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caity's ap journal thing
you need to know what you're into
02/02/10 at 04:05 PM by caityconundrum
I'll tell you I'm a goddamn piece of work.
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involuntary movement tour review
10/27/08 at 03:39 PM by caityconundrum
first review i've written in a few months. let me know what you think?

Involuntary Movement Tour Stops at the Glasshouse

Some people believe that crowd involvement is what really makes or breaks a great rock show. Others might claim that the perfect combination of old favorites and new hits is what’s important. If you agree with either of these ideas, or just love a good show, the aptly-named “Involuntary Movement” tour with Bayside, The Matches, Valencia, and The Status would have presented the perfect night out for you. Local shows included a stop at The Glasshouse in Pomona on Wednesday the 22nd, The Knitting Factory in Hollywood on the following night and House of Blues in San Diego on Saturday, October 25th.

My evening at The Glasshouse began with a set from Atlanta, Georgia locals The Status, whose full-length album So This Is Progress was released earlier this month. My initial impression of their music was that it was not the most original sound I’ve ever heard, but for what it was, it was well-played. Their style was something along the lines of melodic power pop, fully equipped with clap-alongs and echoed lyrics. The set was catchy and fun, but nothing to write home about.

After The Status came Valencia, a five-part pop punk group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The set started off a little shaky with some awkward sound level issues, but the band caught on quickly and did their best to impress the crowd. Valencia, too, recently released an album, We All Need a Reason to Believe, which was being sold throughout the tour for just five dollars a copy, a possible sign that the record has not been selling well. It seems increasingly common to see bands having financial issues because of the growing popularity of internet-downloading, but Valencia, as well as many others, are determined to bring music to the masses, despite the many obstacles that have been hurled their way. Having been a fan of this band for some time now, it makes me proud to see them continuing to tour and connect with fans, and especially to see them do it well. Bassist George Ciukurescu even went so far as to say, “This is one of the best tours we’ve ever been on,” during their seven song set. I strongly urge anyone to listen to this band and try to see them live at some point in their lifetime.

Next on the roster was Oakland-based band, The Matches, the four of whom were coordinated in red, white, and black, even down to some of their instruments. The first distinctive differences I noted were the higher speed and energy of The Matches’ music, and the generally heavier rock sound. Singer Shawn Harris’ vocals were more rough and edgy than those of The Status or Valencia, though still full of sugary-sweet pop melodies. Towards the end of the set, Harris heartily encouraged anyone eligible to go out and vote, something commonly heard at concerts these days. He joked that he and his fellow band mates were being respectable for once, and because of that, fans should pay close attention to his message. Shortly thereafter he broke out into an acoustic anthem entitled “We Are One,” which seemed only appropriate because of the constantly repeated line, “When we are loud, we are one.” In reference to the rest of the lineup, The Matches definitely stood out as the most unique act of the evening.

Finally, as the evening wore down and fans’ patience wore thin, Bayside began to set up for their headlining performance. As far as unique bands go, Bayside has quite a lot to offer as well, especially in the way of vocals. By the time the band walked onstage, the crowd was buzzing with anticipation and just a few chords into the first song, everyone in the room seemed content. The New York group’s entire set became a massive sing-along, in which just about the entire population of the venue participated, even when the band played songs off their newest album, Shudder, which was only released in late September. Lead singer and guitarist Anthony Raneri stated that the evening was Bayside’s first in Southern California in quite some time, a perfect explanation for everyone’s excitement. In comparison to the tour’s other performers, Bayside’s music is a bit harder and much more intense, but still melodic and often catchy. Having been around long enough to have five studio albums under their belts, the band attracted a somewhat older fan base than previous acts of the night, and their songs tended to be longer and their lyrics seemed to address more serious topics.

As Bayside’s encore performance ended with one of their more well-known tracks, “Devotion and Desire,” the crowd began to pour out into the night, satisfied and ready to brag. It was a wonderful evening overall; full of new music, fan favorites, and some of the best audience involvement anyone could ask for a rock show.

Tags: valencia, bayside, the matches, show review
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omgz ap blog number two.
10/14/07 at 11:32 PM by caityconundrum
these are fun. i felt like making a new one.
i have some sweet sweet weekends coming up.

this weekend that's just ending i went to a birthday bonfire, and then i went to a free show and saw a few random people.

next weekend i'm going to a football game probably, then another birthday bonfire that a local band is also going to. before the bonfire i'll be shopping for a homecoming dress.

after that i'll be hanging out with another local band in la to see a swt nightmare before christmas thing. then i have the act and homecoming the next day and i'll be house sitting that weekend so i get to stay in a sweet house with my bff while my parents are in vegas. :-D

then the weekend after thattt, i'll be taking the sat subject tests [boo] but i get to see brand new that night with thrice and mewithoutyou. SO STOKED TO SEE BRAND NEW AGAIN, you have no idea. i love them so much. i can't waittt.

i dunno what's after that cause that's as far as my calendar goes right now. but i'm excited. i just made another mix cd for my car too, yay. i haven't made a new one in way too long. the one i've been listening to lately is my lolove mix. it makes me sad because all the songs on it relate to someone i spent four months falling four earlier this summer. i haven't talked that to that person in a few months and i miss him a lot. it's okay though. life is good.
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sup first entry
07/18/07 at 03:12 PM by caityconundrum
i've never used ap blogs so i figured i'd make one. ap's pretty sweet. i've been here six months now and i hope to stick around a while longer. summer's been pretty sweet too. i haven't had to get a job yet because i've been doing a lot of little odd jobs; mostly baby sitting and house/pet watching. i've gone to a few shows and stuff too of course, mostly local. saw the honda civic tour, that was a blast. i want to go to big shows more often i think. i've only been to like four. i'm kinda bummed i never hit up warped, but i only really wanted to see the spill canvas all that bad anyway. it would've been a fun experience though. maybe next year.

it's hot. :[
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