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aaronTheAlmost's Blog

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aaronTheAlmost's Blog
10/28/09 at 09:16 AM by aaronTheAlmost
Hey below this post is a vid that i would love for you to watch.

I feel as if iíve been in the great city of New York for like a million days lately, which means iím super busy with press and such, but it also means i get to eat tons of great food with great people.

The video below is from a lunch i went to with a dude names simply ďthe revĒ. This guy is such a killer guy and in the last day or so has imparted so much wisdom to me in the world of burgers. I truly went into this lunch knowing i like burgers, but not really having any clue about how many burger joints there truly are, and about how many people study and love this type of food.

The rev is a great knowledge on the subject/subjects of all things burger, and you have the luxury with the aid of the world wide web to pick his brain: www.burgerconquest.com

Iím so overwhelmed by this city and all it is. I mean every street, every neighborhood has its own feel and culinary ďvibeĒ. I almost feel that with fine dining in this city you can never lose, but i think the real gem in this city is the ďdivesĒ, the ďstreet meatĒ carts and diners. Simple food being done the same way it has for years.

Eat you way around this city itíll blow your mind, oh and watch the vid the rev is nuts!

Here is the link to see the video, sorry we cant embed it here http://vimeo.com/7276887
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Wing It
10/23/09 at 10:57 AM by aaronTheAlmost
wing it
hate cold weather man, i mean i really do it bums me out to the point of no return, it kills me. Iím a florida boy and i swear by it. You know the worst place you can find yourself if your a florida boy? Buffalo, New York. Man, its a seriously cold place, not to mention as grey as London and just rainy enough to make to yearn for your mamaís chili.

You know what a good place for a food lover is? Yep, you guessed it. Buffalo man, Buffalo. This town is such a cold place and i feel like especially among touring acts its one of those destinations you kinda sigh at ( come one buffalo you know i love you). the deal is they like to eat and drink in this town, and i got told this by a native! They for sure have a propensity for eating big, non luxurious, greasy, good and fun food. I guess when we think of eating in buffalo we think of the anchor bar and the nice little lady who in a scramble to please some fellas in her closing establishment mixed a little hot sauce, butter and chicken and changed the world. What i found tonight was not chicken wings, its was related but it wasnít.

Another notable and wonderful export of buffalo is the hardcore band every time i die. These dudes are hilarious, love buffalo and are freakin rad band. A long time back the singer keith told me about this sandwich joint, called Jimís steakout. He told me how the hear attack inducing food would change my world with greasy, delicious ease. So tonight i finally went and i was blown away. I order the chicken finger sandwich which was kinda like buffalo wings in a pocket. It was spicy and delicious and perfectly balanced with cool blue cheese and a bit of onion.

Jimís has a crazy menu, this thing is for sure not an everyday eats, but after a bit of roaming buffís late night scene Jimís is just what your cardiologist did not order but will make you right as rain. They have one sandwich that is a philly cheesteak, but with chicken fingers on it. Sound healthy? nope, no it doesnít.

Buffalo is cold, buffalo is also grey alot BUT the people and the food are wonderful. The snow makes the warmth of their people and cuisine all the more worth it.


To read more check out Foodisms http://aaronrgillespie.tumblr.com/
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10/12/09 at 09:55 PM by aaronTheAlmost
Chains.. Yeah chain restaurants flood our american concrete jungles like a vine choking our the character that is the little man. Do I think them all to be wrong?

No. Do i think them all to be not

good? Negative again. I do

however wonder which chain

restaurants you find good?

Which ones you find bad?

There are fine lines on what is chain and what isnít as well. Is a small regional BBQ chain considered a chain? I donít think so. Iím not a snob, I donít always eat places that there are

only one of. I would like to, but i donít. However do i consider chiliís a chain? Oh yeah.

Are chains bad? I dunno yet. This one is hard for me because

I feel that the chains make it

harder for the great single

owner joint to shine through. I

almost wish roles in dining out were reversed. Take Europe for example, the people in most of Europe eat simple, super fresh, small town, one owner joints most of the time. Then on

weekends or special days theyeat the American imported chains.

What would this look like for us? Is it possible? I honestly donít think so at this point. I honestly think that great food is out there, I know it is. There are options in this great country, options that involve a woman slaving over a range making the most robust, deliciously perfect tomato sauce youíve ever had. There is a man straight from japan searching all over to find the freshest fish just so your impressed.

Try to find that independant option every once in a while. Iím not Saying change completely the way you eat, but every once in a while give it a stab.

For more foodism and other related and unrelated stuff check out http://aaronrgillespie.tumblr.com
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foodism and other related and unrelated stuff
10/12/09 at 11:44 AM by aaronTheAlmost
What is good Italian food? A perfect tomato sauce? An incredible bottle of wine? I guess donít really know the answer to that question, but I know what my opinion on it is.

Man itís a lifestyle ya know? I feel as if i almost have no room speaking about it. People take these recipes to thier grave. They mean it with thier whole being.

My opinion however is the best Italian food is when itís made uber fresh, with the freshest ingredients. I donít mean like grocery store fresh, Iím talking about farm fresh cheese made from cowís milk from cows that are loved and taken care off. Parma ham and prosciutto cured perfect by the salty Tuscan air then imported immediatly.

Last night we went to a wolfgang puck trattorria called,ĒlupoĒ this place was real white table cloth and all the waiters were mega knowledgeable. The wine list was vast, the ceasar salad was real with real ceaser dressing.

This stuff didnít get me though. What got me was the abundance of perfectly fresh ingredients. I met the chef and even the waiter could tell me where each individual ingredient was imported from.

Lupoís las Vegas try it out! Youíll thank me

For more foodism and other related and unrelated stuff check out http://aaronrgillespie.tumblr.com
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