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CKY2K_Chicka777's Blog

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CKY2K_Chicka777's Journal
12/22/09 at 06:32 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
its been too long my friend.
things have changed much since the last time i have talked to you.
my ex fiance cheated on me for the third time (that i knew of) and we broke up.
I still want to be with him......
but i feel like my long ago ex: I stil love him even though he dicked me over so many times, but he is so confusing with me and if he wants to still be in a relationship.

this sucks.

i have been partying since we broke up---i never did that before.

it helps.

Tags: relationships, ex, party, partying
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summer assignments
06/01/09 at 07:34 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
400+ ap chem things to do

research bugs for ap bio and keep them alive--- :(

write papers

Tags: ap classes, school, work, summer
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i hate ap chem
05/27/09 at 09:18 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
fuck it.
its screwing with me and i havent even started the damn class yet

what do you hate?
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i could have said no
05/26/09 at 05:48 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
but i didnt.
i could have stopped him.
...i just sat there.
and went along with it.
i feel so disgusted with myself.
i knew somethign like that would happen.
so to try and take my mind of that i went outside for a few hours and took pictures.
it helped.
a little.
i have some good ones.
but i dont have my laptop to edit them. :(
so yea.
its kind of weird.
im trying not to think about it
but its difficult.
i dont know what to do about it.
just hide in my room.
until hes not there anymore probably.
thats it.
i wont say anything.
other than what i have said.
i cant.
i wont.
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Help me
05/25/09 at 06:08 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
i dont know what to do.
i dont know why he would do that.
his wandering hands.
im scared.
kind of.
i knew this would happen.
just why me?
i never thought this would happen again.
statistically, this is more than a one in a billion chance...
to happen once, yea possible.
but twice..... what the fuck.
that's sick
i cant tell anyone.
i want to believe that its not his fault.
that it might be something deeper than just what it is.
locked doors wont help me
when they are inside already.
i feel so disgusted.
i want to peel my skin off and start over again.
just wash it all away.
it could have been worse though.
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ooooh yea Personality disorder test
05/22/09 at 08:20 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
Personality Disorder Test Results


so now im Schizotypal.....Paranoid aaaand Obsessive-Compulsive


do it
Tags: personality, disorders
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back to the pills
05/22/09 at 08:11 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
well since i broke up with him...
i got back into them
he told me that i need to slow down...
that ive been doing too many..
i dont care
"theyre gonna eat holes into your brain"
"good, maybe ill die faster"
"please..just think about what i said"
so ive thought.
and yea, im broke.
so no more percs for me.....
until monday..
and then i can hang out with......another one...
maybe this weekend will help to make next week better....

i just want to get away from everything ----him----
but not to die
Tags: pills
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05/13/09 at 06:10 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
it was fucked up when my best friends' ex cheated on her with autumn, but now that my NOW ex (of a short lived 9 months) cheated on me (twice---once with a sophomore whore now a freshmen slut) with her, that bitch is going down

Heres the story:

Monday morning my friend nicole let me know in 2nd period that i should check his phone
"i think You have a right to know"
"know what"
" they have been talking quite frequently"
"i swore not to tell"

after the bell i ventured out to find him. i got his phone but he wouldnt let me keep it. he then at a moment said he didnt want me to start shit. Thats when i froze.
"why would i need to start shit???"
he stopped talking, i walked away.

punched a locker.
fractured 2 of my knuckles.

after homeroom, looked for his punk ass again.
he was hiding, so i dragged him out of class and demanded to know who it was and what the heck had happened
"nothing. we passed out on the same bed thats it. and we talked on the phone a bit."
"autumn..... thats her name i dont know the rest"

punched another locker.
and fractured two more.

I'll continue the rest during my lunch, for now, all i have left to look forward to is some pills, and now im going to seeth and plot against her.
Tags: love, drama, cheaters, cheating, relationships, boys, whores
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i like ......egggggzzzzz...
05/16/07 at 07:52 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
whoa, someone left this comp lab open, so we wobbled in here to wreak some havoc on the ignoramus copmuters that dwell here. damn those ppl.

there is no such thing as EMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come om ppl, this is just something some depressed person mad up in their spare time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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05/15/07 at 08:00 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
whoa. wtf. is up with ppl these days. like they were trying to be black , then grunge, then black again, then skater, then emo, and now.......... SCENE!!!!!!!!! oh shit SON . I LOVE YA SKANKS.......
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yeah skanks!!
05/14/07 at 07:39 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
iwait. i just realized this is a world of skanks and bitches. me, i think im more of a bitch, but less slutty.. but. define skank, and/or bitch....
SKANK-someone who tries to act like a whore, but really bitchy, and doesnt have the balls to do whatever the fuck they want.
BITCH-a female dog, who sleeps with lots of boy /and or girl dogs.she also is a little sslut , but more skanky.
yeah!!!!! bitch, ahma cutchoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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04/30/07 at 07:47 AM by CKY2K_Chicka777
omfg. i totally hate myself. why am i such a fuckin bitch?WHY!!!!!!!!???????
anywho.like idkw, but im really pissed at my bf. for no reason. other than on friday i was in the worst mood ever, so that didnt help much. am i wrong to ignore him? prolly. oh well. idk wtf id do w/o him
yeah brit isnt even here..... i havent even seen her all day.
i think im gonna go die. maybe not. idk. MOOOOOOOSE!!!! damn. life really does suck, eh?omg, shes here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

I have a really ANNOYING song stuck in my head, just guess. heard that sound by MXPX. holy sh*it they suck some balls. yayayayayayay, i cannot wait for HIM's new cd to come out. total orgasm.

love ya lat8r bitches
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