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punkfritterx37's Blog

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punkfritterx37's Blog
the pointless appeasement blog
11/25/08 at 09:21 PM by punkfritterx37
new blog.

about nothing.

because, APPARENTLY, not writing anything for over a month is unacceptable.

i hope you are happy, matty l.

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more radtastic musings from the great white north
10/14/08 at 08:25 AM by punkfritterx37

so things are going really great for me as of late.

for example:

i am best friends with my old best friend again :D (we had a huge fight and didn't talk for over two years) and we are very wise women of the forest. and we have another best friend and we have many amazing adventures together, including chasing a pet rabbit behind a tiki bar. yes, that is what my life is like.

things with my boyfriend are AWESOME. he is super great and i feel more connected with him than i have with anyone else ever. love you charliee <3

plus someone i was really stupid to over the summer is talking to me againn. hoorayy.

OH AND AND my youth group is going to a CORN MAZE on sunday!!!! i'm so stoked :D

but at the same time as all of this, a lot of people that i care about the mostest have sucky stuff going on. three of my closest friends just ended their relationships, two of them seriously long-term. one of my oldest friends is starting to abandon all her pals and is making some decisions none of us really approve of. so it's kind of weird that things are so awesome for me. i am really really honestly happy and it's nice because i had one rollercoaster of a summer, so i'm not complaining :] maybe i need to be the one who feels vaguely stable right now, so i can be there for everyone that needs it. souns like a plan to me, holmes.
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public school is teh bomb diggity
09/19/08 at 06:59 PM by punkfritterx37
so in my lunch bell today some stupid freshman (redundant?) chucked one of those chocolate pudding cup things at a table of football players. now, most of the freshman [guys] at my school are either inordinately skinny with an affinity for chick pants in bright colors, bandanas and band tees, or they are morbidly obese and obnoxious. the varsity football team is large, strong, and understandably p.o.ed when their quarterback gets hit square in the jaw with some stupid freshman's pudding.

now, i understand the whole columbine mentality where the underdog/outcast type is hated on by the godlike jocks until they snap, but our school's meathead population really isn't that bad. i'm actually pretty good friends with some guys on the football team, and i'm one a them weird girls (ever since I saw Juno i am slightly perturbed by this).

the resulting question, then, is why in God's name would you intentionally provoke a table of guys who could effortlessly squish your head between their knuckles? either them chick pants are cutting off the circulation to their brains or they've got some sort of deathwish. i dunno. but i feel sorry for the guys Our Varsity Heroes are playing against tonight. Godspeed.

maybe i'll go as a male freshman for halloween; i definitely look the part. tight purple pants, black AFI shirt, and checkered bandana. i guess i've been wearing a costume to school almost every single day.
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this is what health insurance is all about, guys
08/24/08 at 07:16 PM by punkfritterx37
so i woke up this morning at approximately 5:30 (not by any choice of my own, mind you) to discover to my extreme disconcertment that i had somehow lost the capability to open my right eye all the way.


this merited a trip to the bathroom to check it out, and sure enough my right was almost entirely swollen shut on one side. terrifying, not to mention mind-numbingly ugly. i put some ice on it and fell back asleep but when i was woken back up at quarter to seven the swelling had only gotten worse!

hmm. and also crap.

my mom decided to take action and after dropping my brother off at church we went to the ER. that sounds a little extreme, but what else are you supposed to do with a swolled up eyeball that doesn't itch or ooze anything? you panic, that's what. then you ask all your friends to pray for you and trust in God that you'll be able to wear contacts and eyeliner again.

it ended up working out really awesome, too, because we had virtually no wait to get me looked at and the triage nurse was actually a lady my mom and i knew from my parents' church. in the course of maybe two hours i had been diagnosed (some mysterious allergic reaction, dr foreign country said) and taken a sweet nap hooked up to an IV with several vampire weekend songs going through my head.

at this point in time, more than twelve hours later, the swelling has gone away almost completely and i've got enough pills to last me a lifetime. i'm definitely thankful to all the wonderful people who prayed for me and the awesome God who opens our physical and our spiritual eyes.
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08/23/08 at 09:17 PM by punkfritterx37
yesssssss. i just got back from one of mah bestie's pool party and we taught a few homeschooled kids the cotton-eyed joe!! yeah!! one of the many positive qualities i have to offer society (haha) :] i also sat at her campfire and played guitar for a little while before i noticed everyone had gotten up and left...and then of course i was replaced by katelyn's dad and his automated keyboard. pffft.

but REALLY the most exciting thing is I AM GETTING A BAND STARTED!! since the beginning of this month i have really felt God putting it on my heart to start an all-girl Christian rock band. i'll have to keep praying about it to make sure this a direction i should be going in but there is definitely a stereotype about girls in the music industry and i believe that a few of my friends and i really could be the ones to change it, or at least make an impact. i've wanted to be in a band forever, and the last one i got started with a few of my other friends fell through =\

SO. be prepared for Heaven Forbid, the all-girl rawk band, to sing about Jesus and MELT YOUR FACE at the same time =D

Isaiah 12:5
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i'm bored...
07/15/08 at 07:28 PM by punkfritterx37
so i'd figure i'd write another one of these silly blogz :]

i got a new bass two weeks ago. that's pretty exciting. it's a tuxedo squire and i named her artemis, virgin goddess of the hunt. actually her name is only artemis, because that would just be a ridiculously long and unneeded title, but i like to throw my pointless knowledge of greek mythology around. i got her for almost $100 less than i expected, and she plays approx. 1,000,000,000 times better than my old busted-up Rogue. the tone on her is excellent and i can't wait to show her off at my gig on the 25th. mwahaha.

in other news, i just got back from the CIY Move Conference at Messiah College. Basically it was a week-long extravaganza involving 700+ teenagers getting together and having awesome personal encounters with God and the Holy Spirit. Yeah, stuff like that really happens, and its amazing and life-changing. (ciy.com/move). The band that played the whole week was incredible, and their bassist made me proud. He actually gave our youth group's worship team all the music for all the songs they did, and we are going to have a festival of learning them all tomorrow...and i'll get to play my new bass. hurrah!

i also got to meet some awesome new people, only they live far far away and i miss them lots. hmph. i got to sit outside on a picnic table and play guitar with one certain gentleman and he is pretty rad and i sense a road trip coming on or i may explode soon.

hmm. anything else?

oh yes, i just found out yesterday that i was adopted and raised by bears. go figure. oh, and i got my permit FINALLY. i can drive now. it's fun. for me, anyway. watch out, world.

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09/01/07 at 08:10 PM by punkfritterx37
Soooooo i just got back from playin' this tent revival out in the boonies with my old church's worship team...

and with THAT catchy opener, lol, it was seriously amazing. I was rockin the bass, as per usual, and it was just a really powerful time all around. The mix of all the instruments and the vox was the best it's ever been when I've played out...kudos to having an actual sound guy to go with our Actual Sound System Still, really cool. We even did this completely spur of the moment ad-lib vocal thing with everybody singing to kill some time before we actually had to play. It was pretty darned awesome, yo.

There wasn't even an actual church putting the week-long revival (this was the seond time we played) on, just a pastor dude and some people in his ministry that are trying to put a church together. It was really awesome and inspiring to see a bunch of people in this uber 'rustic' area pull together and do something earnest and amazing fer God. I'm not like this beat yo' ova da head wit a Bible freak but I honestly follow God and I live and love to worship Him, and when I get to do it in the company I did tonight, it's all the better.

Guy at Tent Revival: You're pretty crazy on the bass, man.
Me: Yeah, *lol* I'm pretty crazy in general, that's just kinda an extension...

And then when we was tearin' down (yay for not having roadies...NAWT) this little boy - prolly like 5 or 6 came up to me with this picture he'd drawn and handed it ot me. Super cute. Always love to recieve hand-drawn pics of demon-possessed baseballs and purple slabs of meat. <3

So yeah, that was my night. Really cool, I feel real good. Always great to rock out and shake up da neighborhood =D

LOLZ OF THE DAY -- da boyfriend went to a concert today called PUNKS FOR PEACE and almost got killed in the mosh pit...when the pothead hippies weren't preaching at him. Hug it out, biznatches!! later! *scampers off*
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say cheese
08/20/07 at 06:29 PM by punkfritterx37
I love pictures. They're like a piece of your life, some tiny fragment of your memory, captured forever. They give you the ability to share things so personal and intimate with the rest of the world, or just keep them to yourself to look back on on some lonely, rainy day. To wonder what went wrong, or to marvel at how things have changed, for better or worse. They're perfect for raising nostalgia, or maybe that ghost of a smile you get when you're reminded of what an idiot you can be. Pictures are a way to remember and share your reality, or recreate it. I especially like pictures that aren't taken by the person in it (*cough*MySpace*cough* =D), pictures that are random, candid. It makes you wonder about the context, about the story behind each facial expression, each person's position in the photo and what chance meeting of time and space and circumstance brought them together. But mostly, I wonder about the person behind the camera, and what role they play in the lives of everyone else they're capturing with the lens. If they're taken right, pictures can be the most honest and telling medium of art. This is a music site so I'm not really sure why I'm bothering to ramble about this, but it's a blog, so....why not? I'm waxing random poetic tonight, I guess :]
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