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St. Louis Nostalgia Album Countdown
06/30/12 at 04:11 PM by rawspinner
Okay so I said I would do this last blog entry, and I'm supposed to let my yes be yes. It's been a long time, but better late than never.


Rushmore Academy - If the Cigarette Smoke Doesn't Kill You, the Hairspray Will

Great synth tinged Powerpop/Pop-punk. Highlighted by everything that characterized 2000's emo. You can check out my review here.


Novella - Cinematography and Fidelity

When this EP dropped I was just getting into screamo/emo. What separated these guys from not just the rest of the St. Louis scene, but all other screamo bands was how they used their technical prowess to really create atmosphere. I never realized screamo could be so theatric and dramatic before these guys.


Fairwell - EP

Refreshing pop rock. I honestly thought these guys could've saved the St. Louis scene. Thoughts here.


Loser's Luck - The Places Between Us

St. Louis' favorite sons. You guys will be sorely missed. Read about why here, before I start crying.

And last but not least...


Ludo - Ludo

If you know where real thin crust pizza is from, love toasted ravioli, and used to go to shows at the Creepy Crawl, you probably expected this. I mean, these guys didn't win the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and then get signed to Island for nothing. Their first record was phenomenal. I never had a band take me on such an emotional roller coaster since I listened to Weezer's Blue Album (ya, I said it). What was crazy was, Ludo's album is significantly goofier at times than anything Weezer has done. They are able to maintain down to earth, funny lyrics while conveying the optimism of young romance on more than one occasion. Then at times, they are just down right drab. The poles are so extreme: the funny numbers are gut busting and the somber numbers are gut wrenching. There's a reason these guys have toured with bands like Relient K and House of Heroes. Honestly, just go listen.

That's it. Hopefully I'll do the reviewing thing a bit more frequently, I already have a couple lined up. Till then, stay strong.
Tags: St. Louis, Ludo, Novella, Loser's Luck, Fairwell, Rushmore Academy, punk, stlpunk
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STL Nostalgia - Review #2 Clue
09/01/10 at 12:58 AM by rawspinner

6 1 4 1 6 5 4

If you still can't get that, look at the last book really carefully. Or at my really lame, obvious clue.
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Review submitted...finally
08/18/10 at 12:23 PM by rawspinner
So my review for Rushmore Academy's If the Cigarette Smoke Doesn't Kill You, the Hairspray Will has been done for a while, I just needed to submit it and do some touch ups. Hopefully it'll be up within the next couple of weeks.
Now on to number 4...
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STL Local Band Nostalgia Review - Clue #2
07/04/10 at 09:00 PM by rawspinner
Because Viral Marketing is TOTALLY in.
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Clue to first STL Nostalgia Review
07/02/10 at 09:11 PM by rawspinner
Jason Schwartzman
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Don't hold back, let go what keeps you down
06/13/10 at 12:05 AM by rawspinner
I don't want to bore people with the various epiphany's I have during my life, especially since most of the time they are common sense to the general public. But tonight I found that I make excuses a lot of the time. When I feel like there's going to be difficulty in any type of endeavor then I just use that as an indicator that maybe I shouldn't be putting any effort into it. I blame imagined parental disapproval, or fear of the unknown most of the time on me not striving towards the desires of my heart. I often confuse selfish desire with honest aspiration.

Well, enough of that. I'm taking a small step tonight. Even if it's a small thing that was always on my mind, and even if it really won't make a difference. At least I'll be doing it. And I'll be doing it for the right reason.

I was really grateful to grow up in St. Louis at a time when the local scene was ridiculously good. I heard bands that I legitimately thought were on the verge of awesomeness and making it, not just because they were the object of one city's teenage population, but because they were making honest music that they enjoyed, and were connecting with their fans in a genuine way.

Now that I am grown up (I use the term loosely), have migrated from high-school life to college life, and to a city which has music scene completely different from what I grew up on, I feel like I am in a unique position to evaluate the music I liked in high school. I think I need to do this because for the most part, I really miss it. These bands may have dissolved and moved on to new projects, redefined their sound, or persevered for this long. Regardless, I have felt a need to really explain why I love some of these bands so much. So for the next month or so I will be submitting what I believe were the top 5 releases from the St. Louis music scene when I was a wee teenager in high school. Folow along and definitely check out some of these bands when you have the chance.
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Summer reading and summer watching
05/31/10 at 04:20 PM by rawspinner
I have some catching up to do.

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rant: old friends, new friends, ever-present self loathing
03/03/10 at 11:47 AM by rawspinner
I really don't believe anyone reads this, which isn't me setting this up as a cry for help blog but I've been thinking about how I act around others recently. Ever since our pastor preached about kindness, I've been starting to realize even though I may claim a certain type of lifestyle, my speech at times may not reflect that. My campus fellowship friends are a lot different than my friends in my program of engineering. It's not even swearing that I have a problem with. It's the cynicism and jaded-ness that we share, that makes the occasional (or frequent) biting, sarcastic comment seem like a pressure relief (pun not intended).

Oh, speaking of engineering, I'm totally going to fail this Chemical Reactor Design midterm.

Case in point, I've never cared so much about how I feel about this certain individual in my program and how I talk about him. While it may not be the most hateful stuff, it still might hurt a bit or rub him the wrong way. He started dating this foreign exchange girl this year, though, and I feel like our relationship is then affecting any friendship I can actually have her. I feel like she ignores me and then I desperately make some redeeming remark about her hair or clothes. It's quite pathetic. Especially since I'm not interested in her, I just can't stand people hating me.

What bugs me the most, is that I didn't have the maturity to recognize that this is not how I wanted people to see me as. But some how I let my horrendous program of study wear me down so much I forget to walk in Christ and the Spirit of God.

Then recently this past week a friend who might come visit me this summer commented on my facebook profiles. He mentioned that me starting with, "At the risk of controversial..." was annoying. The whole time though I felt like he was tlaking down to me like I was doing something morally wrong. Even though I could have just brushed this off, it really made me consider how I think abou tmy electronic status updates.

All this is just related to stuff that happened this week that I needed to get out, now two plugs
1) www.freechurch.com: sermon - goodness
2) http://www.billiontyonethgeek.com/

Peace, Love, and Kindness to you for the rest of the week
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01/22/10 at 06:46 PM by rawspinner
This is the first thing I saw when I logged onto AP.net tonight.

like honestly, AP.net? I know this wasn't the staff, and I know as a guy I objectify women everyday when I discuss physical attractiveness, but for some reason I was really hit by the straight forwardness of it.
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A Toast to Bad Taste
12/04/09 at 06:06 AM by rawspinner
This is a list I developed so far as to what I'm going to fill my new music library with when I get my new computer. Some of these records I've had before, I just need to get them again. Let me know of any additions I should make.

A Day to Remember:
And Their Name Was Treason
For Those Who Have Heart

Ace Troubleshooter:
It’s Never Enough

The Almost:
Monster Monster

Blueprints for the Blackmarket
New Surrender

Angels and Airwaves:
We Don’t Need to Whisper

Arcade Fire:
Neon Bible

As Cities Burn:
Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest
Come Now, Sleep
Hell Or High Water

As I Lay Dying:
Shadows Are Security

At the Drive-In:
Acrobatic Tenement
Relationship of Command

Audio Adrenaline:
Hit Parade: The Greatest Hits

August Burns Red:
Thrill Seeker

Sirens and Condolences
The Walking Wounded

Again, For the First Time
Farewell Old Friends

Bleeding Through:
This is Love, This is Murderous
The Truth

The Blood Brothers:
This Adultery Is Ripe
March on Electric Children
..Burn, Piano Island, Burn
Young Machetes

A Thought Crushed My Mind
About a Burning Fire
The Great Depression

Blink 182:
The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show

Bloc Party:
Silent Alarm

Brand New:
Your Favorite Weapon
Deja Entendu

Catch 22:
Keasbey Nights

The Chariot:
Wars and Rumors of Wars

This Type of Thinking Could do Us In

The Classic Crime:
The Silver Cord

Comeback Kid:
Wake the Dead

Beneath Medicine Tree
In Motion
Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Dashboard Confessional:
The Swiss Army Romance
The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar
Dusk and Summer
The Shade of Poison Trees Alter the Ending

dc Talk:
Intermission: The Greatest Hits

Dead Poetic:
Four Wall Blackmail
New Medicines

Demon Hunter:
Summer of Darkness
The Triptych
Storm the Gates of Hell

Milo Goes to College
I Don't Want to Grow Up Enjoy!
Everything Sucks
Cool To Be You

The Devil Wears Prada:
Dear Love: A Beautiful Dischord
With Roots Above and Branches Below

Dustin Kensrue:
Please Come Home

The Weak’s End
The Question
I’m Only a Man
When Broken Hearts Prevail…EP
…In Shallow Seas We Sail

Every Time I Die:
Hot Damn!
Gutter Phenomenon
The Big Dirty
New Junk Aesthetic


Fall Out Boy:
Fall Out Boy’s Evening With Your Girl
Take This To Your Grave
From Under the Cork Tree
Infinity On High
Folie a Deux

Everyone is Out to Get Us
A Toast to Bad Taste

The Fold:
This Too Shall Pass
Secrets Keep You Sick

Forever the Sickest Kids:
Television Off, Party On
Underdog Alma Matter

Forgive Durden:
Razia’s Shadow

Further Seems Forever:
The Moon is Down
How to Start a Fire
Hide Nothing

Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence
Worship and Tribute

Haste the Day:
When Everything Falls

He Is Legend:
I Am Hollywood
Suck Out the Poison


The Honorary Title:
Anything But the Truth

Houston Calls:
A Collection of Short Stories

Jimmy Eat World:
Static Prevails
Bleed American
Chase this Light

Life In Your Way:
Waking Giants

Loser's Luck:
The Places Between Us

Broken Bride

Jack's Mannequin:
Everything in Transit
The Glass Passenger

The Matches:
E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals
A Band in Hope
the Matches album 4, unreleased; graphics? title? or not needed?

Destination: Beautiful
The Everglow

Manchester Orchestra:
I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child
Mean Everything to Nothing

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster:

A -> B Life
Catch for Us the Foxes

Save the World, Lose the Girl

Motion City Soundtrack:
I Am the Movie
Commit this to Memory
Even If It Kills Me
My Dinosaur Life

Teenage Politics
Life In General
Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
The Ever Passing Moment
Ten Years and Running
Before Everything and After
Secret Weapon

New Found Glory:
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Sticks and Stones
Coming Home
Tip of the Iceberg
Not Without a Fight

Nine Inch Nails:
The Slip

Norma Jean:
Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child
O God, the Aftermath
The Anti-Mother

Number One Gun:
Celebrate Mistakes
Promises for the Imperfect

Oh, Sleeper:
The Armored March EP
When I am God
Son of the Morning


Never Better
All We Know Is Falling
Brand New Eyes

Project 86:
Drawing Black Lines
Songs to Burn Your Bridges By
….And the Rest Will Follow
Rival Factions
Picket Fence Cartel

The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts

Run Kid Run:
This is Who We Are
Love at the Core

Saves the Day:
Through Being Cool

Say Anything:

Senses Fail:
Still Searching

Set Your Goals:
This Will Be the Death Of Us

At Home We Are Tourists

Life, Kisses, and Other Wasted Efforts
No Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical
The Fear of God

Side Walk Slam:
…And We Drive

Sinai Beach:


Sleeping Giant:
Sons of Thunder

Something Corporate:
Leaving Through the Window

The Starting Line:
Say It Like You Mean It
Based on a True Story

Story of the Year:
Page Avenue

Straylight Run:

Streetlight Manifesto:
Keasbey Nights

Start Static
Palm Trees and Powerlines
Lights Out

Hey, I’m a Ghost
Cover Your Eyes

Sunny Day Real Estate:

The Beautiful Letdown
Nothing is Sound
Oh! Gravity
Hello Hurricane

Taking Back Sunday:
Tell All Your Friends

Tegan and Sara:

Thousand Foot Krutch:

Identity Crisis
The Illusion of Safety
The Artist in the Ambulance Vheissu
The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II
The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV

War All the Time
Common Existence

The Joshua Tree
All That You Can’t Leave Behind

The Changing of Times
They’re Only Chasing Safety
Define the Great Line
Lost in the Sound of Separation

Waking Ashland:

The Blue Album

Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest
Liberate Te Ex Inferis
Self Titled
Parade of Chaos
The Funeral of God
The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here
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Creativity Surge
11/29/09 at 11:30 PM by rawspinner
I had the strangest dream last night. I was at Warped Tour with my Dad.This was weird to begin with but to make matters even weirder we had side stage tickets to the Jonas Brothers. Ya, I said the Jonas Brothers. Except, they weren't the Jonas Brothers, but some unnamed, un-existant boy band equivalent. Sometimes in my dreams, my mind associates a name with the image I see, even if the two don't correlate. so after their set, my dad and I wandered back to the entrance and I told my dad I was going to see one more set from a band and then meet up with him. I walked over to the large schedule to see that Relient K was playing twice at the same time on two different stages. I was really confused, but then I saw The Chariot's name and decided to go see them. On the way I passed Every Time I Die on one of the bigger stages. I decided to go check them out. Now this was weird because they weren't actually on stage. Some how, the bottom of the stage was actually empty and they were performing beneath the stage so they were on the same level of a lot of the kids who were trying to slam dance like no-one's business. I ended up only catching one song from them which somehow ended up being a cover of "Stein's Theme" by Project 86. I realized that as awesome as this was this deterred me from my real goal and I ventured on, making sure to take a mental photograph of their burly, manly, and gnarly mustaches. I then thought I saw Jonathan Kindler of The Chariot on the main stage. As I approached I realized it was Anberlin. The weird thing is, they were performing on a stage on a stage. Below the actual stage was a guard rail, a pretty large gap, another guardrail, and more fans. The majority of the fans appeared to be behind this second guardrail. I wasn't alone in this chasm though and some people attempted hopping the first guardrail to get on the first stage. I too attempted this and ended up failing. What was weird about the performance though was that both Christian and Stephen were singing, and for some reason, Joey looked alot like the bald guy from Simple Plan. The song they were playing was also unfamiliar to me, but the chorus was the line "Every decision is coming back to me". I then woke up at 1:00 in the afternoon and figured out the chords and wrote the basic structure of the song. It was probably the weirdest and fastest way I have ever written a song. Now thinking back on I may have actually just ripped off of Say Anything's "People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist" but it's 1:22 in the AM, I need to study for a Thermodynamics quiz that's at 4 today, and decided that I need to write this down before I forget such a weird occurrence. That's all. Jon out.
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self deprivation
10/07/09 at 01:31 PM by rawspinner
I've been up way too late studying and doing stuff. I really need to work on having a more structured sleep schedule. Plus I have yet to write three people letters so I need to get on that soon.

I've recommited. I sort of let school get in the way of what's truly important, but I'm more focused on making every though a though of You. Hopefully our small group goes well this week. I'm excited to be trained on soundboard on Sunday. It's time I participate in real fellowship.
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the one that got away
10/05/09 at 08:21 AM by rawspinner
One of the worst things in life is meeting the girl who ruins girls for you. I don’t mean that every guy will eventually meet a girl who makes them want to switch their batting stance. Maybe what I’m talking about doesn’t even happen to most guys. But what I mean is that in the course of a lifetime one may run into a girl that completely surpasses what any guy would want in a significant other. This doesn’t mean that this girl is completely perfect; in fact I would question someone’s real feelings if they say someone is “perfect”. It reality, no matter who is involved in them, relationships take work. To enter a relationship thinking that it’s going to be easy is just foolish in my opinion, because then one will never be willing to work through problems or situations that arise on the grounds that the relationship was never supposed to go through unstable times. It was supposed to be the “perfect” relationship and the “perfect” girl but then pretty soon the perfect relationship is friendship and this girl is the perfect friend.

The girl that ruins the rest of the female population for a guy
is not in fact perfect. She’s not necessarily smoking hot, highly intelligent, and ridiculously funny, the trifecta according to most guys. But all her faults that you would normally hold against other individuals aren’t so significant to you. It doesn’t matter that she watches One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl. You become sure that she has a reasonable justification for watching such questionable teenage television drama. After all, you invent ridiculous frozen custard desserts. The fact that your parents are paying extra for text messaging doesn’t seem important even though you just texted seven times in the past fifteen minutes. You convince your mom that you will still leave enough room for dinner, even though she’s texting you to meet you at her favorite Mexican restaurant now that her swim practice is over. Inevitably, you leave two-thirds of your mom’s curry on your plate when you get back home.

She doesn’t ruin girls for you immediately. Part of it is that you never had an official relationship to begin with. So when she starts dating someone
, it doesn’t affect you too much to begin with. You have been preoccupied with trying to win over Girl B so you are distracted for a good two months or so. Then you finally realize that B isn’t interested. But then it doesn’t matter. You don’t hold anything against B. You two didn’t disagree over any spiritual, political, or economic matter. In fact in retrospect, it’s kind puzzling why you don’t care too much about the fact that you were rejected. Then you realize what was true from the beginning. Girl B was never Girl A. She was never the person who texted you so much that her messages spilled over into a 2nd text. She was never the girl who didn’t mind watching a violence and profanity filled guy film with you and your two best buddies. She was never the girl whom you could talk to about a mutual friend’s hilarious and ridiculous relationship behavior. She was never the girl you had dinner with. Then you realize you never really had dinner with someone before. You’ve had nothing but ridiculous dates before. Like the time Girl B brought her friend with her to the movie. Once you realize that you might have been on a date, let alone a seemingly normal one, that’s when stuff changes.

Every girl you look at, even ones who show some inte
rest in you, don’t compare. You only start to see the worst in them, not in a bad way, but in a way that makes you miss what you had.

This continues when you go off to college 1,000 miles away. Even when you seem to be attracted to other girls you soon realize it was only a way to distract yourself from the horrible reality of your life:

That the same girl whom you have nothing but positive memories with never got to know you. You were in fact a cocky, immature, egotistical jackass every single time you were with her and you were too high off your own pride that you didn’t realize that the best thing that ever happened to you was sitting in front of you drinking a smoothie. But despite your arrogance, she still tolerated your presence and even sought your company. And now that you realize how mature and selfless and caring she is, and how badly you want to share who you actually are with her and what your greatest concerns and worries and hopes and loves are, it’s too late. You won’t ever get a real chance to show that girl what you are and tell her what you feel. In fact your own destructive behavior may have changed that person’s view of you. And even though they may have actually been interested in you at some point, they have let go of any interest due to the character which you played for them. And now you have to live through life knowing that the one girl you so desperately wish was with you, may never be with you, and that no one else will ever come close to who she is.
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my life for Aiur
09/23/09 at 08:41 PM by rawspinner
starcraft lan parties are the best. I'm sorry for all the respect I've lost from all of you. But I don't care.
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Nostalgia and Anticipation
09/18/09 at 05:41 PM by rawspinner

So apparently this video is pretty old but either way, it made me laugh. Regardless if the original is the one of the best videos of all time.

Speaking of Disney, I tried to make it through watching some stuff on the Family Channel, and I honestly couldn't. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez may have a bit of vocal talent but these girls just annoy me when I watch their characters on TV. What ever happened to quality family friendly programming like Boy Meets World. Does anyone else remember TGIF? That was the highlight of my friday evening. Now, at 20 years old, when mostly I'll be out with my friends at some stupid Toronto club or maybe Molly Bloom's or O'Grady's, I don't have the choice to blow them off and enjoy quality television programming on a friday night. Oh well.

The Office wasn't bad yesterday. Stanley caught me off guard so if you didn't see it I won't spoil it for you. Excited about Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and Heroes. Even though I didn't really care too much about Heroes towards the end of last season, I really want to see what they do with this season.

Oh, and Glee is probably the best new show of the fall. Sure it's tackling a subject that's been done before, but it does it with an edginess and honesty that makes it really shine. So ya definitely check it out if you haven't yet. After the end of the 1st episode you'll be singing Journey for a day straight. Maybe that's why my throat feels so crappy.
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