. I ended up getting the both of them for Christmas when I was in 6th grade. Yes, it was a great Christmas. One problem though I didn't have a portable CD player. Finally a couple weeks past and I ended up buying one. I hated Stay What You Are on first listen. Yet, I loved Save The World Lose the Girl. As of present though Stay What You Are is my favorite record I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Recently my brother, knowing my love for everything Saves The Day, asked Stay What You Are or Deja Entendu which do you prefer? Without hesitation I answered Stay What You Are easily.

Yet looking at a bunch of different people's top 10 albums of the decade (I know most of them are shitty but people do put a lot of effort into them) I realized most of them include Deja Entendu yet exclude Stay What You Are. I'm not just some fan boy complaining that his favortie album was excluded I literally am shocked more people enjoy Deja more. Most peoples explaination go like this too, "Well Deja opened an entire new different genre to me and the leap from Your Favorite Weapon to Deja is just maturity at it's peak."
No offense to all you but Saves the Day did the exact thing, only in a smoother more compete package. There's not a single bad song on SWYA.

Both bands too on their previous releases to these albums were part of the pop punk scene. Coincidence I think not. I really think Saves The Day pioneered the whole path for drastically changing their sound yet keeping the same fan base. Too me SWYA isn't even emo it's just an well executed pop-rock album.

Just look at how well this is played out:

Give Deja all the praise in the world, Stay What You Are for me atleast changed how I looked and viewed music.
I cant'fucking be more excited for Daybreak either.

"To breathe in the air will be the only thing that we have.
And if the hook set in the bottom of our lungs,
we'll rip it out and lick the blood off with our tongues."

Gets me every time.

Tags: Saves The Day, Deja, Stay What You Are, Rant
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Just Putting Down Some Thoughts
10/14/09 at 06:46 PM by owiseone35
  1. My CD player in my car ended up breaking so I ended up listening to Paramore's brand new eyes for a straight 2 hours. Hey, it was probably better than whatever the hell was on the radio. In my opinion it's a really good CD not much growth from Riot to this but it is still pretty catchy and fun listening. Misguided Ghosts is still pretty cringeworthy but every other song is above average.
  2. Cartel, Cartel O how i wanted to love thee. I really tried to like Cycles, I forced myself to enjoy Cycles much like everyone did with Daisy, but I couldn't get into it. Deep South is my jam though and the only other song I really enjoyed was See Me Now. Totally kidding about kids forcing themselves to enjoy Daisy as well .
  3. Even if the Browns put Brady Quinn on the trading block who is going to want him? Kyle Orton has proved himself in Denver as a capable quarterback, even though some of the defenses he has faced are pretty bad I think under McDaniels he will be just fine. I'm not even a Bronco's fan.
  4. This Time Next Years' newest CD is hopping. Definitely will be purchasing this the day it comes out.
  5. I'll definitely be having some major changes on my Top 10 Albums of the Year list. Including Sleeping At Last's Storyboards probably taking the #1 spot. Also look for Propagandhi's Supporting Caste to be on there.
  6. Life is pretty good very laid back, met some new friends here in college and have been chilling with them a bunch. I realized I really need to start lifting more, for I am getting fat. Im 5"6 and 147 pounds trying to bump that down to 144 by Halloween.
  7. Been watching tons of Futurama getting ready for the new episodes on comedy central. Easily one of the best Cartoons to ever be on TV. Seriously Futurama>Simpsons (first 8 seasons)> Family Guy (before Cancelled) > Simpsons (other seasons)>" New" Family Guy.
  8. This Time Nexy Years newest CD may be the last one I buy for the year. I've spent a lot more money on music this year then I have in other years. Half of that might have to do with finally becoming a full fledged citizen here on AP.Net.
  9. Being an English Education Major is awesome.
  10. The only three CD's I'm really looking forward to next year (2010) are Frightened Rabbits, The Wonder Years and The Gaslight Anthems.
Tags: life, thoughts, emotions, lab.
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Top Albums of 2009 So far
09/15/09 at 03:53 PM by owiseone35
1. Kevin Devine- Brothers Blood
2. Sleeping At Last- Storyboards
3. William Elliot Whitmore- Animals in The Dark
4. Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest
5. Fun- Aim & Ignite
6. The Dangerous Summer- Reach For The Sun
7. Manchester Orchestra- Mean Everything to Nothing
8. Weatherbox- Cosmic Drama
9. All Day Holiday- The Things We've Grown to Love
10. Regina Spektor- Far

Releases I'm Looking Forward to:
Cartel- Cycles
Monsters of Folk- S/T (I believe not 100% sure)
Lucero- 1372 Overton Park
Brandi Carlile- Give Up The Ghost
Tags: Brandi, Lucero, Top, Albums, Bear
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Donate to Weaver At The Loom
09/12/09 at 02:28 PM by owiseone35
After I got home from a party last night around 3 o'clock, I tried going to sleep and couldn't. So I hit up TV Shack for some season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. I watched the episode where Marshall seeks solace in this little Minnesota themed bar. I never realized that at the end when Marshall is singing in Robin's Canadian Bar he sings Let's Go to The Mall, which I found hysterical.
I still wasn't tired after that and listened to some Weaver At The Loom, ironically they too are from the Minnesota but are also great sleeping/relaxing music. While listening I hit up their myspace and ended up donating them 20 dollars. Ha, ya but it really isn't anything I regret which is the funny part. Their an awesome band and I think everyone should check out and donate some money, so that this band can put out a full length in the near future. Don't believe me about how good this band is, check them out.
RIYL: Sleeping At Last, Copeland, Anchor & Braille, Easy Listening

Weaver At The Loom Myspace- http://www.myspace.com/weaverattheloom
Travis' Review of their incredible EP- http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=553441

Some other Reviews

Oh, and when you donate them 20 bucks you get a physical copy of their EP and a T-Shirt, not too shabby from a band who isn't signed and deserves a lot more support. Put these boys in a studio to make a full-lenght PLEASE!!
Tags: loom, support, minnesota
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First Entry/ Wild Sweet Orange
09/05/09 at 01:27 PM by owiseone35
I've been a member of this site for a while and never really attributed back in anyway. So here is my attribution. First blog ever. Sorry I'm in college and sometimes it gets boring so I was just like what the hell.

I've been listening to this one band a lot lately, Wild Sweet Orange. If I knew about this band in 2008 they easily would've been on my top 10 Albums of the year.

RIYL- Bright Eyes, Wilco, Manchester Orchestra
Their album We Have Cause to Be Uneasy is 8$ on ITUNES and highly recommend you pick it up.
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